General Education Requirements


General Education Requirements
General Education Requirements
2015 (Optional Transition to the New GE Program)
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Effective Date: 1/2015
The BYU-Hawaii General Education program helps students develop both breadth of knowledge and the thinking skills and character
of a servant-leader, the ability to inquire, analyze, and communicate and to act with integrity, stewardship, and service, to prepare
them to serve in a world community as productive, responsible citizens and as faithful members of The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints.
Optional: (these classes may help to prepare you for later classes, but are not part of the GE program)
Success Skills Electives
STDEV 101 (Intro to University Life), CRDEV 102 (Career Exploration)
Fundamental Math Elective
MATH 97, 100, 101, MATH 110 (note: 110 optional for GE but may be required by major)
Elementary Conversation & Grammar I – the equivalent of 2-3 years of High
School Language etc. Contact World Language Coordinator for more info.
Fundamental Language Elective
BASIC SKILLS Must take all of the following:
Pass language course at 201 level or above,
Or: Credit by examination thru the 201 level,
Or: Test out of 201 level without credit,
Or: Certify English Competence (non-native speakers) by: (a) Completing EIL
program or (b) Testing out of EIL Program
CIS 205, EXS 339, MATH 106/107/111/112/113/119/221, POSC 200&204, PSYC 205,
SOCW 486, BIOL 330/L
ENGL 101
Health & Physical Science
Choose any one 100 level EXS class or EXS 201R
Language Requirement
(ASL, Chinese, EIL, French,
Hawaiian, Japanese, Maori,
Spanish, Samoan, Tongan, etc.)
Math Requirement (choose 1)
New options in bold
Local Communities: Principles
of Civic & Moral Engagement
Must take all of the following:
GE 100 (or HIST 201)
Critical Inquiry and Analysis
GE 110 (or ENGL 201)
Scientific Reasoning
GE 120 (or any science course)
GE 2 – BREADTH OF KNOWLEDGE Choose one class from each category: (Same categories as old GE program, but
with different names and also new options in italics)
Science & Technology
Humanities & Culture
Social Science
ASTR 104, BIOL 100/112, CHEM 100/105, GEOL 105, PHSC 100, PHYS 100, PHYS 121,
CIS 100, CIS 101, IT 240
ART 196/220, ENGL 201/251, HUM 101/290, HWST 101, ICS 261/262/264/266, MUSC
101/102/103, PAIS 105, THEA 115
ANTH 105, COMM 110, ECON 200, GEOG 101, HIST 120/121/201, LING 210, POSC
101/110/170, PSYC 111, SOC 111, SOCW 160
Must take all of the following:
HIST 202 (or GE 300 starting Fall 2015)
Advanced Writing
ENGL 314 or 315 or 316 or Approved Senior Seminar
Must take the following 7 courses or electives (Fewer are required for transfer students – see catalog)
(Note: A maximum of one religion class is allowed per semester)
Book of Mormon I
REL 121
Book of Mormon II
REL 122
Doctrine and Covenants
REL 324 or REL 325
New Testament
REL 211 or REL 212
The Family and the Gospel
REL 233
Religion Elective
Religion Elective
All students are required to complete General Education program requirements, alongside their Major degree requirements and
other electives to reach a minimum of 120 credits to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree.
The terms of this MRS will be honored by the University within the next 4 years. If courses cease to be offered, options for substitution will be provided.

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