Saebo Long Term Care Program


Saebo Long Term Care Program
Saebo Long Term Care Program
Saebo’s Functional Dynamic Neurological Orthoses, including
the ground-breaking SaeboFlex, allow patients with very
little residual hand function to immediately begin performing
mass grasp and release activities, thereby forging new
pathways in the brain. Saebo’s pioneering treatment
protocols are based on the latest research documenting the
brain’s remarkable ability to “re-program” itself following
Even patients who are more than 20 years poststroke have shown documented improvements.
Program Benefits:
Enable patients to immediately incorporate their hand functionally for grasp
and release activities.
Maximize ADL performance with improved upper extremity function.
Utilize a full range of task-specific, therapeutic equipment which allows clinicians
to customize treatment programs to address each patient’s specific deficits.
Increase Medicare Part A referrals.
Increase RUG rates and the # of treatment visits.
Improve documentation which may lead to decreased denials.
Increase Medicare Part B referrals with regular free screenings using the
Saebo Kit.
Remain competitive with other facilities in your market.
Leverage great media coverage with inspiring patient stories.
Improve job satisfaction, retention and therapist recruitment.
Receive clinical training (16 hours).
Ongoing clinical education and technical support.
Give your patients access to Saebo’s orthoses, which qualify for coverage by Medicare and
most commercial plans. No other program on the market can make the transition from
inpatient to outpatient or home easier and more affordable.
Your Patterson Medical Representative:
“I have personally witnessed the
SaeboFlex making significant
changes in ROM, functional use
of a hemiparetic UE, but most
importantly, it has improved many
folks’ quality of life. People now
leave our clinic smiling, hopeful,
and more determined to get better.”
Lisa Finnen, OTR/L
Occupational Therapy Supervisor
New York, NY
Rehabilitating Lives.
Empowering Individuals.
Long Term Care Program
Features the following:
Universal Forearm Shells (all sizes)
Left Hand Pieces (all sizes)
Right Hand Pieces (all sizes)
Sets of Aluminum
Sets of Finger Springs
Sets of Thumb Springs
Digit Caps
Replacement Liners
Extra Misc. Parts
Above Elbow Cuffs (all sizes)
Outrigger Systems
Elbow Stops
Sets of Tension Cords
Replacement Liners
Left SaeboStretch (S-L)
Right SaeboStretch (S-L)
Saebo’s Arm Training Equipment
Four Tier
Five Ball Peg Activity
Height Adjustable Target
Multi-purpose Exercise Device
SaeboGlide Plus
Exercise Balls
Pediatric Balls
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In Canada fax 1-877-566-8611
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