electronic data interchange whitepaper



electronic data interchange whitepaper
electronic data interchange
For many companies, the EDI-based supply chain is the most vital messaging infrastructure they
have. And it must be continuously upgraded and optimized for maximum performance in a
constantly-shifting business landscape. Because if you aren’t careful, communication gaps –
along with cost overruns – can quickly transform the supply chain from an asset into a liability.
Companies that don’t leverage state-of-the-art EDI technology run the risk of creating roadblocks
to electronic business and creating costly discontinuities between the EDI supply chain and non
EDI-compliant members. For example, many companies today are unable to integrate EDI with
on-demand messaging like fax to accommodate their smaller partners. For these organizations,
adding new members to the community becomes an unnecessary costly and time-consuming
challenge- delaying revenue, slowing growth, and impacting profitability.
electronic data interchange (EDI) services
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Services encompass a broad portfolio of 100% outsourced
solutions that optimize the efficiency, reliability, and reach of your electronic supply chain while
reducing its costs, infrastructure, and overhead. A secure, fully redundant global infrastructure
offers “any to any” services linking partners and vendors in agile business relationships that drive
mutual success.
Comprehensive portfolio of EDI-based services including world-class EDI VAN, web
portal, and managed services
Combines both supply chain and on-demand services (fax, email, etc.) in a single
integrated solution, plugging your technology gaps in ways previously unachievable
Creates cost savings where none existed before
Fully redundant global network for unparalleled uptime and availability
Facilitates compliance with today’s privacy, security, and records-keeping mandates
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electronic data interchange
reduced costs for higher profitability
Just when you thought you couldn’t squeeze any more cost savings out of your supply chain, we
can help you save even more. You can eliminate infrastructure, reduce staffing, and eliminate
maintenance and other recurring IT expenses. Pricing is consistent and predictable, leveraging
economies of scale available only from a large global vendor. You can ramp up our services as
fast or slow as you’d like, knowing you’ll only pay for what you use. No surprises – just excellent
value and high ROI.
both EDI and on-demand - together
Our “any to any” services offer unparalleled communications freedom and agility integrating both
supply chain and on-demand messaging. In-linen translation capabilities can seamlessly support
virtually any data format, whether it’s EDI-to-fax, EDI-to-XML, EDI-to-html, or other translation
requirements. What’s more, we can convert faxed documents such as orders and invoices into
EDI or the format of your choice, and then process the output through our Workflow services for
a completely automated solution. You’ll strengthen existing relationships and add new members
to your community at will.
privacy, security, and records retentions
A world-class network ensures total security and confidentiality so you can comply with the
privacy and records-keeping mandates of the 21st century. We’ll turn your supply chain into an
automated workflow that can be tracked, audited, and archived with a complete audit trail for
every transaction that passes through the network.
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electronic data interchange
100% outsourced
Today’s most successful IT projects are typically those that can get implemented rapidly and
without any capital investment. We provide highly-reliable outsourced carrier-grade network
services with the capacity you need, when you need it.
About OpenText
About Syscom Services
OpenText is the leader in Enterprise Information
Syscom Services helps clients select, implement and
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support best-of-breed document management,
the business, lower costs of operations, and reduce
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capture and imaging solutions. Our clients span many
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OpenText Information Exchange solutions help
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their efficiency decrease security risk and lower their
processing systems to help businesses become more
transaction cost for internal and external information
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