How to build your own (Phototron) Type growth chamber


How to build your own (Phototron) Type growth chamber
How to build your own
(Phototron) Type growth
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What you will need
One 34 gallon trash can ( Walmart $10)
One or two Clamp lights with reflective
hood (Hardware store) $5
Optional 3 - 4 24" inch plant light tubes
(Walmart $10 each)
1-2 42 watt full spectrum lights
One 12 hour timer and a 6 plug surge
Double stick tape and Aluminum foil or
Visit for some
great deals
First step is to cut holes in the Trash can
Step two
Use the double stick tape and cover the
inside and bottom with Aluminum foil or
Be sure to leave the holes you cut in the
sides open for good air exchange
Next pull the cords for the lights thru the top
holes you made
And wha la you have a growth chamber capable of growing 6-12 plants easy
If you need or want more light then get the 24" inch Plant grow lights and mount them on
the sides vertically. Use bolts with washer and nuts to mount the lights on the sides. Make
sure you space them out evenly.
Walmart also sells 30watt full spectrum lights that work very well ($8.99)
Use 5000k-6500k light spectrum and up for the Growing cycle
and 2700k light spectrum for the flowering cycle
but either will work from seedling to Flowering