Technology  Recycle  Drive   November  15  9:00  am-­‐1:00  pm  


Technology  Recycle  Drive   November  15  9:00  am-­‐1:00  pm  
Technology Recycle Drive East Bernard High School Green Team is hosting a Technology Recycle Drive as a fundraiser. November 15 9:00 am-­‐1:00 pm Drop off at the EBHS Gym Suggested donation of $5 for items such as laptops & computers. Smaller items will be less. All items will be taken to TechnoCycle Technology Recycling Solutions. Go to for information about this company. Your hard drive will either be shredded or erased. Your data will not be compromised. See list of items we will take below: ACCEPTED PRODUCTS
Computer Equipment
Computer Displays ( LCD, LED, Plasma)
Laptop and Desktop Computers
Servers, Racks, and Server Peripherals
Network / Communications Equipment (Routers,
Switches, etc.)
Telephone Equipment
Peripherals (Ink / LaserJet Printers, Scanners)
Plotters / Copiers
Accessories (Keyboards, Mice, Cables, Speakers)
Circuit Boards / Electronic Components
Office / Business Equipment
Photocopiers and multi-use copiers
Workgroup printers
Toner Cartridges (new and used)
workstations, servers, RISC
Medical Equipment (non-biohazard waste)
Consumer Electronics / Media
Cell Phones, Telephones
Game Devices (Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo, etc.)
CD, DVD, Magnetic Tapes
Video Devices (Camera, VHS / DVD Players, etc.)
Stereo Systems, Radios
UPS / Battery Backup
Lead-Acid (not leaking)
Household (cell phone, hearing aids, watches, etc.)
Exception: Will take at Computer displays (CRT)
an additional cost $10-­‐
TVs (Picture tube)
20 because of special handling. Smoke Alarms
Appliances: Refrigerators, Stoves, Washer / Dryer,
Air Conditioners
Fans, Floor Lamps, Vacuum Cleaners
Medical / Biohazard Waste
Oil Waste
Paint Cans
Mercury Devices including florescent bulbs and

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