Our Y-WMS TM solution is crucial to the
success of your logistic operating strategies
and is the cornerstone of your supply chain.
In an age where responsiveness is as
impor tant as capital, all aspects of
warehousing must be managed accordingly.
Y-WMS TM warehouse and inventor y
management capabilities streamline
warehouse operations from receiving and
putaway to order fulfillment and deployment.
Why Y-WMS LiteTM ?
Our Y-WMS LiteTM lets you deliver e-business
with cost effective, entry level solutions for
small and medium size enterprise. This is an
out-of-the-box solution for a warehouse
management system for companies who wish
to start from small and then expand this
gradually when their business grows.
Y-WMS LiteTM supports warehouse issues for
customer and shop orders from the
scheduling of receipts, through the staging
and shipment of goods to customers, or the
issue of material to a shop floor. It supports
hub’s pick, pack and deliver according to order
specifications, providing real-time delivery and
inventory status visibility for the fulfillment of
our clients’ commitments.
Our Mid-Market Strategy
1 > 50 + Employee Company
Priced to Market - Cheap and affordable and comes with an embedded database
Jump Start Solution - Offers a good starting solution.
Easy to install - Y-WMS LITETM is installed on a single server unlike other application which need to be loaded
onto every workstation
Easy to use - Requires only a basic knowledge of WEB browser navigation principles and can be accessed
via the Internet from anywhere in the world.
Easy integration - Can be easily integrated with applications you already use (CRM, ERP, accounting)
User administration - Provides each user with a set of permissions
Scalable and Flexible - Upgrade to Y-WMS ProfessionalTM and Y-WMS EnterpriseTM edition
Support business solutions - Intributor®, Intrabutor® and Retrogistics®.
Basic Features of Y-WMS LiteTM :•
Single Warehouse / Single Site
Location Management
Suggested Putaway Location
FIFO Inventory Control
Storage Classification
User defined UOM
Segregation of Inventory
by Stock Status
Stock Status Enquiry
Lot/Revision Number Tracking
Stock Take and Cycle Count
Receiving and Issuing Functions
User Profiling and Administration
Operational Reports
Our key value preposition is for customers in manufacturing, distribution and retail, 2nd/3rd Party logistics and
transportation companies. It can be in the industry verticals like consumer goods, electronics, chemicals and
Customers performing VMI or SOI Manufacturing, Distribution and Return Management should go for the
extended Y-WMSTM products.
Y-WMSTM is one of the foundations of Y3 suite being installed in over 300 installations, empowering and
providing process automation over the Internet between customers, suppliers and trading partners.
Y-WMSTM is available in Y-WMS LiteTM, Y-WMS ProfessionalTM
and Y-WMS EnterpriseTM edition
© Y3 Technologies Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 2003. For further enquiries, please contact (65) 6867 3297 or email: [email protected]

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