connector • What are the different forms (ways) of writing. • E.g:


connector • What are the different forms (ways) of writing. • E.g:
• What are the different forms (ways) of
Diary Entry
Can you think
of more?
Revision for writing tasks
This PowerPoint includes:
How to write in different styles
Modelled examples
Grades given
Ways to improve
• A neat and effective way of giving information or
of advertising.
• Purpose to inform, advise, persuade.
• No marks for drawing pictures.
• Need to adapt your writing to match the
• Adopt the right tone and style.
• Headings are enough of an indication of layout
(possibly indicate where pictures would go).
Your school or college is running a campaign during its
“Healthy Eating” week to persuade students to buy and
eat more fruit. It has asked you to produce a leaflet
that will be given out in the dining hall.
Write your leaflet. (16)
Healthy Eating
Eating healthily doesn’t have to be uncool.
This week a wide range of healthy foods,
optional of course, will be available to
Don’t be pressured into not eating healthy
foods by friends, think of all the people they
look up to such as maybe a famous
footballer or netball player.
How do you think they keep in good
Well, my friend, it’s all down to their diet
and exercise, eating fruit can give you the
energy you need for a good workout and to
keep you fit.
Sports can become a major problem during
your school life and so can your size.
Eating fruit and vegetables is good for your
skin and can help get rid of spots.
For those of you lads in school
during PE who are trying to tone
up those muscles, why stress
when you can concentrate on a
healthy diet giving you the energy
you need for a good work out and
gradually building up your
How do you think a physical
trainer builds up their muscles
and ends up looking like this.
Pictures of physical trainer.
Eating healthily isn’t always for
the uncool and the less popular
people so think wisely about what
you ea whether your friends like it
or not.
Grade: C
Focused on task.
Appropriate tone.
Sense of audience.
• Sub headings.
• Develop points in
more detail.
Leaflet: Successful Features.
• A heading that makes it clear what the
leaflet is about.
• Subheadings or sections so that
information can be easily located.
• Bullet points – these help make it look
more attractive.
• An appropriate tone.
• A good sense of audience.
Your Turn
• Choose a task on the next slide
You have been asked to produce a leaflet to persuade people
in your area to be more careful about litter and waste. Write
your leaflet. You may wish o indicate where you would use
illustrations, but you will be rewarded for the quality of your
writing, not your illustrations. (16)
Your local junior school has invited you to produce a
leaflet about the importance of a healthy lifestyle aimed
at ten and eleven year olds. The leaflet should be
informative and persuasive. Write your leaflet. (16)
Writing a speech
• Speech / talk / radio phone-in
Good features of a speech
Start by addressing the audience.
Make the subject clear.
Well organised.
Points made clearly.
Interesting information to support points.
Holds the attention of the audience.
Acknowledgement of audience, “Thank you for
As part of your ‘speaking and listening’ activities you have to
prepare a class talk. You have decided to talk about the use of
mobile phones in schools. Write your speech.
Fellow pupils, I have chosen as the topic of my talk today a subject we seem to read and hear a
lot about. Mobile phones.
These have been around now for a long time but still the argument goes on whether we should
be allowed to bring our phones to school. As with most things there are points for and against.
I will start with the downside. Teachers say that they distract us from our work. They say that
we are more interested in text messages than we are in our school texts and preparing for our
GCSEs. They also say that it is not acceptable to have phones go off in the middle of the
lesson. Wee, I disagree with the first but agree with the second. It’s not fair to say that they
stop us working but obviously we can’t have a situation where ring tones are interrupting the
teaching. There is, though, an easy solution – all phones to be switched off during lesson time
(and that includes the teacher’s phones). Another point made is that mobiles can be used to
help pupils cheat in exams.
Yes there are issues but there are also a lot of real advantages. If our parents want to contact
us urgently then they can do so. This has happened to me and I don’t know what I would have
done without my mobile.
To sum up I think as I know most of you do that mobiles have more good points than bad ones.
Yes they are abused by the odd person here and there but most of us use them responsibly.
We can’t go on living in the past. We have to use modern technology to our advantage. If we
don’t then just look what happened to the dinosaurs.
Thank you very much for listening.
Grade: C+
On task.
Strong sense of audience.
Strong sense of purpose.
Persuasive techniques used, eg,
• Clearly organised.
• Accurate.
Writing a speech: Tips
• Adopt an appropriate tone.
• Use rhetorical devices, eg, I’m sure you
will agree…It is often claimed that…
• Use humour if appropriate.
• Use statistics sparingly.
• Use personal experience.
• Don’t be afraid to be controversial.
Your turn
• Choose a task.. Remember the skills you
should use
Your debating society in school intends to discuss the
subject of boxing. You have been asked to contribute.
The audience will be fellow students. Write what you
would say. (24)
Remember to plan before
writing your speech!
You have been asked to prepare a talk / speech to
be presented to your class on a subject of your
choice. Write what you would say. (24)