Study Guide - L`Aubergine


Study Guide - L`Aubergine
Study Guide
Ragdoll: one or two assistants bend, shake and carry the artist in a way that
gives the audience the impression that the contortionist is a limp, life-sized
doll. The artist often ends up stuffed into a box that appears to be too small.
To do this, you can use the following activity:
Photo-statues consist of creating a mini-script using three static images. These images are created by
the participants, who each take a predetermined pose and hold it for at least five seconds. The
combination of these three images will help the rest of the class to understand the story the
participants want to tell.
After the performances, each group shares their sensations, impressions, emotions and feelings.
Example: What emotions did you feel during the show? Were they similar to the emotions of any of
the characters you saw in the TerZettto show?