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Cultural Differences in
International Marketing
Carreira Sara, Portugal
Forleo Roberto, Italy
Kabageni K. Grace, Rwanda
Tek Suleyman, Turkey
Coming from Salford University,
Manchester to TAMK University Virrat –
International Marketing
Impact of global brands on local markets
Common message with different words
Adapting market penetration strategies
Individual country brand identity
Heartbrand &
Examples of two worldwide brands
that conquered the world with their
“glocal” strategies.
History of an international ice
cream brand
• Unilever is the owner of Heartbrand
• Heartbrand is the biggest ice cream company worldwide
• Strategy: “Go global, stay local” - takes over local brands: Olá, Algida,
HB, Miko, Frigo...
• Good way to reduce the marketing costs:
 Same logo
 Same packaging
 Same product BUT
Algida – an italian gelato
• 1945: Italian ice cream maker : “Algida”
• 1969: First take away ice cream “Cremino”
• 1974: Taken over by Unilever
• 1976: Launching of “Cornetto”
• 1990: “Magnum”: young adults audience
• 2003: “Heartbranding” is born
Online strategy
Source: globalwebindex
Communication strategy
Communication strategy
Ice cream going fashion ...
Olá – a portuguese sorvete
• 1959: Olá is created from the joint venture between
Unilever and Jerome Martins
• 1970: Unilever takes over Raja ice creams
• 1973: Launching of “Epá” and “Cornetto”
• 1979: Launching of “Perna de Pau”
• 1985: Launching of “Calippo”
• 1998: “Heartbranding” is created
A brand for kids
Olá Kids Football Cup
Clube Olá – online kids platform
Coca Coca, bottle superstar
• 1886 from medicine to soft drink
• First bottling : Canada, Panama, Cuba and France
• 200 countries ; 17.8 billions products sold
• Aim to internationalize and to unify the product
• Advertising message : REFRESHMENT
East Africa
1928 Coca-Cola in South Africa
Biggest sporting sponsor : Africa Cup of Nations
“African-specific communication”
Fanta Orange  80% of sales
Young and fun
Adapted advertising
Coca-Cola’s Turkish marketing
• Turkey`s population is over 74 million people.
• Population of Turkey is 99% Muslim.
• Company had a big problem to identify with American
Brand in Iraq Invasion, this time Turkish Brand cola
Turka had announced by Ulker.
• Cola Turka advertisment was built on nationalist theme.
Advertising theme
• Coca-Cola focuses on families and
children and young people.
• Turkey is used like an education centre to
middle-east and
culture by Coca Cola.
• Muhtar Kent has worked as a General Manager of CocaCola Turkey and Central Asia in 1985 .
Coca-Cola & Ramadan
Think global act local strategy is followed by many
multinational brands. According to the research conducted
by the Medi Taiko , between 9 September and 25 October
Muslim themed commercials were used by 68 different
companies during holy month Ramadan festivals and Coca
Cola brand was the top allocated as much as 83 % of its
over 4.000 commercials.
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