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Artist Management - Trebas Institute
Artist Management
NNC.0E (A.E.C.)
Unique Program in Quebec
For anyone who dreams of a career in the popular entertainment business, Trebas Institute’s Artist Management
program provides students with first-hand knowledge and practical skills from music industry professionals for
guiding and advancing the careers of popular music artists and the operation of entertainment industry related
organizations, including major and independent record companies, music publishers, recording studios, concert
promoters, broadcasters, and on-line digital distribution services. This is the only educational program of its kind
in the province of Quebec.
Objectives of the program
By the end of their studies, graduates
will be able to fully market, develop
and guide a recording artist’s career,
including the management of the
artist’s live performances, songwriting,
and recordings.
Employment Opportunities
Graduates from the Artist Management program will be able to accomplish the tasks
of personal manager of popular music acts as they relate to :
Artists agencies
Concert promoters and producers
Record companies
Music publishing companies
Music festivals and cultural institutions
Music licensing organizations
Broadcasters and television production companies
Motion picture companies, studios, and video game designers
Trebas graduates manage world-famous Grammy Award winning recording artists (like Sean Paul), as well as
holding important and senior executive positions in most of the above listed entertainment organizations.
Artist Management
NNC.0E (A.E.C.)
• Organizational structure of the music industry (local, national
& international) from creation to distribution
• Contracts and copyright law
• Marketing
• Solid understanding of the music industry and of the
particular position to which you can aspire
• Day-to-day operations of an artist management
• Marketing tools for an artist’s project (local,
national, and international)
• Promotion and public relations
• Planning various aspects of a studio recording
project ( choice of record producer, financial and
contractual arrangements, musician and song
selection, negotiating a recording contract )
• Support an artist (administrative & creative)
• Develop, guide and manage an artist’s career
• Internship in a music business enterprise
• Fall, Winter, Spring
• 3 terms, 45 weeks, days or
evenings (4 evenings a week)
The program is for adult applicants who meet the
following admission requirements :
• Must have a College Diploma ( D.E.C. ) or
• Have experience in the recording and/or performing
• Be a canadian citizen, permanent resident, or hold a
student visa.
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