A Tribute to Impressionism


A Tribute to Impressionism
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of India. Aline Ordman is a pastel landscape artist who draws
inspiration from the New Hampshire and Vermont environment
in which she lives. Kathy Cooper is drawn to the beauty of nature, especially roses and landscapes. A prolific artist, Ashlee
Comerford has created some 80 pieces in her first two years as
a professional painter. Mary Garrish is a plein-air painter most
known for her sun-streaked skies.
The paintings of Kay Henry reveal the impressions of the places she has seen during her extensive world travels. Sherryl Witt
works in a variety of mediums including watercolor, pastel, and
oil. LaNell Arndt is a plein-air painter who travels all over the
United States and Europe to paint landscapes. S.M. Botstein was
encouraged to express herself through art at an early age and
continues to do so through her figurative, landscape, and stilllife paintings. Ramona Dooley has a rich history as an artist and
has been painting plein air since 1971. Ginger Whellock has been
a full-time painter for 20 years and is known for her western
Cynthia Edmonds traded a career in corporate advertising to
devote her time to plein-air painting in Florida. Roseann Munger
attempts to emphasize a figure in motion or create a strong mood
while using the fewest number of strokes possible. Lisa Fricker
began her career as a professional portrait artist at the age of 16.
Bethanne Kinsella Cople is a plein-air artist who paints a diverse
range of landscapes throughout the country. Ken Wallin works
primarily in oil to create paintings of florals, landscapes, and
village hamlets. Ann Cowden Meador is a professional portrait
artist with a particular interest in painting children. Mary Frankel discovered her passion for painting landscapes and people
during her extensive European travels.
All events at the AIS 11th Annual National Juried Exhibition
are free and open to the public and the selected works remain
on display at the gallery through November 3. For more information: 772.569.0597 or www.americanimpressionistsociety.org.
t e n n e s se e
A Tribute to
N a s h v i l l e • The American Impressionist Society’s 11th Annual
National Juried Exhibition takes place on Thursday, October 7,
at Richland Fine Art Gallery. C.W. Mundy judges the show and
presents over $10,000 of awards to artists painting a wide selection of subject matter in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Painting
demonstrations by the artists are held on Saturday, October 9,
from 10 a.m. to noon.
The exhibition hosts works from many artists throughout
the United States. Susan Lange Marshall frequently uses horses
and Southwest scenes as her subjects. Debora Joyce Dawson is
a plein-air painter who has spent time painting the landscapes
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American Impressionist Society, Inc.
11th Annual National Juried Exhibition • Richland Fine Art
Nashville, TN • October 2010
Blue Bungalow, 16” x 12”, Oil on Canvas
Wondering, 12” x 16”
Cynthia Edmonds
Lisa Fricker
web: www.cynthiaedmonds.com
see the new series Encounters at the Fair on:
web: cynthiaedmonds.blogspot.com
web: www.lisafricker.com
Ramona Dooley
Design Domaine Gallery
— (2006) 3rd Place - National Greeley Art Exhibition (CO)
web: www.designdomaine.com • 908-502-5063
web: www.ramonadooley.com
The Blue Note, 12” x 9”, Oil on Board
Marian Pacsuta
web: www.pacsuta.com • 270-792-7220
email: [email protected]