How to Increase Facebook Engagement with Page Tabs


How to Increase Facebook Engagement with Page Tabs
By Daniel Mason
How to Increase Facebook Engagement with Page Tabs
The ability to build customized landing tabs using iFrame on facebook
provides an opportunity for brands to increase their user engagement.
JaySoftware has delivered multiple apps for major brands like Virgin,, Holiday Auto, EMI, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, ThreeUK,
Durex, Adobe Generation and others (
They are leading the way, by requesting even more engaging tabs on
their Facebook Pages or using facebook connect to build targeted
mailing list. They are more likely to increase Likes and achieve real
targeted engagement and growth. The following are a few steps to
1. Know Your Audience
"Knowing your user base is key to building a tab that will increase both
Likes, engagement and grow your client list. Thinking about your
audience and what you have to offer as a company that will interest
them, and working out a campaign that will engage and build
relationships." advises Daniel Mason, founder and CEO of JaySoftware
Ltd, covering 90% Application development on platforms like, facebook,
twitter, spotify and google API's.
One of our clients contact list increased from 400 to 8,000 within a 5 day
period, after our work using facebook API to gather engaged users
details and optimise their existing app. Their page database has now
over 18000 registered users for that particular campaign.
Audience-relevant tabs allow for delivery of on-point content and rich
engagement. The great part about social media is that it eliminates the
middle man. Each company can directly target and communicate with its
customer base for inspiration.
2. Define Your Goals
Not only do brands want to increase Likes or engage fans, they are now
collecting targeted users details and storing it on their own client list
database. They consider more the audience that they target and what
call to actions and end action is needed to meet the goals of the tabs
with as little clicks as possible. For example you may get a very simple
questions, intentionally to entice the user to enter. Then capturing the
users details for future marketing needs.
By Daniel Mason
Brands are now tracking likes, comments and eliminating the need for
forms by using already existing users details on facebook. This is
possible with the use of facebook connect or facebook graph API.
Making engagement really simple where for example users are asked to
play a game to win a prize, user accepts because they are interesting in
what the brands has to offer. So the process is simple, from a simple
splash page ( to accepting basic permission to
use the users details (which is then stored on the clients database as the
user opt in). User complete process in just a few clicks.
Keeping users coming back
Sharing achievements through game play, is often a requirement and
barrier to qualify / entry into competitions, but is a key part to viral
Brands like Virgin, Adobe Generation, Durex, Number 10,, QVC TV, National Lottery, Peroni, Cable & Wireless
hired JaySoftware to build tabs / apps (applications) for the company’s
facebook Pages. Read more online at or visit
our youtube channel at
3. Build a Cool Tab
We design and build from front end (designs and scripting) to back end
programming using OOP, PHP, MySql, JQuery, Javascript, CSS,
PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, GIT and range of social media API's. We
help to consult on projects from the first ideas if needed as we did for
Benylyn, looking at wireframes, Information Architecture (IA's) and
helping to explore the range of possibilities for our clients.
Often our client decide to choose us to do their consultation or after they
have developed a concept and or ready with the designs and are sure of
what they need, as we have a vast range of experience throughout the
whole project lifecycle, with very low overheads. Therefore delivering
quality work that is value for money.
Over the years we have build up a list retainers, basically businesses
wanting to have another company with the skills they can call up on at
will. They get to know us and we help to build and business where
The best type of apps has the following characteristics:
o A call to action in more than one place
By Daniel Mason
o Not only using a splash page, mail out, website, and ads, but also
thinking of a friends who completed a process and share their
achievement as a requirement for qualification or further
engagements of friends. This may be giving their support or
viewing a friends choices in a competition.
o Real-time content (leaderboard). Showing changes as they occur
in game play. Who is in the lead, how many more points is
needed by sharing etc.
o Getting people to come back to check on updates, provides an
opportunity for them to engage with the clients brands and share
new positions, choices or scores.
o The tabs is a great opportunity for product engagement, through
strategically placed links and ads. A great opportunity for brand
awareness and sales
o Keeping things simple is key, very short steps
If you are an administrator on a Facebook Fan page you can add our
game tab: and see the components discussed
above demonstrated. If you are not an admin on any fan pages click
here: to like our page on Facebook then select
the game tab to GET STARTED.
By Daniel Mason