St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church



St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church
St. John the Evangelist
Catholic Church
November 30, 2014
Established October 4, 1960
5751 Locust Avenue
Carmichael, CA 95608-1320
Parish Office……………...483-8454
Office Fax…………………481-8326
Religious Education…. ….483-4628
Youth Ministry …….483-8454 x 254
Parish website:
Parish email: [email protected]
School website:
School email: [email protected]
Fr. Thomas A. Bland ........................................................... Pastor
Fr. Salvador Bringas………………………………….Parochial Vicar
Fr. Alban C. Uba, SMMM ......................................... In Residence
Fr. John Lagomarsino, SSC ...............................................Retired
Mr. Lawrence Niekamp ..................................................... Deacon
Mrs. Tosha Tillotson.............................................School Principal
Sr. Hannah M. O’Donoghue, RSM.Coord. of Religious Education
Mrs. Maria Kian ...................................................... Youth Minister
Mrs. Roseann Garthwait…………….Director of Music and Liturgy
Mr. Jack Wilson……………Chairperson, Parish Pastoral Council
Mass Schedule
Mass of Sunday:
Saturday Vigil: 5:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00, 10:00 AM & 12:00 Noon
Daily: 6:30 & 8:30 AM (M-F); 8:30 AM (Sat)
Holy Days: 6:30, 8:30 AM & 7:00 PM
Eucharistic Adoration: Wed & Fri 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Confessions: Fridays and Saturdays 10 min before morning Masses
and 3:45 to 4:45 PM Saturday
Baptism: call office about parent preparation sessions
Marriage: contact the clergy at least six months in advance
Anointing of Sick: call the office at any time
First Reading-We are the clay and you, O Lord,
are the potter: we are the work of your hands
(Isaiah 63:16b-17, 19b; 64:2-7).
Psalm-Lord, make us turn to you; let us see
your face and we shall be saved (Psalm 80).
Second Reading-God is faithful; by God you
were called to fellowship with the Son (1 Corinthians 1:3-9).
Gospel-Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know
when the time will come. (Mark 13:33-37).
The English translation of the Psalm Responses from the Lectionary for Mass © 1969,
1981, 1997, International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights
Gratitude is the inward feeling of
kindness received. Thankfulness
is the natural impulse to express
that feeling. Thanksgiving is the
following of that impulse.
—Henry Van Dyke
Catholics Coming Home, for more information
call 483-8454 ext 150 or send e-mail to
[email protected]
Registration / Change of Address
† I want to register in the parish.
† I have changed my address; my envelope # is _________.
Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________ City: _____________________ ZIP ________
Phone: _______________________________ E-mail: __________________________________________________
Place in collection basket.
First Sunday of Advent
November 30, 2014
Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time
will come.
- Mark 13:33
“Watch!” This word occurs three times in today’s
Gospel passage. Moreover, it is placed at significant
points: the beginning, the center, and the end. Though
this is technically a parable, it is quite short (four
verses). The threefold repetition of “watch” leaves no
doubt as to what the story is about.
We often think of Advent as a time of waiting, but
it truly is a season of watchfulness, a very active form
of waiting for the coming Day of the Lord. It is that
day, more than Christmas day, that the Christian community faithfully expects, using all of our gifts and talents for this purpose, as Paul reminds us in the Letter to
the Corinthians. When we use these gifts in faithful
watching and expectation, we become like the servants
of the parable, set to their tasks, not waiting around idly,
but engaged in the master’s work until his return. May
our Advent be a time when we return or rededicate our
lives and our communities to this work—the active and
diligent faithfulness that the Lord will expect to find.
Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Monday: Is 2:1-5; Ps 122:1-9; Mt 8:5-11
Tuesday: Is 11:1-10; Ps 72:1-2, 7-8, 12-13, 17; Lk
Wednesday: Is 25:6-10a; Ps 23:1-6; Mt 15:29-37
Thursday: Is 26:1-6; Ps 118:1, 8-9, 19-21, 25-27a;
Mt 7:21, 24-27
Friday: Is 29:17-24; Ps 27:1, 4, 13-14; Mt 9:27-31
Saturday: Is 30:19-21, 23-26; Ps 147:1-6;
Mt 9:35 — 10:1, 5a, 6-8
Sunday: Is 40:1-5, 9-11; Ps 85:9-14; 2 Pt 3:8-14;
Mk 1:1-8
Sunday: First Sunday of Advent
Monday: World AIDS Awareness Day
Wednesday: St. Francis Xavier
Thursday: St. John Damascene
Friday: First Friday
Saturday: St. Nicholas
Mass Intentions for Week of December 1 - 6
6:30 a.m. Jace Buenaflor +
8:30 a.m. Simon Lee +
6:30 a.m. Luis & Adela Gamboa +
8:30 a.m. John P. Ostrander +
6:30 a.m. Anne Pickens +
8:30 a.m. Gus Franzella +
6:30 a.m. James Michael Russell +
8:30 a.m. JoAnne Deiter +
First Sunday of
6:30 a.m. Lourdes Alverez +
8:30 a.m. Agatha Moon +
8:30 a.m. Francis Franzella +
Pray for our sick and their caregivers: Lou Bordisso,
Rosa Cabiglia, Shirley Crase, Russ Davis, Kate Ellis,
Madeline Endres, Debbie Erichs, Juanita Estrellas,
Martin Fiorino, Darla Fletcher, Anthony Gabriele, Alison Geoffrey, Ella Gomes, Donna Harris, Vicki Heard,
George Heffner, Matthew Hickle, Eduardo Jimenez,
Shirley Jones, Angelica Martin, Jennifer Martin, Lenox
Marie Martinez, Tony Martini, Lee Naleway, Clayton
Perrin, Mike Peterson, Christopher Scott, Hank Thompson, Kim Van Balaricom, Steve Werner and all sick
There will be a second collection next weekend December 6th and 7th for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. This collection helps low income
Americans fight the causes of poverty and defends human dignity in our community and our country. It provides for job training, education and housing needs.
Envelopes are in the pews, take them home fill them out
and return them next weekend. Thank you for your
Legion of Mary: Do you have three hours a week to
spend, one hour for a weekly meeting and 2 hours in a
work of mercy? Call Lily at 481-4151.
[email protected]
916-483-4628 Sr. Hannah-Mary
*RE/CCD/CFF: Sunday classes, beginning at 8:55
a.m., for children grades K through Jr. High, who
attend public schools. (Please contact us if your
child is not yet enrolled.)
*RCIA: PROCESS for persons who are interested in
becoming Catholic.
*Confirmation program for adults: Our next session
will be on Saturday, December 6. We’ll meet at
3:30 p.m. in the church narthex.
*Returning Catholics: Process for those desiring to
return to the practice of Catholicism after a time of
*General-Assistance with religion-related matters…
(Tune in also to Catholic-Answers-Live from 3 to 5
p.m. Monday – Friday on Catholic-Radio –
Thank-You, Parishioners, for your support of our
Religious-Ed. Programs throughout the year. A Mass
will be offered for your intentions. (The two winners of
the Royal-Tara dishware will be announced in next
week’s bulletin! At the time of writing these notes it’s
Nov. 20th!)
A thought to ponder: “Now, thank we all our God –
with heart and hands and voices. Who wondrous things
has done, in whom his world rejoices. Who from our
‘parents’ arms has blessed us on our way with countless gifts of love and still is ours today…” BBB # 195
SJE website has a new look! Check it out and discover local news that you may be missing out on as
well as great information about Catholicism and links
to the Catholic world.
Vocations: For more information on vocations, within
Calendar Items:
Wednesday, December 3:
RCIA will meet in
Church-Narthex /hallway, at 7:00 p.m.
Sunday, December 7: Children’s RE classes will not
meet (because of the Craft-Faire-Sale). Classes will
resume on December 14 at the regular time.
Sunday, December 14: Catechist meeting after 10
a.m. Mass in Mercy-Hall (former convent).
Retreats, spiritual-direction and more are always
available at the two near-by retreat centers: ChristThe-King in Citrus-Heights and mercy-Center in Auburn.
Questions? - Call Sr. Hannah-Mary in Religious Ed.
St. John the Evangelist Catholic
Home of the Eagles
This month, two of our students represented St. John the Evangelist School
at the Diocesan Speech Contest. The
contest was held at St. James School in
Davis. Both Nick Kennedy and Miranda Davila spent
countless hours preparing for this competition. We are
so proud of all of their hard work.
In addition, our religion and academic decathlon teams
have been meeting and preparing for their competitions
in 2015. The religion decathlon team is made up of
dedicated 5th and 6th graders. Their coaches, Mrs. Gwen
Johnson and Mr. Fritzsche, shared that the students are
working hard to prepare for the competition in January.
With the guidance of Mrs. Tasha Clutts and Mrs. Maria
DiGiovanni, we have an academic decathlon team
formed. Students are busy reading and preparing for this
competition, which takes place in March.
T h e
time and dedication students put into preparing for these
events go above and beyond their nightly homework.
If you know of anyone who is interested in a Catholic
education, please share with them information about our
school. They can contact me directly at [email protected]
A huge thank you goes out to the parishioners of St. John’s and our Junior St. Vincent de Paul for their generosity in helping
to fill the Thanksgiving baskets we gave
out last week. Because of you, every family that requested a basket was able to receive one.
The Food Locker requests donations of jam or jelly and
macaroni and cheese. THANK YOU!
Jesus invites us to spend some quiet time with him.
Consider visiting at adoration in the chapel of the
Blessed Sacrament every Wednesday and Friday.
“Live today the way you will wish you had lived
when you stand in judgment before God.” -Anonymous
Gift Shop: The St. Joseph 2015 Sunday Missal is here as well as Advent and Christmas supplies. Please stop by!
Seniors Group will meet
next on January 8 in St.
James Hall to play bunco.
All seniors are invited
(men and women). Call Lu,
729-1934 for more information. Please join us!
Altar Servers: ALL those trained are expected to serve
once/twice per month. (Of course – we must remember
that they need the adults in their lives to get them here!)
Those who serve and sign-in will be recognized each
month and will be eligible for a prize.
Please watch for weekly email opportunities to sign up
and respond/contact our scheduler at [email protected] or phone/text her at 916239-9990. Thank you.
Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento is a volunteer program in partnership with law enforcement agencies throughout Sacramento County. When tragedy
strikes, like suicides, heart attacks in the home, or fatal
accidents, volunteers offer the on-scene practical and
emotional support that public safety officials can’t. If
you might be called to this uniquely fulfilling ministry,
visit for our next orientation for prospective volunteers.
The next Baptismal Preparation class
will be held on December 10 at 7 p.m.
in the chapel and the next Baptism will
be December 13 at 11 a.m. Call the rectory at 483-8454 to register for the class
and to let us know if you will be at the
class and/or baptism. A baptismal registration form must be filled out prior to
attending the class either on-line or in the rectory.
Another awesome Cioppino DinnerDance hosted by the Knights of Columbus with 170 in attendance. The Knights
thank all the donors for the raffle prizes
and in particular thanks to the SJE students who served the meal.
The Knights also thank the students for serving at the
luncheon at the Memorial Mass program for the widows of Brother Knights.
America’s Catholic Television Network is now available to local cable and satellite providers. It is an upbeat and exciting Catholic network and a powerful resource to our area.
Contact, select the support tab and
enter your zip code to request your TV provider to
carry Catholic TV. If you don’t have internet access
then send a postcard/letter to your provider.
Please support the
businesses who advertise on the back of our
bulletin. They help
make this bulletin possible. Thanks!
Reminder - ALL bulletin articles are due on Tuesday morning by 10 a.m. by e-mail if
possible! Thank you.
SJE School Craft Fair - December 5, 6 & 7
Details about this years event can be found
on the flyers in the narthex. Friday night is
not advertised in the flyer as this is our
Early Bird pre-sale which takes place from
5 to 9 p.m. and we ask for a $3 donation at
the door. Saturday and Sunday are free. On
A Holiday
Friday you can purchase a Lasagna Dinner
Show of
for $7. To accommodate our many visitors,
the Elks Club is allowing us to park in
their lot. Free shuttle service is available. The hours of
the event are Friday 5 to 9 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 7
p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Shuttle service will be
30 minutes before and after these hours. Food and drink
available all 3 days. Bring your shopping list!
Silent Auction is a very important part of the Craft Fair
so if you or your business would like to contribute an
item to our Silent Auction it would be greatly appreciated. Call 481-8845.
Thank you for making room for all our visitors this
weekend and for your support of this very important
school fundraiser.
All children of the parish, Kindergarten through 12 grade, are
invited to serve as Music Ministers, along with St. John’s Adult
Choir, at the 5 p.m. Mass on
Christmas Eve. Rehearsals will
be in the Chapel on the Sundays
of Advent between the 10 a.m. and Noon Masses. For
additional information, please pick up a flyer in the narthex, or call Roseann Garthwaite, Director of Music.
Stewardship - Let us continue to share some of our
Time, Talents & Treasures with our parish community.
This is an excellent way of giving thanks to the Lord for
his many gifts.
SJE Youth Ministry: Meetings are on
Sundays at 1 p.m. in the Youth Group
room. Youth between the ages of 12 and
18 are welcome! Members are separated
by age group for catechesis meetings
and unified in church and event activities. Please contact our Youth Minister,
Maria, 996-3435 for more information. See schedule of
events in the church narthex. Young adult leadership is
Unwrinkled - To keep the
heart unwrinkled, to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful, reverent
- that is the triumph over old
—Thomas Bailey Aldrich
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