a short presentation of Bridges Project


a short presentation of Bridges Project
The BRIDGES project consists in the construction and
the connection of eco-designed, manually built bridges, all autonomous, inhabitable and resilient.
The bridge has a symbolic role: it expresses the link
between the negotiators of COP21 and the civil society, and between different parts of the world having to
face global warming.
Each bridge is an artistic adaptation experience using
any on-site means available, as well as a laboratory of
ideas and a cooperative living space. Communication
systems such as videoconference equipment will be
installed between each bridge for real-time exchanges before and during COP21. Two initial bridges will
be simultaneously built in Paris, with the artist Laurent
Tixador, and Rio, with the artist collective Opavivará,
members of the project team.
Members of the “21”
Tariq Al-Olaimy, Social and eco
entrepreneur (Bahrain)
Mariam Allam, National
Coordinator of the Arab Youth
Movement (Egypt)
Juliette Decq, Head of the
international initiative “Cop in My
City” of Climates (France)
Natalie Jeremijenko, Artist (United
Slater Jewell-Kemker, Film
Director (Canada)
Opavivará Coletivo, Art Collective
Laurent Tixador, Artist (France)
Coordinating commitee
Alice Audouin, Founder of Art of
Change 21
Jérome Auriac, Head of Abaquar
Karine Niego, Founder of Green
Raid et Vice-chair of Art of
Change 21
Vanessa Vancutsem, Project
manager at Art of Change 21
EXPERT Commitee
Mathieu Baudin, Founder and
director of the “Institut des Futurs
Raphaël Ménard, Post-carbon
engineer and architect
Bridges building: october 2015
Animation: november 2015 and
during the COP
Project design during the “Conclave of the 21”