Business Unit:
Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate
Finance and Budget Division
Budget Management and Analysis
Position Title:
Director, Budget Management and Analysis
Social Policy Branch
Executive 1.3
Position Number:
Directorate Overview
CMTEDD leads the ACT Public Service (ACTPS) and provides strategic advice and support to
the Chief Minister, Treasurer, Minister for Economic Development and the Cabinet on
policy, financial and economic matters, service delivery and whole of government issues.
The Directorate facilitates the implementation of government priorities and drives many
new initiatives.
The Directorate is responsible for collecting and managing taxation revenue; managing the
Government's financial assets and liabilities, including superannuation liabilities and
investments; and providing advice to the Government and ACT agencies on the Territory's
budget and financial management, economic and revenue policy, federal financial relations,
and workers compensation policy. The Directorate is also responsible for Shared Services
which provides financial, IT and HR support across Government.
The Economic Development focus is on land release, facilitating business development,
investment, sport and recreation, tourism and events, arts, and other government activity,
often in coordination with the private sector, to increase the economic performance of the
Division Overview
The Finance and Budget Division (FABD) is responsible for advising the Government and
agencies on the development of the Territory’s Budget, advising on financial issues relating
to agencies and the Territory.
Business Unit Overview
Budget Management and Analysis is responsible for assisting in the development of the
Territory’s annual budget, monitoring, analysing and reporting to the Government and other
stakeholders on the financial position of a broad range of Government agencies and
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businesses, and advising Government and agencies on financial management, resource
allocation, and budget development issues.
The primary responsibilities for this position are to:
Lead and manage the Branch.
Provide advice or guidance and policy aand budget issues to a diverse range of
stakeholders including the Treasurer, Under Treasurer and government agencies.
Undertake strategic review and analysis of emerging budget, policy and financial
issues, and identify and communicate options.
Ensure regular engagement with agencies on budget and policy issues.
Undertake high level representation in cross agency working groups and fora,
including provision of advice on Government’s financial and budget policy/strategy,
and governance policies and commercial issues.
As a member of the Senior Executive team, play a strong strategic leadership role in
achieving the objectives and outputs of the Directorate; support and lead the
development of a high performance culture; assist the Executive Director in the
management of the Division; and provide professional and responsive support and
advice to the Under Treasurer and Minister.
Undertake the role by utilising contemporary skills and approaches to multi-tasking,
managing complex issues and dealing with time pressures. This will also include
capacity and capability building of the Branch, managing risk, and operational planning
to ensure advice and service quality is maintained.
The Director is responsible for managing and developing staff in the branch, and fostering
positive and productive relationships with stakeholders inside and outside the Government
and the ACTPS.
The Director reports to the Executive Director of the Finance and Budget Division, and forms
part of the Executive Management Group for the Division.
Selection Criteria
Tertiary qualifications in a relevant field will be highly regarded.
The selection criteria are based on The ACTPS Executive Capabilities:
Leads and values people
 Motivates and develops people
 Values diversity and respects individuals
 Builds a culture of improving practice
Shapes strategic thinking
Inspires a sense of purpose and direction
Encourages innovation and engages with risk
Thinks broadly and develops solutions
Achieve results with integrity
 Develops organisational capability to deliver results
 Manages resources wisely and with probity
 Progresses evidence based policies and procedures
 Shows sound judgement, is responsive and ethical
Fosters collaboration
 Listens and communicates with influence
 Engages efficiently across government
 Builds and maintains key relationships
Exemplifies citizen, community and service focus
 Understands, anticipates and evaluates client needs
 Creates partnerships and co-operation
 Works to improve outcomes
Executive Capabilities are a way of describing the behaviours that characterise successful
ACTPS executives and the values and personal attributes that support these behaviours.
They also provide an integrated and consistent means of assisting executives to identify
developmental needs and achieve significant and measurable growth in areas such as
leadership, strategic vision and effective management.
Information on Executive Capabilities for the ACTPS is available at