October 17, 2011
Dear Colleague,
Open Enrollment 2011 will begin on November 7 and end on November 18. This is the time for you
to examine your benefits carefully and choose the options that best suit your individual and family needs.
It is the only time of the year when you may elect or change your benefits coverage, unless you
experience a “qualifying life event.”
In order to assist you in making election decisions, Human Resources (HR) will issue a series of
communications before Open Enrollment begins. The communications include:
Open Enrollment Newsletter – HR will distribute a comprehensive newsletter outlining all
benefit changes and any actions employees should take during Open Enrollment.
Open Enrollment Website – Additional detailed information regarding changes in the benefits
will be provided on the Open Enrollment web pages (
Benefit Information Sessions – HR will offer sessions on campus for groups as well as online
webinars to allow the HR Benefits team to explain specific options and to provide a forum for
feedback and questions. These sessions should take about an hour.
Voluntary Retirement Contribution Mailing – You will receive a letter highlighting the
voluntary retirement plan and specifying the maximum amount you may contribute for 2012.
All of us in HR are committed to supporting you in making full use of the benefits for which you are
eligible. We urge you to review all Open Enrollment communications carefully and take advantage of the
opportunities offered to help you make informed choices. If you have questions, please contact the HR
Service Center by phone (443-4042) or e-mail ([email protected]).
In addition to the Open Enrollment information above, included are legal notifications the University is
required to provide on an annual basis.
Karen P. Morrissey, A.S.A.
Director of Benefits, Compensation & HR Services
Skytop Office Building, Syracuse, New York 13244-5300
Telephone: (315) 443-4042 - Fax: (315) 443-1063
Legal Notifications
Notice Regarding the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act Of 1998
The Syracuse University medical plan, as required by the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998, provides
benefits for mastectomy-related services including all stages of reconstruction and surgery to achieve symmetry
between the breasts, prostheses, and complications resulting from a mastectomy, including lymphedema. Call
POMCO at 1-877-461-7844 for more information.
Notice Regarding the Syracuse University Group Health Plans Notice of Privacy Practices
The Syracuse University Group Health Plans Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) summarizes the privacy practices of
Syracuse University’s group health plans. You have the right to receive a copy of the NPP (either electronically or a
paper copy) at any time. Even if you have previously agreed to receive the NPP electronically, you are entitled to a
paper copy of the NPP. You may obtain a copy of the NPP online at or
contact HR at 443-4042 for a paper copy of the NPP.
Notice Regarding Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program
See enclosed document.