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The XL1000 Series: One Site | One Product | Multifunction
Incident Detection
The XL1000I provides incident detection
plus 4 bin Ausroads or 6 bin EURO
6 vehicle classification using only a
pair of loops. Vehicle classification
is based on length and vehicle metal
mass concentrations. The XL1000I loop
detector streams data to a remote system
or stores real time incident detection
data records incorporating vehicle class
categories on an optional data logging
XL 1000 I
3U Chassis |
19 Inch or 1/2 19 Inch
Power Supply |
12, 24, 48 VDC or 110/240 VAC
RS232 Serial Interface
IP Addressable Ethernet
Configurable Contact Closure
Loop Input |
4 - 32 Channel
Incident detection and
vehicle classification
Automated Freeway Traffic
Management (incident
detection and HiOCC)
Traffic management and road
usage monitoring, planning and
Automated supervision of
designated carriageway usage
through classification
NTP Time Syncronisation
Server Card
Integrated Compact Flash
Memory | 4 Gigabyte
Server Card
Data Logging Card |
Removable 4 Gigabyte CF
Server Card
Remote Monitoring
Server Card
FTP Web Server Interface
Server Card
The XL1000 is a multifunction detection chassis, which integrates type approved incident detection, vehicle
classification and weigh in motion functions into a single module technology solution. Functions and site
parameters are user configurable and may be set in metric or imperial measurements to provide a truly
global solution.
An ‘electronic key’ activates the required function, as a single card resident firmware program provides all
these functions. The hardware platform has been designed around a four layer card utilising 32 bit Xlinx BGA
microcontroller core technology. The associated analogue circuitry provides for 8 loops and (in the ‘C’ and
‘W’ functions) 8 piezo per card module, which are user configurable.
The device incorporates typically 4 gigabytes of non-volatile memory and multiple communication ports to
provide real time data and historical traffic survey data simultaneously. LEDs indicate all operational status
functions and facia mounted switches complement configuration adjustments via the serial communication
Suggested Product Support Tool: In-Pavement Loop Tester
This rugged field service instrument is purpose designed for in-pavement loop analysis. The basic LT100M
unit utilises a single loop feeder connection to initiate a measurement operation and displays relevant
loop parameters on an alpha-numeric LCD panel. The more advanced LTM1000 features include all basic
functions, plus a probe which locates concealed loop windings, and a single button actuation for loop
insulation evaluation.
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