★ Guided Reading Activity 3-1
DIRECTIONS: Identifying Supporting Details Read each main idea. Use your textbook to
supply the details that support or explain each main idea.
Main Idea: The election of Abraham Lincoln led the Southern states to secede from the
★ Main Idea: The North and South each had distinct advantages and disadvantages at the
beginning of the Civil War.
7. Detail:
, like many skilled senior officers in the United States
Army, offered his services to the Confederacy and helped to quickly organize an effective Southern army.
8. Detail: In 1860 the North had almost 90 percent of the nation’s
and double the miles of
making it easier to arm, move, and
supply its troops.
9. Detail: The Confederacy’s financial situation was poor because it could not raise money
by selling
or by taxing
10. Detail: Lincoln faced criticism when he suspended the
for anyone
openly supporting rebels or encouraged others to resist the draft.
11. Detail: Southern leaders believed their strategy of waging a defensive war of
would force the Union to spend its resources until it grew tired
and agreed to negotiate.
12. Detail: Winfield Scott’s
would separate the South and slowly
strangle it by cutting off resources to its armies.
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1. Detail: During the election of 1860, the Democratic Party split into the Northern
Democrats, who nominated
, and the Southern Democrats, who
2. Detail: The Republicans nominated Lincoln because he believed that slavery was
and wanted to prevent its spread into the
3. Detail: Although the Republicans reaffirmed the right of Southern states to preserve
, many Southerners viewed Lincoln’s election as a threat to their
4. Detail: After
left the Union in December 1860, six more states
seceded in February 1861, including Mississippi,
, Alabama,
, Louisiana, and Texas.
5. Detail: Senator John J. Crittenden proposed a
that included a
series of constitutional
that would have reinstated the
line all the way to California.
6. Detail: Lincoln called for 75,000 military volunteers after the fall of Fort Sumter and
created a crisis for the states in the