Document 6512454


Document 6512454
•Enter all expenses from
section one of budget
work sheet.
•Combine rest of sections
of budget worksheet into
combined values. i.e.groceries, clothes
•Enter other places
money went from
“Summing it up” left in account,
charity, church, savings,
retirement etc.
As a check to make sure all money
is accounted for:
If you add all these numbers, they
should equal your net payment
AKA take-home pay
AKA your 1st deposit into check
3. Select your choice of “pie chart”
and continue through wizard
As you continue through chart wizard:
On “data labels” check off % and categories
Title chart “your name’s budget”
On finished chart click on separate categories to drag
to new location if spacing is needed.
Get ready---- you are going to be impressed….
To print in color- select “preferences” under printer profile
Choose color print or it will print in B&W
Now finish your reflection
Think about each activity we did in this project from payroll
analysis to pie chart. Include your thoughts, reflections, and
what you learned in this write up. Don’t forget questions on
reflect sheet in your packet.
Review requirements of project and make sure you covered
each one
Put papers in order as per project overview sheet
Trade your project with a friend to have them do one last
check prior to grading.

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