Delta Academy Experiences “The Real Thing”


Delta Academy Experiences “The Real Thing”
Delta Academy Experiences “The Real Thing”
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Delta Academy toured the World of
Coca-Cola on Saturday, November 1,
2008, thanks to the wonderful efforts
of Soror Shelley McCray and the
generous donation from Diane Davis
Waugh, Manager, Community Relations
& Business Development at Coca-Cola
Enterprises Bottling Companies.
Eighteen young ladies from Delta
Academy and nine DAC Sorors started
the chilly morning adventure at Indian
Creek Transit Station meeting the
participants and their parents at 9:30
AM. For some of the participants this
was their first time riding MARTA, so
of course this was a great adventure to
them. Upon arriving at our destination,
W1, CNN Center, we took the 10minute walk from the MARTA station
to the World of Coca-Cola.
The young ladies toured the museum
on their own with a Delta chaperon,
giving them the freedom to experience
the World of Coca-Cola in their own
unique way.
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One of the best features of the
World of Coca-Cola is the 4D movie
that shows the quest of the secret
ingredients of Coke.The movie features
movable chairs that poke you in the
back at one point during the movie,
along with water droplets gushing on
you as well as the effects of cool air
brushing against your body. All of the
young ladies enjoyed this part of the
self-guided tour along with the tasting
center, which for some was the highlight
of the afternoon.
Coca-Cola being an international
brand has drinks (soda, water, juice,
energy drinks, etc.)
through out
the nine continents and the drinking
stations allow you to experience these
different drinks. The highlight drink that
every Coca-Cola employee told
us to try was the Beverly, which
is marketed in Italy. Now, I’m
not going to tell you my
taste results – you have
to go to the World of
le of Coke
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cipants wit
Coca-Cola and try it for yourself!
Did you know that Five Alive is a Coke
product? Interestingly, these and many
more facts were discovered about
products we consume that we didn’t
realize were manufactured by CocaCola. Some of the participants also
inferred that there are a lot of products
that are launched in different countries
before they are tailored and introduced
in the U.S. market. For example,
BonAqua, bottled water, was introduced
in Germany
in 1984. In 1999, Dasani was launched
making it Coca-Cola’s first U.S. bottled
water. If you look at the bottle/label
design of Dasani, it is quite similar to
the BonAqua bottle/label design.
Following our departure from the
World of Coca-Cola, we had lunch
at the CNN Center, before returning
to Indian Creek Transit Station. Soror
Calandra Tipton prepared Coke goody
bags for all the participants. Included
inside the goody bag were a Coke
sports bottle, a bottle of Dasani water,
a pen and a penlight keychain.