CA ARCserve Managed Service Provider Program MSP’s how to get started


CA ARCserve Managed Service Provider Program MSP’s how to get started
CA ARCserve Managed Service Provider Program
MSP’s how to get started
MSP Enrolment
 First enrol online here and include your preferred reseller from the drop-down list and include details
of the services that you provide and an indication of how you anticipate using the CA technology
within the service(s)
 Sign 2 copies of the MSP agreement (provided by your preferred reseller) and send them back to CA
(Pacific) Pty Ltd for the attention of Sales Operations – Data Management CSU, Level 3, 6 Eden Park
Drive, North Ryde, NSW 2113, Sydney, Australia.
 If you email a scanned copy here in advance we will start the process of setting up a support account
Upon acceptance of enrolment
 Once your enrolment has been accepted the agreements will be countersigned by CA and a copy will
be returned to you for your records
 You will then receive a welcome email with all the relevant information regarding requesting NFR
software, downloading media, requesting full key-codes, support ID and mechanism etc.
 If you wish to change your preferred reseller then please use this link and choose an alternative one
and let us know why so that we can understand if there are improvements needed
Using software as part of your service
 Once you have completed your testing with NFR software and you are ready to roll out the chosen
programs as part of your service(s) you can request full 1 year codes from here
 If you are interested in doing a short user story that CA will create and publish on your behalf then
please let us know details of who you are, what services you offer, what CA technology is used and
how the MSP Program and the software has helped to make this possible. We will take it from there
and you will have final sign-off. This is a great way to get exposure of your service offering
 Orders for software usage should be placed on the 7 of each month for the previous months usage
with your preferred CA ARCserve authorised MSP Reseller.
Become an Authorised CA
Managed Service Provider
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enrolment at
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