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TIKK NEWS - Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai
Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai
Fall 2004
Perfecting Character Since 1991
Trey Asel attains
Black Belt rank
Ni Dan Crystal Asel was
She told her husband Trey at
the Gasshuku in April that the
spring shiai would be his last as a
brown belt.
After seven and a half years
of training, Trey was named a Sho
Dan by Shihan Robert Kristensen
at the annual summer shiai at the
Nautilus in Flower Mound on
August 28.
Mr. Asel, as he is now
known, has been a brown belt
since December 1998 and it took
the encouragement from Mrs.
Asel and Shihan and the example
set by TIKK’s newest Sho Dan’s
Jeff Kelley and Dan Prenevost to
provide the motivation for completing the black belt testing, Mr.
Asel said.
“It was wild having people
Mr. Trey Asel receives his black belt from Shihan Robert Kristensen.
believe in you when you weren’t
sure you believed in yourself,” he
More than 100 Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai students watched
Mr. Asel bust through the concrete block before being named a
Sho Dan and earning a place in
line with many of the black belts
he had trained with for years.
Ni Dan Don Bizzell also
added to the excitement of the day
after he smashed three concrete
blocks and was named San Dan,
or third Dan, and given the honor
of being called a sensei.
(See SUMMER SHIAI, page 6)
Shihan earns worldwide recognition
Kyoshi Robert Kristensen
Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai
President Robert Kristensen was
recently named “Master of the
Year” for 2004 by the World
Wide Martial Arts Hall of Fame
during a ceremony held in Fulton,
New York.
The World Wide Martial
Arts Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding martial artists from all
styles and is sponsored by the
International TaeKwonDo Union.
This award is special to him
because the organization recognizes all styles in the martial arts
and it is not an award amongst
only Isshinryu martial artists, he
Shihan’s Corner……………….2
Demo Team……………….…..3
Black belt honors…………..….4
Spring shiai……………………8
Senseis’ Corner…….....……...11
Page 2
FALL 2004
Shihan’s corner
Think Positive
Work Your Plans. Live Your Dreams.
Nothing Is Impossible For A Karate Ka!
This Was Told To Me Many Years Ago.
If You Think You Can, You CAN!
—Shihan Kristensen
Business Owners!
November 6……………..TIKK Open Tournament & Hanchi William H.
Duessel Seminar, Nautilus, Flower Mound
November 30……………’N Focus Demo, Coppell High School
Basketball game
December 4……………..Winter Shiai, Nautilus, Flower Mound
March 4…………………Mr. Jeff Kelley’s Birthday
March 8…………………Sensei Don Bizzell’s Birthday
March 17………………..Sensei Don Ishmael’s Birthday
April 15-17……………...Spring Gasshuku, Camp Summit
April 17…………………Spring Shiai, Camp Summit
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TIKK NEWS is published periodically by karate ka of
Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai, established in 1991,
and is distributed to students at all the school’s
dojos and to others interested in TIKK activities.
Shihan Robert Kristensen
Ni Dan Matt Evans
Assistant Editor
Laura Murray
Coppell Dojo (Main)
1203 Crestside, Suite 230, Coppell, TX 75019
Visit us on the web: www.txikk.com
Brickhouse Gym
Flower Mound / Lewisville
Nautilus Fitness Center, 601 Crosstimbers
First Baptist Church of Haslet
Richland Bible Fellowship Church
FALL 2004
Page 3
‘N Focus
Eight make TIKK’s first junior demo team
TIKK ’N Focus demo team members perform at their first demo in Denton in August. From left are Allan
Wallander, Carson Dickey, Tyler Murray, Daniel Midkiff, Perry Lopez, Shane Murray, Johannes Kroll and
Jack Pergantis.
Eight junior students are
The team, which has been
to support the team’s activities
representing Texas Isshinryu Kanamed ’N Focus, practices at the
and the possible purchase of
rate Kai as the school’s first demo
Nautilus in Flower Mound in adheavyweight gis.
dition to each student’s regular
The mission of the team is to
The students, ranging in age
classes and will perform choreohelp TIKK by representing the
from 7 to 12 and in rank from
graphed demonstrations for interschool wherever the team pergreen to brown belt, were selected
ested groups and organizations.
forms its demos and to help demo
in July after trying out in front of
Fundraisers will be planned
team members become more sucTIKK’s highest ranking
cessful in life by learning
black belts, including
the importance of setting
Sensei Debbie Garrett,
high standards.
who will direct team
The team held its
activities and practices
first demo at the Sports
along with Sho Dan Jeff
Extravaganza at a mall in
Denton. Other demos
Demo team meminclude a car show in
bers include:
Lewisville, a Cub Scout
Dickey, Jack Pergantis,
meeting in Richardson,
Allan Wallander, Daniel
the Gator Fest in Flower
Midkiff, Perry Lopez,
Mound and Huffines
Shane Murray, Johannes
Arts Trails in RichardKroll and Tyler Murray.
‘N Focus members show Cub Scouts how to throw/fall.
Page 4
FALL 2004
TIKK black belts win state Hall of Fame honors
Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai
black belts Tony Palos, Tina Palos and Sensei Vince Olivier were
honored May 15 at the Texas
Martial Arts Hall of Fame ceremony, which is held every four
years, for their outstanding contribution to the promotion of the
martial arts in the state of Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. Palos teach at
the Denton dojo while Sensei
Olivier teaches at the Flower
Mound dojo.
Olivier, a master craftsman,
built the display case that houses
the Texas Martial Arts Hall of
Fame section which is part of the
Texas Sports Hall of Fame exhibit
in Waco..
Shihan Robert Kristensen
also was honored this spring by
being named vice president of the
Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
From left, Black belts Tina Palos, Tony Palos and Sensei Vince
Olivier were honored by the Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Shihan Robert Kristensen and Sempai Maria Kristensen join them.
16 students bring home 32 trophies from tournament
A team of 16 Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai students brought
home 32 trophies from the North
Texas Open Karate Championships held in The Colony June 5.
About 120 martial artists
representing about 15 schools
from Texas, Louisiana and New
Mexico participated in the tournament sanctioned by the United
States Karate Alliance.
Sensei Don Ishmael, who
teaches at TIKK’s Richardson
dojo, won second place in weap-
ons and second in kata in the advanced black belt division for 3rd
degree and above. Andrew Black,
a yellow belt, won grand champion in kata in his beginner division.
Other TIKK results are:
Kata Kumite
Executive Advanced Men
Mike Cohen
Kent Kirkpatrick 3
(See TOURNAMENT, page 5)
Kendall, Carson, Cody, Tracy
and Whitney take a breather.
FALL 2004
Page 5
TIKK adds spirit
To July 4th Parade
More than 30 Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai
students showed their TIKK spirit by representing
the school in the city of Coppell’s annual 4th of
July Parade.
Parade watchers cheered as Vietnam veterans Shihan Robert Kristensen and Ni Dan
Tommy Thomas marched in their military gear
showing support for the troops. The patriotic
songs blaring from black belt Jeff Kelley’s truck
and karate ka all dressed with flag headbands and
carrying flags provided much interest and energy
for the crowd.
Shihan Robert Kristensen and
Ni Dan Tommy Thomas,
above, wear their military gear
for the parade while the
Murray and the Richter boys
show their patriotic spirit, right.
(From Page 4)
Executive Intermediate Men
Mark Hendrix 2nd
Adult Intermediate Women
Susan Kleinfall 1st
Tina Mootz
Teen Intermediate
Whitney Fairhurst 2nd
Cody Davenport
12-year-old Intermediate
Tim Hendrix
Executive Beginner Men
Steve Pergantis
Executive Beginner Women
Tracey Dickey
Adult Beginner Men
Andrew Black
12-year-old Beginner
Kendall Kirkpatrick 1st
Junior Beginner
Carson Dickey
Jack Pergantis
Cole Mootz
Page 6
FALL 2004
Sho Dan Trey Asel
Ni Dan Chris Miller
San Dan/Sensei Don Bizzell
Summer Shiai…
(From Page 1)
He joins San Dan Vince
Olivier and Yon Dans Debbie
Garrett, Adam Masur, Don Ishmael and Maria Kristensen in
carrying this prestigious title, in
addition to Shihan
Mr. Chris Miller’s break of
two cinder blocks and his promotion to Ni Dan also brought cheers
from the crowd.
Another highlight was when
15-year-old Whitney Fairhurst
became only the second female
junior in TIKK history to earn a
brown belt with her promotion to
San Kyu.
Kyle Murray and Cole Richter kept moving up with their promotions to the second level in
brown belt with their promotions
to Ni Kyu.
Other promotions include:
Blue Belt
Shane Murray
Tim Hendrix
Johannes Kroll
Green Belt
Morgan Hulsey
Jack Pergantis
Carson Dickey
Yellow Belt with a solid
black stripe
Deanna Rupp
Cole Mootz
Yellow Belt
Dean Collins
Ben Collins
Krystian Gonzalez
Dylan Richter
Ben Hoover
Kendall Kirkpatrick
Brown belts, left, demonstrate Seuchin kata while
the black belts, below, perform Seisan Kata.
FALL 2004
…..………...Summer Shiai highlights
Demo team members Tyler Murray, Daniel
Midkiff, Perry Lopez and Johannes Kroll
show the junior multiple attack routine.
Below, Sensei Don Ishmael congratulates
Whitney Fairhurst for making San Kyu.
Fall 2004
Spring Shiai
Richter earns first junior black belt in TIKK history;
Jeff Kelley, Dan Prenevost achieve Sho Dan rank
Byron Richter made history
Grant’s military commitment reat Texas Isshinryu Karate Kai’s
quired her to move to California
spring shiai April 25 by earning
last year, but she continues to
the school’s first junior black belt
train at an Isshinryu school there.
since TIKK opened its doors in
About 50 senior students
attended the three-day Gasshuku
Richter, who has been trainheld at Camp Summit in Copper
ing at TIKK since January 1998,
Canyon where they got an inis only the second student Shihan
depth look at what the study of
Robert Kristensen has seen
Isshinryu karate is all about from
achieve this rank in his more than
kata to kumite techniques to self
30 years in the martial arts.
defense techniques and everything
Fourteen-year-old Richter
else in between.
was awarded the Sho Dan Ho
Other promotions include:
rank while seniors Jeff Kelley and
Brown belt (ni kyu)
Dan Prenevost earned the prestigMichael Cohen
Sho Dan Ho Byron Richter
ious Sho Dan rank
Jim Fairhurst
to highlight the
Sawmon Shirazi
end of the 7th annual
Brown belt (san
during the shiai.
Shihan said
Tyler Murray
the Sho Dan rank,
Kartik Venkateswhich is a 1st dewaran
gree black belt, is
Kent Kirkpatrick
awarded only to
students who are
Purple belt with a
at least 16. “In a
solid black stripe
traditional school,
Whitney Fairhurst
anyone under 16
doesn’t have the
mental or physical Sho Dan Jeff Kelley
Sho Dan Dan Prenevost
and having a great disposition
Purple belt
achieve the esteemed rank of Sho
with the power to tap into it,”
Mark Hendrix
Susan Kleinfall
Sho Dan literally means first
beLaura Murray
man or first woman and a child
coming a Sho Dan, but it is just a
Glenn Gibbs
does not have the maturity to be at
matter of age, Shihan said.
Margaret Myers
that rank, he said. Richter will be
“When he is in the dojo, he tries
required to test for the Sho Dan
to pay attention and do the best he
Blue belt
rank to become an adult black belt
can. According to the effort is the
Garrett Molsbee
when he turns 16.
Becoming a black belt at
Richter won most outGreen belt
TIKK is about one’s whole destanding
Allan Wallander
meanor, he said. The mind, body
Gasshuku while former TIKK
Jim Wallander
and spirit all must be honed.
student Shannon Grant won most
“One needs the physical and men(See SPRING SHIAI, page 9)
outstanding female participant.
tal ability to handle a situation
Fall 2004
Page 9
New Sho Dan reflects on life changes
Sho Dan
OW! Has it been this
long already? It seems
like only yesterday
that I was going through the most
amazing week of my life.
Hummm...I am 47 years old. I
would never have thought that at
47 I would have experienced a
truly life-changing experience. I
especially would not have expected it to come through my
training in karate.
When I first came to the
dojo, I was looking for a way to
lose weight. I had tried all of the
usual methods, diets (some successful and some not so successful), weight training, running etc.
I weighed in around 220 to 225
back in those days.
A co-worker suggested that I
try out this karate class that he
Spring Shiai
(From Page 8)
Tony Cacheria
David Mootz
Tina Mootz
Carrie Pergantis
Daniel Midkiff
Greg Midkiff
Jennifer Wiederkehr
Yellow belt
Peter Gonzalez
Miranda Banales
Paula Sue Reynolds
Chance Cooley
Tracy Dickey
Peyton Tallman
Arriaga Desirae
Juan Cantu
Miguel Cantu
Gerardo Cantu
had just started attending. When I
came to the dojo to visit, Shihan
suggested that I come to the shiai
they were having the very next
During my visit at the shiai,
I witnessed the most amazing
thing that I had ever seen. There
was this tiny lady that seemed to
be getting a lot of, shall we say,
extra attention paid to her that
day. I was truly amazed when this
tiny lady stood up and ran through
katas, self defense, led several
groups through different exercises
and then had to fight her way
through all of the other black belts
in attendance!
Finally, she was asked to put
her foot through a cinder block
brick! I was absolutely blown
away! Well, for those of you who
have not already figured it out,
that tiny lady was Mrs. Harris. I
was absolutely amazed that someone of her size could perform
such a tremendous feat!
At that very moment, sitting
in the old dojo with my daughter
and her boyfriend, I knew that this
karate school was the real deal
and I wanted to be a part of it.
The next week I signed up and the
rest is history! Or is it???
As I trained throughout the
years, my focus changed. Somewhere along the line I quit thinking about losing weight and
started focusing on something
else. It is something that Shihan
talks to us about every single day.
It has more value to me than los(See NEW SHO DAN, page 12)
Getting my brothers back
Ni Dan
or those who have been
with TIKK for a few
years, they tend to find
a friend or two who they will keep
in touch with, helps them keep
going and helps them get through
the peaks and valleys they encounter throughout their training.
During my time as a Kyu
rank, there were a number of people who helped give me a feeling
of belonging, which is something
I had always sought and never
really found. There were a considerable number of brown belts
who would hang out with each
other after and outside of class
who helped me get through some
rather defining times.
However, with the passing
of time comes ever-present
change. Some got married, some
flaked out, some grew frustrated,
nevertheless, most departed.
While going through testing, I
was paired with someone whom I
grew to respect and will never
forget because of how we shouldered the burden of testing together. Mr. Miller and I were the
first within TIKK to test at the
same time because of our very
similar builds and styles (which is
why we are paired to do kumite
pretty much every shiai.)
Since our testing, he has had
some very big life events which
have earned even more respect
from me. His true honor and character have come to light before us
because of his devotion to his
wife and his newborn child. That
is why watching him earn his Ni
Dan was very special to me. I
(See BROTHERS, Page 12)
Page 10
FALL 2004
Isshinryu of Health
Time Management for the Rest of Us
San Dan
Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of articles for TIKK News. This article will cover the ins
and outs of health, and how it ties to one’s martial
arts training. Disclaimer: This is not medical advice, or any sort of expert advice. This is not intended to replace, or contradict any advice you
receive from your highly trained medical professionals. As always, you should seek the advice of
your doctor before starting any program.
ast time we discussed how we can use
“Mind, Body, Spirit, Action” as a theme for
the “Isshinryu of Health.” We talked about
building good life habits, and how all the different
areas of your life are tied together into one you.
Hopefully, you did Exercise #1 by creating two written lists: one for what you want to improve and one
for what is holding you back. Get your lists out and
spend a minute reviewing them.
It has been a while since you created the lists;
you most likely will have changed your mind on a few
items. Some items will stand out to you as more relevant than others, and some won’t have the same
meaning. I know that when I reviewed my list, there
were a few on there that I didn’t even know what I
was thinking about when I wrote them down (does
anyone know what a “Toe Prop” is?). In any case, go
ahead and edit the lists to add, clarify or remove items
as you see fit.
What do we have on our lists? After reviewing
them, it’s easy to see that they are really the beginning
of a set of goals for our health. They are not only
goals for what we want to do, but also for the things
we need to overcome.
Turning your lists into one set of goals is a threestep process. First, group similar items together, and
yes, it’s okay to put one item into multiple groups.
Second, from the common theme for each group, create a specific goal. Again, you may create a few goals
for each group, as long as they are specific.
For me, getting my weight back down to what I
weighed in 1980, and getting my blood pressure consistently under 140/90 were two big ones. Some of my
goals are not so numerically precise as those, but they
are still specific. A goal like developing your “sixpack” in the next six months is not very precise, but it
is still specific enough for you to take action.
Go through both lists this way. For your list of
impediments, try to create goals that will help you
overcome them. Be careful of the trap of not being
specific on these goals. For example, I had “Bad
Back” on my list of impediments. First I created the
goal of “Do physical therapy to improve my back.”
Seems reasonable, but it’s not very specific about
when or how much, so I changed it to “Start PT by the
end of August and do the routines at least twice a
Now if your papers look anything like mine, they
are full of scribbles and lines, so take a few minutes
and create one new, clean list of goals. You should
now have only one list of goals. This is the third step.
I’ve always found that sitting down to create
goals very difficult, but by using this process it is simpler. You can follow a similar process for other areas
of your life: work, family, retirement and so on.
What is the number one complaint we hear from
anyone, including ourselves? Answer: “I don’t have
time!” How can you accomplish this great list of new
goals if you don’t have enough hours in the day already? People always say that they can “Make Time.”
I don’t know about you, but I’ve never have been able
to get time to stop long enough for me to catch it, let
alone make more of it.
We all know a person or two who is perfect
when it comes to time management. They have studied the various systems, picked the one that fits them
perfectly and lived it day in and day out like they were
born to it. If you are such a master, then you should
skip the rest of this and pick up next time. For the rest
of us let’s take a quick look at “Time Management.”
First, know that there is no need to manage time.
Time, and its passing, are fairly consistent for normal
human beings. What we are managing is our own priorities, and those priorities tell us what we do with our
time. If someone called you up and said, “You can
have this TEN MILLION DOLLARS if you can just
come down and claim it in the next two days.” Then
no matter what was going on, we would find a way to
make that claim. Not all priorities are that easy to set,
but they are all that easy to act on once they have been
Getting the most things done to help you accomplish your goals is what we will call time manage(See ISSHINRYU OF HEALTH, page 11)
Fall 2004
Page 11
Senseis’ corner
’m still not used to being called Sensei. It is a
great honor that I will have to work hard to
live up to day in and day out. Because this is such a
large change in my life, this is a good time to say a
few words about change. We all experience change; it
is one of the central things in every life. What is important about change is not the change itself, but how
we handle the events. Usually change has either already happened, or there is no stopping it by the time
we find out about it. There is a saying on the wall of
the Coppell Dojo that aptly describes how to handle
change. It says, “We cannot control the wind, only
how we set the sails.” So, when change happens to
you, don’t let it set you back, just adjust your sails and
keep going forward.
—Sensei Bizzell
espect for self.
Respect for others.
Responsibility for all your actions.
—Sensei Garrett
The number one technique in self defense.
—Sensei Kristensen
ow far you go in life depends on your being
tender with the young, compassionate with
the aged, sympathetic with the striving and
tolerant of those who are weaker than you because
someday, you will be all of these.
—Sensei Olivier
Isshinryu of Health
(From Page 10)
ment. It starts with a simple to do list of things you
need, or want to do (yes, I know, yet another list.) It
does not matter if the to do list is on a paper napkin or
in a sophisticated computer program or anywhere in
between. All that matters is that you have a list somewhere and that you can refer to it and update it whenever you need to. Take five to 10 minutes each day to
sit down and build your list. Once the list is built, then
assign each item on the list a priority.
Your goals make setting priorities much clearer.
Think of three levels of priorities (1, 2, 3). Level 1
helps you toward a goal. Level 2 is neutral to your
goals, and level 3 is working against your goals. Now
put an urgency (A,B,C) with each item. As need to be
done today. Bs need to be done soon, and Cs are optional. With this system you can see that “Dentist
Appointment (A2)” and “Karate Class (A1)” both
need to be done today, but one is working toward your
goal and the other just needs to be done.
Items will change in priority as time passes, and
as you complete other items. You may happen to have
an extra 20 minutes to do a small C3 item at the end of
the day. That’s fine. Generally, you want to work on
your As and 1s first, early in the day when you are
most productive. Unfortunately, life does not always
work out to our plans, so in that case recreate your list
and go on. It is much better to feel organized and to
have a plan, than to just let life happen to you.
This is not a big commitment on your part. Start
each day – get up 10 minutes earlier if you have to –
by building your list. If you are like me, you will add
to the list throughout the day as new things come up. I
can then start the next day by seeing what was accomplished and what still needs to be done. This way I get
a sense of what is going on in my life, and as I have
more time to do things, I can put these important goal
related items on the list and keep moving forward.
Exercise #2: For the next two months, build a
list at the beginning of each day. Don’t try to put everything on the first list, it can get overwhelming. Start
with just the main things you need to do just today,
and build up slowly overtime as you work with your
time management list. Catch #2: You should always
look at your goals lists before you build your daily
list. Try to put one thing that works towards one of
your life goals on your time management list each
OKAY, to recap; we looked at our lists from last
time and followed a simple process to turn them into a
list of specific goals. Next, we learned a bit about
personal time management and how to set priorities
using our goals; and finally, an exercise to help us
practice our new skills. Once you have control of your
priorities, then you can really start living better.
Next time, we will dive straight into the diet
world, and learn how we are what we eat. Until then,
use your mind, body, spirit, and action to stay healthy.
Page 12
FALL 2004
New Sho Dan
(From Page 9)
ing weight, breaking bricks or
being able to toss someone twice
your size all around the dojo
Shihan says that the ultimate
aim of karate lies not in victory or
defeat but in the perfection of
one’s character. For me this has
brought back a principle that I
learned from my parents..."Do
unto others as you would have
them do unto you." I have learned
that the perfection of my character
is constantly evolving, changing
as I grow. Shihan has taught me
that nothing is impossible. This
dojo, the instructors and students
have all shown me that nothing is
beyond our reach. I have witnessed some amazing victories for
other students during the past five
years and I have become very
humbled by them.
I have made many friends in
the past five years and many of
them I know in my heart will last
a lifetime no matter where we all
end up. Karate has given this to
me and it is a gift that I will never
take for granted.
April 25th, 2004 was the day
of my rebirth to a new perspective
in my life. As Shihan says, now
the learning begins...
I would like to thank all of
you for being a part of my karate
training and my life because I
believe that without each and everyone of you, I would not be who
I am today.
class. He and I watched lots of
people come and go and he pulled
me and finally pushed me as I was
testing for Sho Dan. During
Gasshukus, the Kyu rank cabin
would be roaring with laughter
because of him and some of the
comments that would fall out of
his mouth (USDA Choice for
He took his time and picked
his moment and he was always
around so I never gave up on him.
His testing was extraordinary for
not only the beginning but also
for the impressive display of
knowledge and ability he demonstrated after. And now I have my
brown belt brother back. Mr.
Asel, congratulations and welcome to the other side!
(From Page 9)
know how much he has sacrificed
within karate to take care of his
family. Congratulations on your
Ni Dan, Mr. Miller!
Another brother who has
come and gone for awhile was
one of the guys who pulled me
along as a brown belt. He would
tear me apart during kumite and
would make me laugh outside of
Wishes to Thank
Clay Cooley
Of Clay Cooley Isuzu
I-35 & Walnut Hill
For Supporting
The Newsletter
Karen Cole
Of K&C Productions
For Outstanding
Photography Contributions

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