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Delran Doings
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Delran Doings
Volume IX, Issue VI
Nov/Dec 2014
Thanksgiving Journeys by Katie Winner
Thanksgiving started out at Nan and Pop’s. They
had a tiny house and of course, I was at the kid’s table. Nan was a great cook, but Pop made the gravy.
We had many good times and great meals at their
little Trenton home. As a teen, we had Thanksgiving
at my Aunt Frances’ home. Once she served mincemeat pie. I wonder what my aunt’s cleaning lady
thought when she found all those little “mincemeats”
on the floor where my sister and I had been seated.
The first year that I cooked Thanksgiving dinner, my
husband and I were in an apartment, I’m not sure that
we even had a table. When we moved into our first
house, I cooked again. The family was seated at a
picnic table that came in from the yard. No one
seemed to mind. One year, perhaps my favorite, we
had a houseful. My brother-in-law’s Japanese boss
asked if his son could join us for our holiday meal –
his son was studying English in Philadelphia at the
time. “What’s one more!” we said. He wound up
coming with two fellow students, both from Korea.
Pastor Appreciation
Each of them brought a sampling of food from their
home cultures. We had a grand time.
Since those days, children have grown, cousins have
moved away, and the only thing that is consistent
about Thanksgiving now is that it’s different every
year. My sister has hosted, my neighbor has hosted,
and we were always blessed with good food and
good company. Throughout Marching Band season,
we never knew where a football game would take us.
We had several “band family” Thanksgivings.
Last year we travelled to Granby, MA. My son’s
sweetie hails from Granby, where her family lives and
owns a llama farm. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend – visiting the llamas and chickens.
This year I have convinced my husband to join with
me on an adventure. We will be balloon handlers in
the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade. (He is a
good man!) So, my daughter will cook. We will have
a good time and another great meal, and no mincemeat pie. Bring on the blessings!
Work Day
V O LU M E I X , I S S U E V I
2 Which two of the four Gospels
make no mention of the birth of
4-It was the Jewish priests and
scribes, who were quoting the words
of Micah 5:2
1 What Old Testament prophet predicted the miraculous virgin birth of
5-After the Wise Men left them, the
family fled to Egypt, where they remained until they learned of the death
of Herod Matt 2:11
Christmas Bible Trivia:
3 When the Wise Men arrived in the
Holy Land, where did they go first?
3- They went to Jerusalem , likely because they thought the “King” would
be born in a palace in the capital city
Matt 2:1-2
4 Who was it that told Herod about
an Old Testament prophecy that Israel’s Messiah-King would be born
in Bethlehem?
2-Mark and John’s Gospels say nothing about Christ’s birth
1-The prophet announcing the virgin
birth, 700 years before the time of
Christ, was Isaiah, in Isaiah 7:14
5 Where did Joseph take Mary and
the baby to protect them from
Herod’s murderous intentions?
I’m sorry guy, I know that
you’ve got a good health plan
and you give out free gifts and
all, but Jesus really does have
a much better plan
The Ladybugs at the Women of Faith Conference in Philadelphia
Join us at church for a
Thanksgiving Feast!
November 27th
at 2:00 pm
You can bring something if you
like, but it’s not necessary. All
we ask is that you let us know if
you are coming. Please call the
church office or sign up on the
bulletin board.
Everyone is welcome. See Terri
or Melissa Pagani.
Why Use Offering Envelopes?
Why do members of our congregation use envelopes? 1 - For privacy. Only you, the weekly
counters and the Financial Secretary know
how much you contribute. 2 - At the end of the
year they receive a statement of their giving
which, if you itemize your federal income tax
deductions, would be proof of your contributions.
If you do not currently have envelopes and
would like a set, please call Beth Weisgerber,
our Financial Secretary at 856-630-7678 or the
church office. Envelopes for 2015 will be
available very soon.
Put Your Car on New Tar
V O LU M E I X , I S S U E V I
21 Reasons
God May Allow More Than You Can Bear
By Ron Edmondson
I’ve written some of my most read posts about a
myth. A lie. A misquoted and misapplied Bible
As with most lies the enemy uses, it originates from a
misapplied truth in 1 Corinthians 10:13 that talks
about temptation and how when we are tempted, God
always allows us a way to resist that temptation. We
can’t be tempted beyond what he’s equipped us to
bear. (But even that is misapplied if it’s done on our
own strength.) So using that truth, people often
stretch it to say to hurting people, “God will not put
more on you than you can bear.” Yea -- right! Tell
that to me. Or my friends. Or yourself.
Ever feel defeated? Like you can’t handle what
you’ve been asked to “bear”? Imagine telling a
mother of two young children after she suddenly
loses her husband and fears being able to raise the
children, provide for them, and keep the home in
which they live, “Remember, God will not put more on
you than you can bear.” Doesn’t sound very comforting to me -- or probably to her. At the time she feels
very much like she has more on her than she can
bear. And she does.
And I’m not suggesting God “put” that on her, but he
certainly allowed her to have more than she can bear.
If you’re like the rest of us you have felt that way also.
It’s part of being in the fallen world in which we live.
And yet, for the believer we have an answer. When
we feel out of control--in over our head--afraid of the
circumstances of our life--worried--our answer is Jesus.
It’s all grace, and it’s a sufficient grace to help us in
our time of need. We are more than conquerors--with
Jesus. Ironically, however, I believe that truth, combined with the misapplication of the verse above is
where the lie in that familiar saying originates. We
have an answer to the stress of this world--a strength
to bear any burden. But, that can make us think we
should be able to handle anything. And, we can--with
Jesus. But...
When the administration of that strength rests on us-on our abilities--if you can bear it--leaves out our
need for grace. And Jesus made it clear when he
said, “Apart from me you can do nothing.” This may
seem like semantics, and I’m not usually a semantics kind of guy, but when the semantics are wrong
here it can produce a terrible theology. One that
says you have to make it on your own. That because you are a believer, you suddenly have toe
power to defeat anything that comes your way.
And, you do have power--but it is not you--the
power is Jesus in you.
The key here is you won’t have more than you can
bear--in Jesus. Paul said, “My old self has been
crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but
Christ lives in me.” (Gal 2:20) But without an understanding of “Christ in me” that phrase “God will not
put more on you than you can bear” isn’t freeing.
It’s burdensome. And--with any misunderstanding
of where our true strength resides--that saying becomes a lie.
And probably no one who uses that statement intends it to harm--they intend it to be helpful. But the
enemy would love you to live in that lie, believing
that somehow you have to get it together--you have
to conquer all that ails you--in your strength, because, you know, “God will not put more on you
than you can bear”. It’s a dangerous defeating
statement without the proper understanding. It’s not
helpful in a person’s time of struggle. It might be
easier to say, “You know, God will never allow anything upon you that he can’t handle.” Then we can
encourage people to “cast their cares upon him, because he cares.” And, as strange as it may seem,
those times of disparity--when we are overwhelmed
wit our personal abilities--unable to stand up to the
pressures we are facing--have more on us than we
can bear--actually have great value within the sovereignty of God. He uses them for our good.
Don’t believe the lie. God will allow more on you
than you can bear--alone. You and I need him for
our every breath. If you feel overwhelmed today-defeated--like there is more on you than you can
bear--turn to the burden bearer. “Then Jesus said,
‘Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry
heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.’” (Ma 11;28)
Look for the insert 21 Reasons God may allow more
than you can bear: and put it on you fridge -- just in
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