NCLI Merchandise - Pheasants Forever


NCLI Merchandise - Pheasants Forever
No Child Left Indoors ®
Join us in making sure that today’s youth have opportunities to enjoy
the outdoors and learn more about habitat, wildlife and conservation.
Here are selected merchandise items at special chapter prices.
Brazos 25oz. Water Bottle
PF No. 200011415 $16.00
QF No. 205011415 $16.00
Sunsect tube (4 oz.)
Sunsect insect repellent & sunscreen
in one product. Non-greasy and water
resistant. Great for the shooting range, in
the field or on the water.
No. 960041516
$4.00 each
PF & QF Logo T-Shirt
Adult sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X
Youth sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.
PF Blaze, No. 5000320+, Youth $7.50, Adult $9.75
QF Blaze, No. 5050120+ Youth $7.50, Adult $9.75
PF Safety Green, No. 5000340+, Youth $7.50, Adult $9.75
Sunsect Insect Repellant
& Sunscreen(.3 oz. Foil Pack)
No. 960021516
$0.85 each
Browning Junior Range Kit
No. 220051415
PF & QF Backpack
Made out of quality materials, the
lace synch-top is fun to use and easy
on the shoulders as well as the eyes!
No. 200042012
Qty. 1-11, $4.00
Qty. 12+, $3.50
“Preserve Habitat” Wrist Band
One size fits most.
No. 610822000
Qty. 1-99, $0.50 ea
Qty. 100+, $0.40 ea
Neoprene Lunch Bag w/Zipper
PF No. 250012014 $13.00
QF No. 255012014 $13.00
Rudy Rooster Eye Classes
No. 200071516
$4.50 each
PF / QF Pollinator
Habitat Sign
No. 960021415
PF Safety Orange
Camo Brim Cap
No. 300052113
Under Armour
Hustle Backpack
Realtree Xtra/Dynamite
PF No. 250151516
QF No. 255151516
Survival Bracelet
with Compass
PF No. 960021314
QF No. 965021617
Qty. 1-23, $6.00 each
Qty. 24+, $5.50 each
To order call toll free 1-877-773-8073
No Child Left Indoors ®
Orange Mesh PF & QF Caps
PF No. 300102013
QF No. 305022000
Qty. 1-23, $7.50 each
Qty. 24+, $7.00 each
PF & QF Challenge Coin
The history of the challenge coin dates back to the
World War I era. The PF & QF FOREVER Shooting
Sports challenge coin is meant to build upon that
great American tradition and features the four rules
of firearm safety around the perimeter of the coin.
It makes a special gift that is earned by completing
firearm safety, a youth mentor hunt program or
other shooting sports programs.
No. 960021112
Qty. 1-11, $4.50 each
Qty. 12+, $4.00 each
Browning® Range Kit
This range kit includes: shooting glasses with tinted
polycarbonate lenses that offer both eye protection and
enhanced target visibility, Soft foam earplugs that provide
noise reduction up to 31dB and come with a plastic
storage case and adjustable-fit earmuffs with padded
headband have a noise reduction rating of 27dB.
No. 170770001
Logo on Lens
Radians RAD ATEC
Shooting Glasses
PF No. 220551213 $3.75
QF No. 225551213 $3.75
PF Drymate
Shooting Bag
Adjustable from 30"50" waist
No. 220065016
Radians Jelli™ Snug Plugs
These are the highest NRR rated reusable earplugs on the
market today. Designed for total comfort, with easy
insertion and removal. Includes lanyard.
PF No. 220100000
QF No. 225101213
Qty. 1-11, $1.75 each
Qty. 12+, $1.50 each
PF logo only
PF & QF Logos
PF & QF Youth Vests
This blaze-orange youth vest has many of the same
features found in quality adult vests. Soft supple fabric
is lightweight and durable. Padded shoulder patches on
both sides. Blood-proof game bag loads from front or
rear. Cargo pockets hold shells or gear. Perfect for youth
mentor hunts.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.
PF, No. 4003120+
PF & QF, No. 4050420+
$15.00 each
PF or QF Cooler 10 Pack
Includes: cooler, mesh drawstring sports bag, 16 oz. double wall coffee
cup w/lid, 16 oz. double wall acrylic tumbler w/lid & straw, journal
book, color wave notebook, flashlight, gel pen, ballpoint pen, tech
pocket w/carabiner
PF No. 640012016
QF No. 645012016
$34.25 each
Updated 5.10.16