How to run GE06Calc with the new BRIFIC BRIFIC TerRaQ


How to run GE06Calc with the new BRIFIC BRIFIC TerRaQ
How to run GE06Calc with the new BRIFIC
As the BRIFIC data is now delivered in an SQLite database and because GE06Calc is interacting with a
Microsoft Access database, some additional steps are required to be able to connect to GE06Calc. Those
steps can be performed from the TerRaQ application delivered on the BRIFIC DVD.
On the BRIFIC DVD, you can use a tool which will configure the data source to MS Access. This option is
available under the Menu item of TerRaQ “Tools-External Tools”:
The external tool to be used is the BRIFIC Format Converter:
Step 1: Enable all Macros in Microsoft Access. If you need guidance, on how to enable the Macros,
please click on “Help”. Clicking on “OK” will take you to the next step.
Step 2 - Configure the data source to be MS Access.
Select the first radio button to “Link the currently active new SQLite BRIFIC data to an old MS
Access format data source” and click OK.
The following dialog will appear. Please ensure that the check box “Also create data
containers….” is unchecked. That check box has to be checked only if you are intending to run
Please ensure that the operation was successful:
Step 3 – Execute the GE06Calc application. The BRIFIC number appears on the title bar. Please note that,
if you haven’t installed the BRIFIC on your computer, the BRIFIC DVD has to remain inserted in your DVD

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