How to Get Involved Lincoln High School


How to Get Involved Lincoln High School
How to Get
Lincoln High
Work Based
Learning Program
If you are an interested student, contact Ms. Beucler, the
program coordinator to talk
about the program details and
how to sign up.
If you are a business who
Students For
would like to provide career
training and readiness for
students along with supporting
the program, please contact
Nikki Beucler at the High
School to get more informa-
Lincoln High School
Work Based Learning Program
The program would not be
Lincoln High School
300 South Garden St
Room 150
Lake City, MN 55041
successful if it weren’t for all of
the already participating businesses. Thank You!
Phone: 651-345-7035
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 651-345-7035
The Program– Route 1
The Program—Route 2
The Lincoln High School Work
Based Learning Program was created
to provide an opportunity for students to experience hands on learning
in the local industry. Students enrolled in the program are looking to
gain experience in a possible career
choice after high school. The program
is only available for students in their
senior year who have completed the
required amount of credits. The register for the program by signing up for
the Career Seminar class and then
become eligible to leave campus 1 to
2 hours in the morning or afternoon,
which ever their schedules can accommodate. The correspond directly with
the teacher and are visited monthly
on the job to ensure that they are
getting the most out of the experience.
If students aren’t looking for such an
intensive class, they have a different
option. The Student Classroom Assistant option. If students have a hour
where they can’t fit a certain class,
they are able to sign up for this route.
They choose a class they have taken
before, fill out the application, get
permission from the teacher of the
class they would like to work in and
get approval from the program coordinator. The process then is for the
student to work in that designated
class the whole semester, working
with the teacher and helping students
in that class. They are required to fill
out log sheets and keep a detailed
journal throughout the semester. If a
place in the high school doesn’t fit,
they may contact an elementary
teacher and work in their classroom
during that designated hour instead.
Student working in the local welding shop, photo taken during a
monthly visit.
The Classroom: equipped with SMART Technology, updated books and an extra computer for internet access
Career Seminar Class
The Career Seminar class is the required
course for the Work Based Learning program.
It is a year long class that is in session for 55
minutes each day. The curriculum for this
course was designed exclusively for the Work
Based Learning Program. Students in the class
gains many skills that are crucial to their future careers. Units include:
-Life After High School
-Leadership and Working with Others
-Conflict Management
-Applying for Jobs
-Resume Writing
-Job Interviews (mock interviews)
-Retaining Jobs
-Basic Safety in the Workplace
-Continued Success
Students also use this time to update the coordinator about their progress in their placements and set up dates for upcoming meetings.
Lincoln High School
Work Based Learning Program
300 South Garden St
Room 150
Lake City, MN 55041
Phone: 651-345-7035
E-mail: [email protected]

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