Document 6561837


Document 6561837
Florida State Information Packet 2013-2015 | Cynthia Symanek, State Regent
Virginia (Ginger) Poffenberger, State Vice Regent
2705 E. Gonzalez St., Pensacola, FL 32503-6311
Phone: (214) 289-3194 · Email: [email protected]
DAR Handbook: Refer to pp. 203-204, 216
Objective: To assist the state regent, and the Florida Daughters, as requested
Duties of the Chapter Vice Regent: How do you serve?
Of most importance, the chapter First Vice Regent performs the duties and responsibilities of the Chapter
Regent in her absence or inability to serve. This includes representation at state board of management
meetings and voting privileges if the State Regent has been notified in advance. For representation at
Continental Congress, if the Chapter Regent is unable to attend the chapter first vice regent automatically
votes in her stead.
In case of a vacancy in the office of Regent, the First Vice Regent automatically becomes Regent, unless
the chapter bylaws expressly provide otherwise. If a chapter has more than one Vice Regent, they advance
Additional duties may be specified as the chapter requires, refer to your chapter bylaws. Please ask your
Chapter Regent to keep you apprised of all she does to ensure a smooth transition upon your election as
the chapter regent.
Duties of the State Vice Regent and How I Can Serve You: I am the executive committee liaison to 10
chapters. These chapters are scattered throughout the state to provide me with an overview of the Florida
State Society. I am looking forward to working with these chapters and getting to know them better.
I serve on the bylaws and finance committees and as the Florida representative on the Tamassee DAR
School Advisory Board. I serve as state chairman for the Florida-Missouri Reception which precedes
Continental Congress. You will have further information about the reception at a later date.
I am available to visit chapters and give programs when requested. I also assist the State Regent when
requested. I am looking forward to meeting and visiting with many of you as I serve “Florida Daughters Focused on Florida and Facing the Future” during the Symanek Administration.
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