Why Low Calorie Diets Will Make You Want You To Know!


Why Low Calorie Diets Will Make You Want You To Know!
Why Low Calorie Diets Will Make You
Fatter Than You Ever Were Before ...
The Shocking Truth The Diet Industry Doesn’t
Want You To Know!
By Joanne Milsom, creator of The 28 Day Fat Buster Bootcamp
Every year in America alone, over $40,000,000,000 is spent on dieting. At any
time, at least one quarter of grown women AND men are on a diet, with
some surveys putting this at over 50%.
Diet and Weight Loss is BIG Business. A lot of people are making a lot of
Would you be surprised if I told you that the MOST COMMON method
of dieting put forward by these companies DOES NOT WORK?
Would you be shocked if I told you that THEY KNOW it doesn’t work?
What if I told you it doesn’t work, they know it doesn’t work AND they
happily continue to promote it? Why?
That’s right. If you successfully lose weight, they get no more of your money. If
you fail, you’ll continue to spend.
Whether you’re in a famous diet club, following a named diet method or are
on a restricted food group system... there’s one thing these diets all have in
common, even though they may have disguised it with colours, points, stars,
good food/bad food lists...
The health and fitness industry has known for a long time
that very low calorie diets are BAD for you.
Most fitness professionals actually like to call low calorie
diets the ‘get fat and stay fat’ plan!
So you can imagine my surprise and horror to discover that rather than ditch
these methods of weight loss in favour of encouraging better nutrition and
food knowledge, the money-hungry diet industry has simply re-branded them
as ‘VLCDs’ as if to give them a feeling of scientific, even medical significance.
It doesn’t matter what acronym you use, dear money-machines. It’s still a low
calorie diet and it’s still bad for you. And even worse, it won’t work for the
dieter in the long term AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHY YOU CONTINUE TO
PROMOTE IT! After all, how much money can you squeeze from someone
who’s actually lost weight and is able to keep it off? Not a lot! But there’s real
money to be made in sucking desperate people into radical weight loss
programmes to get weight loss they can’t sustain, weight loss that you know
and rely on being impossible to maintain! In fact studies show they’ll lose less
than they regain and yet you continue to market the same old cr*p....
Anyone would think diet companies wanted you to:
Spend a lot of money on their product
Refer your friends because you lost so much weight in a week
Achieve a weight loss you can’t maintain
Put back on more weight that you lost
Return to the product because it ‘worked before’
Have to spend more money this time because you have even more
weight to lose
Stay stuck in a cycle of just paying money to diet firms and not ever
achieving what YOU want.
If I weren’t such I nice person, I’d say that’s a pretty good business plan.....
How VLCDs Destroy Your Ability To Maintain Your
Weight Loss.
• You start to take in much less calories than you need to, and you lose a
few pounds. This is mostly because there’s less food inside of you when
you weight yourself.
• Your body believes you are starting to starve and reacts quickly to
prevent what it believes could be your death.
• Rather than burn off your fat stores, it hangs onto these for dear life as
these are where it stores excess energy for times of starvation (yes,
that’s the point of fat!).
• It starts to add to you fat stores whenever there’s a chance i.e.
whenever you eat, so you actually start to get fatter.
• You appear to be losing weight though.... your body is prioritising what it
can afford to run and what it can’t afford on these exceedingly low fuel
levels. So it decides to get rid of lean tissue as this is an active tissue that
burns fuel to exist (fat doesn’t, fat costs your body nothing) to reduce
it’s overall output, making the incoming fuel go further. It’s also able to
gain a little fuel from the breaking down of these tissues.
So you’ve gained fat and lost weight from your lean tissue – leaving you
as a smaller but fatter, less energetic and vital version of your old self.
What happens next? So you’ve got to your target weight (or you just couldn’t
sustain the punishment any longer) and you’re off your diet.
Let’s look at the facts. Your body is looking to store everything it can because it
thinks you’ve been starving (which you have!) – so it’s primed to store as much
fat as it can from every spare calorie it can get.
You’re going to have a lot of spare calories! Over the course of your diet, your
body will have matched it’s output to the input you were giving it. In addition
to this, you’ve lost most of your active tissue – the parts of you that boost your
metabolism, leaving you with a slow, sluggish and low consumption engine.
Ex-VLCD Dieters gain lb of fat every 3 days!
So you resume normal eating patterns (best case) or you start to eat
everything in sight (worst case) because you’re hungry – you’ve been starving
You will not burn off the calories you are eating. Say for example you’ve been
eating 1000cals a day (most VLCDs are actually closer to 1/2 of this!) and you
change back to a normal intake of 2,000 cals a day.
That’s an extra 1000 calories your body is going to store right away! And if one
pound of fat contains 3,500 calories.... EVERY 3 DAYS you will gain 1lb of pure
fat on your body. So in a month, even if you eat well and do not have one
single splurge or meal out or sweet treat, you’ll pack on 10lbs of pure fat.
That’s 10lbs of fat onto a body that’s already got more fat than when you
started the diet.
Did I mention that 1lb of fat is 5 times the size of 1lb of lean tissue, the
wonderful calorie burning tissue that you’ve got almost NONE of now?
So the 10lbs you gain is actually 5 times bigger in size than the 10lbs
you lost! And it wobbles too!
You’re enjoying eating again right now though, so you push it to the back of
your mind. All those hopes you had, the smaller jeans you bought to fit in to,
the holiday in the bikini.... hide them under the carpet for a bit. You like
yourself fat right? That’s who you are, isn’t it?
Then one day soon, you think, I really need to lose weight. I’ll do it this time.
This time I’m serious. This is the last time.
How to do it? Well, I lost loads of weight on that diet I did last time....
.... and so the cycle repeats itself.
If you really want to lose weight and keep it off for
Eat enough food that you body does not believe it is starving and therefore is
happy to give up it’s fat stores.
Eat foods that kick up your metabolism, turning your body into a fat burning
Do activities that help to protect your lean tissue, tissue than burns calories
EVEN while you sleep!
Follow a diet that cures you of cravings, clears away your sweet tooth and
actually gives you knowledge and encourages you to learn about your food,
making it easy to keep the weight off for good.
I hope this report has been useful. Everything I’ve written can be easily
discovered on the internet – the information is out there, education and
knowledge about your diet and your health are SO important. And it’s not
rocket science – we’re not talking brain surgery here! I encourage you to read,
learn, test, research and put the power back in your own hands, rather than
those who would seek to benefit from the ignorance of others.
That’s pretty serious stuff for me, but I’m passionate about this stuff (perhaps
you can tell!).
All the best for now, and I wish you every success you dream of!
Joanne Milsom