The Berks Art Alliance Open Juried Art Exhibition


The Berks Art Alliance Open Juried Art Exhibition
Kirsten M. Jensen is Senior Curator of Exhibitions at the Michener Art
Museum, where she organizes and coordinates temporary exhibitions and
oversees projects relating to American art.
She has a multi-disciplinary background, including Master’s degrees in
American history and library science, and a PhD in the history of American
art to 1950. Jensen has authored books on photography, painting, and
architectural design, and written essays on 20th century architecture and
Dr. Jensen’s curatorial projects include The Hudson River Museum’s
exhibition Industrial Sublime: Modernism and the Transformation of New
York’s Rivers, 1900-1940; John Folinsbee and American Modernism for
the Woodmere Art Museum.
First Place $750
Second Place $450
Third Place $300
5 Honorable Mentions
$100 each
Patrons’ Choices
36th Annual Open Juried Art Exhibition
Non-Profit Org.
US Postage
Reading, PA
Permit No. 455
Berks Art Alliance
1100 Belmont Avenue
Wyomissing PA 19610-10082
The Berks Art Alliance
Open Juried Art Exhibition
at the
Reception August 9, 4-6pm
Awards presentation 5pm
The GoggleWorks Center for the Arts
201 Washington Street, Reading, PA 19610 Open daily 11am-7pm
All artists must be 18 years or older.
Maximum of three works may be submitted; maximum of one
work will be accepted.
All 2D works must be suitably framed, with screw eyes and wires
firmly attached to the frame. Clip frames are not acceptable. All
works on paper, matted or not, or in shadow boxes, must be
protected with a covering of glass or plastic.
Each entry must be an original design concept of the artist,
executed within the last three years. Work done in a workshop or
with an instructor is ineligible. Committee reserves the right to
decline any work that suggests copyright infringement.
Neither the Berks Art Alliance nor the GoggleWorks will be
responsible for any glass or plexiglass breakage.
Work previously exhibited in a BAA juried show will not be
accepted. Previously declined works may be reentered. If work
that has been exhibited in a previous BAA juried show is
reentered, the artist will be prohibited from entering any artwork
the following year.
Maximum size for hanging work is 40" in any direction,
including frame. All multi-part 2D works must be within one
frame, or parts securely attached to each other.
All 2D and 3D media are eligible, with the few exceptions noted
here. All work must be original; no reproductions are eligible,
with the exception of hand-pulled prints (or professional-quality
prints in the case of digital art) which must be clearly labeled as
such. No video or installations.
• Digital entries must be JPG format with a resolution
of 300 dpi.
• Image size should be between 1500 pixels (5") and
1950 pixels (6.5" ) on the longest dimension.
• Naming files: last name_first initial_title
(e.g. doe_j_firstpaintingtitle)
Complete entire entry form page.
The claim card is your receipt. It will be returned to you when
you bring your accepted work, and must be presented when you
claim your work at the end of the show.
BAA members pay $15/item; non-members pay $20/item.
Artists may join at time of entry. Membership is $25 annually.
Make checks payable to Berks Art Alliance.
Entry fees are non-refundable.
Deadline is June 22.
Email entries to:
[email protected]
Mail forms and checks to:
Fran Parzanese
4 Eagle Lane
Reading PA 19606
Submission will not be considered until check is received.
Submission to this exhibit grants permission for photography of
your work for promotional and educational purposes connected
with the exhibition.
All works must be completely dry.
Sculpture must not exceed 60 pounds, and must safely fit on
a 24" square pedestal, or on the floor. Inquire in writing before
submitting work requiring unusual floor space.
Intake committee reserves the right to exclude any piece that
is not suitably wired for hanging, or that would be considered
hazardous in a public place, or that differs significantly from the
digital image submitted.
Insurance is limited to the duration of the show. Insurance
claims must be made to GoggleWorks prior to the removal of
art from the exhibition space. No other claims will be honored.
A 35% commission on all sales will be charged. Artwork
selected for the Patrons’ Choices will become the property of
the patron after full price is paid. All sales are final.
August 1, 11am-7pm
Hand-deliver to the Schmidt Gallery at the GoggleWorks.
Anyone acting as an artist’s agent must bring a signed
authorization from the artist.
No shipped works will be accepted.
No work may be removed from the exhibit, for any reason,
before the exhibit ends.
Friday, August 28, 11am-7pm
Pick up work at the Schmidt Gallery at the GoggleWorks. All
artists must turn in their claim cards in order to get their work.
If an artist sends a representative to pick up the work, the
representative must bring the claim card, or permission in
writing signed by the artist.
Unclaimed work will be charged $25 per day storage fee.
Any artwork not claimed within fifteen days will become the
property of the Berks Art Alliance and will be sold at auction
to fund the organization’s programs. Work is not insured after
August 28th.
BAA Juried Show chairpersons:
Amanda Condict 610.845.8851
[email protected]
June 22 Deadline for entries
July 23 Jurying results emailed
August 1 Deliver work to the Schmidt Gallery at the GoggleWorks
August 3 Show opens for viewing
August 9 Reception 4-6pm
Awards presentation at 5pm
August 27 Show closes
ugust 28 Pick-up at the Schmidt Gallery
at the GoggleWorks
Fran Parzanese 610.779.4751
[email protected]
Email JPGs to: [email protected]
Mail following to:
Fran Parzanese
4 Eagle Lane
Reading, PA 19606
1. Completed entry form page
2. Check made out to Berks Art Alliance
for number of pieces entered,
plus $25 if joining or renewing
2015 Annual Open Juried Art Exhibition
Entry Form
Please print clearly, fill out completely, and do not detatch any part of this form. Mail entire
form along with check. Entry labels will be attached when accepted work is delivered.
Name ________________________________________Phone (
) ________________
Address ____________________________________________ City __________________
State _____ Zip ____________ Email __________________________________________
Name __________________________
Artist’s signature indicates agreement to the rules and requirements set forth
in this prospectus.
Medium ________________________
Signature ____________________________________________ Date _________________
Title #1 _________________________
Sale price $ ____________ NFS _____
Title #1 ___________________________________________________________________
2D size: Unframed H _________ W ________
Framed H ________ W ________
3D size: H _________ W _________ D _________
Medium _____________________________
For Sale ____ Not for Sale ____
Sale price/Insurance value $________
Title #2 ___________________________________________________________________
2D size: Unframed H _________ W ________
3D size: H _________ W _________ D _________
Medium _____________________________
Framed H ________ W ________
For Sale ____ Not for Sale ____
3D size: H _________ W _________ D _________
Name __________________________
Medium ________________________
Title #2 _________________________
Sale price $ ____________ NFS _____
Sale price/Insurance value $________
Title #3 ___________________________________________________________________
2D size: Unframed H _________ W ________
Framed H ________ W ________
Name __________________________
For Sale ____ Not for Sale ____
Medium ________________________
Medium _________________________________ Sale price/Insurance value $________
Claim Card
All unclaimed work will be charged a $25/day storage fee.
GoggleWorks and BAA will not be responsible for unclaimed work.
Artist name (please print) _____________________________________________________
Title ______________________________________________________________________
Title #3 _________________________
Sale price $ ____________ NFS _____
Please tell us how heard about this show.