Document 6508478


Document 6508478
HOW TO ACCESS OUTLOOK WEB APPS (OWA) Step 1 Step 2 A. Open the browser of your choice to: After successful login you should see this page.
B. Please select “This is a private computer” Option.
C. Use the username and password you setup few days
a. Username: 1stIntial+LastName
b. Password: the password you setup recently.
A. Select your preferences on this page.
B. Make sure you select the proper Time zone.
C. Click on the OK button when done.
***We setup a hotline to help you reset your password if needed***
Please call 855.255.8648 and leave a message with your
full name and a phone # we can reach you on.
Things to remember If you do not remember the password, please call (855.255.8648) and leave a message with your Full Name and a phone
number to reach you, a new temp password will be created and provided to you with instructions on how to reset it.
This environment is now set up as
Your current company’s email will become active the day of the migration
Your current email/contacts/Calendar Items are in the process of transitioning to the new system. If you don’t see items in
your inbox give it time and it will catch-up over the migration weekend or by the following Monday.
You should print this document and hold on to it just in case you no longer can access your email
during the transition.