Tips on How to Create Perfect 1:1.6 Golden Ratio Lips



Tips on How to Create Perfect 1:1.6 Golden Ratio Lips
Tips on How to Create Perfect 1:1.6 Golden Ratio Lips
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The ancient Greeks believed beauty was represented by a golden ratio of 1:1.618 known as ‘phi’ or the divine proportion. This
golden proportion is known to provoke emotion and aesthetic feelings within ourselves. It pleases all our senses. It was
discovered that this golden proportion is ubiquitous in nature. If you see or hear it, you will know it. Scientists confirmed that
from the beautiful petal arrangements on flowers to the spiral shells of mollusks to the constructions of the pyramids in
Egypt, The Taj Mahal in India, the Parthenon in Greece to the Mona Lisa painting to classical music composed by Mozart,
Beethoven, and Bach, and to the beauty of all life forms from a single-cell organism to the human body, all possess the golden
Well, are your lips divinely proportion? If not, CandyLipz® can transform the appearance of your lips instantly. According to
the golden ratio theory, the "Ideal" bottom lip is supposed to be 1.618 times thicker than the top lip. This means your top lip is
1/3 the size of your bottom lip. Many beauty experts agree that the closer your lips are to the golden number of 1:1.618 ratio,
the more beautiful they become. If you want your lower lip to be fuller, here are a few tricks and tips on how you can create
a fuller and more luscious lower lip.
Tip: To create the appearance of a luscious thicker lower lip, use the blocker to block suction in the top chamber of the lip shaper. It is
so easy to do and it takes just a few minutes to transform your looks.
Note: All CandyLipz® lip pump models can enhance the lower lip separately. Have fun and see what look will bring out the natural beauty
in you.
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