Coca-Cola Case study eBestSFA helps a lager


Coca-Cola Case study eBestSFA helps a lager
Retail Execution | CPG | SFA
Coca-Cola Case study
eBestSFA helps a lager
beverage company improve
salesforce productivity.
Industry Background:
Customer Needs:
Every day in supermarkets, convenience stores,
on-premise and off-premise locationsbeverage
companies are under attack from their
competition. To win in the field, leading
beverage companies are racing to arm their
representatives with next generation software
solutions. Small, smart, and sharp, these
solutions close the loop around planning,
execution, and outcomes.
We identified the customer’s need to have
different execution strategies within regional
markets due to the nature and complexities of
the business and its ability to maintain profitable
volume growth. The current SAP system caters
to this with regards to direct customer service,
and also fulfils a need for electronic orders to
SAP as well as third parties with a cost effective
device as simple as a mobile phone. The ability
to monitor and maintain these initiatives
consistently with all the customers, especially
those that receive Coca-Cola products through
distributors, a third party sales and price tracking
system is required to track the volume and
pricing afforded to these customers as well as
give the ability to those reps and distributors to
track real-time orders for more effective
deliveries, saving time through an SFA solution.
One of our biggest clients, CocaCola Sabco, is an
"anchor bottler" for the Coca-Cola Company.
With over nine subsidiary companies and
twenty-one bottling plants, our client distributes
Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Fanta, as well as other
branded soft drinks.
CocaCola achieved these business goals by deploying eBest Sales Force Automation
Solution running on Symbian-based smart phones. The eBest SFA Solution incorporates a
comprehensive mobile application and web-based portal applications, integrating deeply
with CocaCola’s SAP system as well as its BI system to provide a fully automated sales
operation, improved processes, and business outcomes.
Retail Execution | CPG | SFA
Key Features :
Call Route Planning
Sales Order
In-Store Activities (Merchandising, Customer
Survey, Self-Audit, Stock Count, in-store
Promotion/Digital Coupon)
Inventory Management
Promotion Management
Delivery Execution
Mobilizing the sales force, improving sales
force management and productivity
Ability to track and evaluate effectiveness
of sales and marketing promotions.
Increased third part distributors’ loyalty
and management capability.
Cost savings from reduced duplication
and improved quality of sales data.
Increased customer satisfaction with more
streamlined call planning, instant access to
customer information.
Sales analysis capabilities and awareness of
The most effective in-store promotions.
Flexibility, scalability, and multilingual
successfully roll out in CocaCola’s nine
countries across Africa and Asia with more
than 2,000 field representatives. The eBest
system has been migrated to Android
systems, providing one single backend
solution across multiple mobile platforms.
Our next plan is to provide a device agnostic
solutions and expand the solution into more
business areas.
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