28 Indonesia Embassy notice: ARAB TIMES, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2014



28 Indonesia Embassy notice: ARAB TIMES, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2014
Indonesia Embassy notice: The
Embassy of Indonesia in Kuwait has
issued a press statement announcing its
relocation to Daiya, Block 1, Rashid Bin
Ahmad Al Roumi Street, Building No 2.
The Embassy also announced it has shifted to an online visa application system
called e-counselor. The address is
Notification will be sent if the visa-document is ready for pick up at the Embassy.
Drinking problem?: You are no longer
alone! Confidential helpline 99641389.
Narcotics Anonymous: NA can help
with addiction problems. Totally confidential: 94087800 English/Arabic.
Nov 9
IEI marks 47th Engineers Day: The
Institution of Engineers (India) Kuwait
Chapter has great pleasure to announce
the celebration of the 47th Engineers’ Day
on Sunday, Nov 9, 2014.
The program shall start at 6:30 pm and
shall continue up to 9:30 pm.
The venue for this celebration is the
prestigious Arab Organization Building
(Arab Fund), Shuwaikh Kuwait.
All our esteemed members are requested to kindly participate in the memorable
event and make it a great grand success.
The Invitation Card shall be sent shortly.
Kindly confirm your attendance by
sending an email to [email protected]
or call our Kuwait Chapter office at
22445588, extn.314 between 5:30 pm and
8:30 pm, Sunday through Thursday.
Cancer online support group: If
you are Cancer patient or family member
fighting with this deadly disease, come
join our online support group. Best way of
dealing with this disease is providing support and share our experience with each
other. There are lot of things which even
doctors can’t tell so be member of this
website and start sharing your experiences
which may help others. October is recognized as National Breast Cancer
Awareness Month (NBCAM). The primary purpose is to promote self examination and screening mammography as the
most effective way to save lives by detecting breast cancer at early stage. For more
information visit: http://fightingwithcancer.webs.com/
Migration history of Indians: Sam
Pianunummoodu, noted social activist of
Kuwait is currently authoring his work on
the History of Indian Expatriates and
Migration to Kuwait. More than merely
the history, he intends to introduce youngsters about our older generation who left
Kuwait earlier and their contribution &
sacrifices for the community in Kuwait,
keeping in mind the long span of more
than 75 long years of migration process,
which still continue.
This is an extensive work and Sam
plans to release his work in the year 2015
and has requested our society to share any
The beautiful Requiem by famous Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi will
be performed by the Ahmadi Music Group. Full orchestra and 75 piece choir
will accompany guest soloists from Bulgaria, London and Beijing. All info at
information, which would help him to do
maximum justice and transparency to the
venture. Those who possess any sharable,
non-controversial information regarding
“Significance of the name of countryKuwait”, the ruling dynasty, details of
important rulers, modern Kuwait, Iraqi
invasion, migration of Indians to Kuwait
for work, Indian Arts Circle, Indian
Community School, cultural & political
organizations, presence of Christian
Diocese, India-Kuwait bilateral relationship and cultural exchange, Indian
investors and their initiatives in Kuwait,
Bilateral visits of prominent leaders of
both countries, current developments in
Kuwait, English publications of Kuwait
etc. May kindly contact Sam at 66656642
or his e-mail
[email protected]
Nov 10
IWA to hold seminar: On Monday,
Nov 10 from 5 pm to 8 pm, the Indian
Women’s Association (IWA) under the
patronage of Dr Gargi Jain, wife of the
Ambassador of India will present a seminar titles ‘Breaking the Chains of
Addiction’ at Auditorium W6-500, GUST
University. The program includes presentations on various aspects of addiction,
their prevention and cure. The panelists
include various experts in the field. The
seminar is open to all and completely free.
To reserve your seat, please contact
Expo at Dar Al Funoon: Dar AlFunoon announces an exhibition by
Khalid Al Tahmazi. Opening on Monday,
Nov 10 at 7 pm and continuing through
Thursday Dec 4, 2014.
Khalid Al Tahmazi was born in the old
city of Bahrain, Muharraq in 1970 and
started practicing art during his childhood.
In 1989, he received his degree and joined
the Bahrain Arts Society where he studied
art by some well-known local artists and
had his first solo exhibition in 1991 in the
Bahrain Arts Society.
Along his artistic career, figures and
nature are the principle inspiration of his
work. He tends towards more conceptual
abstraction refusing the arbitrary separation between figuration and abstraction.
Al Tahmazi was awarded prizes in international art events and became a member in
the World Wide Arts Resources. His work
has been exhibited in the Bahrain National
Museum, Tehran Museum of Contemporary
Art in Iran, Arab World Institute Paris,
National Art Museum in Jordan, Pacific
Cultural Foundation in Taipei and in other
countries in North America and the Arab
Gallery hours: Sunday to Thursday 10
am - 1 pm 4-8 pm. Saturday by appointment.
Getting to the gallery: Al-Watiah
Behbehani compound, House No 28. For
details call 22433183 or log on to
Nov 11
Poppy event at BSK: The British
School of Kuwait (BSK) launched its
annual Poppy Appeal in aid of the British
Legion. Red poppies are sold for two
weeks prior to Remembrance Day and
funds raised by the charity are used to
provide help and welfare for former soldiers and their families. The poppy
emblem was chosen because of the poppies that blossomed across some of the
battlefields of Belgium and France during
World War I. 2014 is the centenary of the
World War I and during the first two
weeks in November a series of events will
be taking place at the BSK campus to
commemorate this special milestone.
A group of BSK staff and students have
returned from visiting some of the battlefields in France including Verdun and the
Somme and an exhibition of memorabilia
and photographs is being mounted in the
Euston Gallery on the BSK campus to
coincide with Remembrance Day on Nov
11. The BSK Director, Madam Vera AlMutawa MBE, launched the BSK Poppy
Appeal at morning assembly.
Italy’s ancient foods reach Kuwait
– by Sussana Graziano.
Susanna Graziano will host an enjoyable evening dedicated to Italy’s culinary
roots, where the lesser-known Italian
regional specialties and their history will
be highlighted. Local chef Maryam al
Nusif will show the growing demand for a
return to simple foods in Kuwait, which
can be found in the Shakshooka Market.
Tuesday, Nov 11 @ 7 pm.
The TIES Center is the social and educational hub for English Speaking Muslims in
Kuwait. For more information, please call
25231015 or e-mail [email protected] or
visit www.tiescenter.net.
Nov 12
Women’s rights in Islam – by
Zeinab Ashry
Join Zeinab Ashry for an intriguing
look into Women’s Rights in Islam, a four
part series that includes the position of
woman in pre-Islamic Societies, the status
of Women in Islam, and the rights of
Muslim women in all spheres of life
including finance and politics. This comprehensive course is free of charge.
Wednesday, Nov 12 and 26 @ 6:30 pm
(Ladies only)
The TIES Center is the social and educational hub for English Speaking
Muslims in Kuwait. For more information, please call 25231015 or e-mail
[email protected] or visit www.tiescenter.net.
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