What is a computer ? By: Solanny Sanchez


What is a computer ? By: Solanny Sanchez
What is a computer ?
By: Solanny Sanchez
What is a computer
• A computer is an electronic
device that manipulates
information or "data." It has
the ability to store, retrieve,
and process data.
• You can use a computer to
type documents, send
email, and surf the Internet.
You can also use it to
handle spreadsheets,
accounting, database
presentations, games, and
What is a Monitor ?
• The monitor displays
the video and
graphics information
generated by the
computer through
the video card.
What is a Mouse and Keyboard ?
• It gives you
control over the
actions that the
computer does.
What is a mother board?
•A motherboard is the central
printed circuit board, and holds
many of the crucial components
of the system.
•They are all programmed with
different programs and they do
not all coast the same.
What is a CPU?
• The CPU stands for Central
Processing Unit; The CPU is the
brain of the computer basically.
• The CPU allows you to play games,
surf the web and you couldn’t be
able to go on instant messages or
type research papers without it.
What is a heat sink?
• A heat sink is basically the radiator which is
located on top of the CPU .
• A heat sink is physically designed to increase
the surface area in contact with the cooling
fluid surrounding it, such as the air
What is RAM?
• RAM means Random Access
Memory provides space for your
computer to read and write data
to be accessed by the CPU (central
processing unit).
• When people refer to a computer's
memory, they usually mean its
What is Hard drive ?
A hard drive is a mass storage
device found in all PCs (with
some exclusions) that is used
to store permanent data such
as the operating system,
programs and user files.
What is the power supply ?
• A power supply unit
(PSU) is the component
that supplies power to
the other components in
a computer.
What is a GPU ?
• is a specialized
microprocessor that
offloads and
accelerates graphics
rendering from the
central MicroProcessor
What is a DVD drive ?
• A DVD burner is
a device used to
• encode and
information onto
a blank DVD.
What are outputs / inputs?
• Output is the connection
between the computer
and the outside world .
• Input are the signals or
data received by the
What is software ?
• software refers to parts
of the computer which
do not have a material
form, such as
programs, data,
protocols, etc.
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