Danielle Hoey FSM 120 Menu 2 discussion The


Danielle Hoey FSM 120 Menu 2 discussion The
Danielle Hoey
FSM 120
Menu 2 discussion
The nutrient analyses of a 75 year old male who weighs 160 pounds and is 5 foot 11
inches tall. For the regular diet house menu the total calories was too high coming in at 2,856
kcals when recommended is about 2,073 kcals. Interestingly enough, a 75 year old man will
most likely not eat all the food that is given to him since all the food was only a requirement by
the serving staff to serve one food item per category. To cut down on calorie intake I would
recommend less carbohydrates by cutting the portion sizes in half, especially if the patient is
diabetic. Most of the nutrient requirements are met to include: protein, fiber, vitamin A, C,
Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, B-12, folate, calcium, zinc and iron. Some nutrients like vitamin D
and potassium were only met about 50% of its recommendations. To improve the inadequacies
the diet should include more fortified juices and or milk for more vitamin D and to improve
increased potassium intake, include more fruits and vegetables high in potassium to include
bananas and dark leafy greens. Some nutrients like saturated fat and sodium was too high in
the diet, to decrease intake include low fat cheeses, low fat milks, and more lean meat choices
and to decrease sodium decrease amount of sauces, added salt and processed foods. Perhaps
one reason why fat and carbohydrates were so high is because the Food Processor system is
only limited to certain foods for instance the Food processor did not have sugar free strawberry
shortcake or reduced fat sauces.
The soft diet was much similar to the regular diet but one change that was made was
more sauce to certain entrees to make it easier for the patient to chew since the extra sauce
moistens the food. All nutrients indicated above is the same for the soft diet. Just as I thought,
sodium content went up about 1,000mg more than the regular diet and this is due to the extra
marinara sauce added and the cream sauce that was added to the tilapia to moisten it for the
patient. Calories also went up about 200 kcals and saturated fat due to again the extra sauce.
To improve both the regular and soft diets I would recommend decreasing carbohydrate
and fat content since this is the best way to decrease calories. I would also not serve this much
food or decrease portion sizes since not even a middle aged man would eat all this food that
was a requirement. One error I came across with the Food Processor system is that it will not
include drinking water into the values. Since the Sunrise Senior Nursing Facility has a large
population of 65 and up aged personnel who have diabetes I would recommend all light juices,
all sugar free deserts, small portion fruit dishes, sugar free condiments, small portion starch
dishes, and no soda what so ever. These recommendations will help control high blood sugar
levels to help all our personnel improve and take control of their health.