Regent Street, London


Regent Street, London
Regent Street, London
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Regent Street proposal, 1813
Lighting Design:
Tony Rimmer, Studio 29, London
Photographer: Chris Knox
As one of the main shopping streets in central London, Regent Street was completed in 1825
to the original plans by the architect John Nash. It was designed to bring order to London’s
medieval street pattern. Regent Street consists of 20 building blocks each with Portland
stone façades and cornice heights that are all the same level. Extensive rebuilding between
1895 and 1927 changed the original design but preserved the unifying character of the
architecture. Today Regent Street is once again one of London’s prime shopping and tourist
destinations attracting over 7.5 million visitors a year.
The lighting scheme is part of Regent Street Vision, a transformation project for the entire
street appearance, initiated by its owner The Crown Estate. Over the past 20 years lighting
designer Tony Rimmer was responsible for the conception and execution of the façade
lighting. He created an overall scheme that preserves the stylistic integrity of the listed
buildings with their 2 km of street frontage. Superlight Compact floodlights for ceramic
metal halide lamps with warm white colour (3000 K) are used for the general façade
lighting. Architectural details such as columns and sculptures are highlighted with neutral
white colour (4500 K) thus creating contrast and depth. Recently Superlight Compact
Nano floodlights with LEDs were integrated, consistent with the existing colour scheme.
All floodlights are fitted with plugs so that individual luminaires can be maintained without
the need to turn off whole electrical circuits.
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