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Created on December 29, 2014
Building Amenities: Dry Cleaning
click here for Flair Cleaners. Fair Cleaners is now providing dry cleaning pickup and delivery.
Building Amenities: Building Services
On-Site Fitness Center – Life Gym – (310) 207-4700
Building Amenities: Parking
The parking garage is operated by ABM Parking. The on-site parking office is located on P-1. Each month
you will receive a parking billing statement. All parking permit payments are due on the 1st of each month
and are to be made payable to ABM Parking - payment may be dropped off at the parking office or The
Office of The Building located at 12400 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 210.
Smoking is Prohibited in all parking facilities.
There are four levels of subterranean parking and four levels of aboveground parking at Gateway L.A.
Self-parking with card access is provided. The same card allows entry into the elevators after normal
building hours. For further information regarding card access system, click here to see the Security section
in this Handbook.
Garage Operating Hours
Entry by Tenants - The garage may be entered by tenants with Access Cards, 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week.
Entry by Visitors – Visitors, vendors, etc. may enter the garage during the following hours:
Monday through Friday - 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (except Holidays)
Parking Rates
Please contact the Office of the Building at (310) 826-2587 or the Parking Manager at (310) 826-9703 for
the current parking rates. Any persons wishing to lease parking is required to complete the following forms:
Monthly Parking Agreement
Access Card Request Form
Building Operations: Accounting
All rent checks should be made payable to Douglas Emmett 1993, LLC.- Gateway L.A. and received by the
Office of the Building located at 12400 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 210, Los Angeles, CA 90025 on or before the
first of each month.
Building Operations: Building Management
DOUGLAS EMMETT 1993, LLC is the owner of Gateway L.A. Its affiliated management company, Douglas
Emmett, provides services for the operation, maintenance and day-to-day management of the building. Our
office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays. Please direct all
inquiries and problems regarding your suite and/or the building to the Office of the Building located at:
12400 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 210,
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Telephone: 310-826-2587
Fax: 310-820-7472
The following personnel are available to address your needs.
310-826-2587 [email protected]
Chief Engineer Barkemeijer
de Wit
Hector Ceja
Day Porter
310-826-2587 [email protected]
310-826-2587 [email protected]
310-826-2587 [email protected]
310-207-3903 [email protected]
Building Operations: Holidays
The Building Management Office will be closed in observance of the following holidays:
President’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day After Thanksgiving
Christmas Day (Observed)
New Year’s Day (Observed)
Building Operations: Leasing
The leasing company for Gateway Los Angeles is Douglas Emmett and is located at 808 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 200 Santa Monica CA. The main phone number is 310-255-7700. Listed below is the contact
information for the authorized representatives.
Leasing Agent
Robert Drewery
Phone Number
[email protected]
Building Operations: Security
The security console is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a contracted security service.
Our security officers are trained to respond to emergencies in a professional manner and will also direct
visitors to your suite.
Security desk phone number is (310) 820-3173
Building Security: After Hour Access
Any tenant, visitor, vendor, etc. entering the building during non-regular building hours will be required to
sign in at the guard console upon entering the building and sign out when leaving the building. For
after-hours entry at the front door, you may use the card reader located between both east and west lobby
After-Hours Suite Entry
After normal building hours, only those employees with specially Programmed Cards may have
access to your suite floor. In these cases, the Access Cards will be programmed so that elevator
access to your floor will be granted. Use of the Access Card is not necessary when leaving your floor.
In addition to the Access Card System above, all persons entering the building after normal hours will
be required to sign in and out at the Security Console on the ground floor. This requirement is for
your safety. In this manner we will know who is in the building and where they are located in the
event of an emergency.
Visitors after hours – If your visitor is not with you when you sign in after hours, the Security Officer
will call to inform you that your guest is in the lobby. You will have to escort your guest to your suite.
Security Officers cannot open any suite doors for employees or visitors. Please make arrangements
with your own staff, to provide a suite key for after hours access.
Click here for an Access Card Request Form
Suite Security Check
Please be sure that the entrance(s) to your suite is locked before you leave at the end of your business day.
Our cleaning crew and security rover will lock all open suites, but it may be several hours before they
discover that your suite is unlocked.
Outside Tenant Vendors
The Office of the Building must be notified in the event an outside vendor will need access to a tenant’s
suite after business hours. This notification must be submitted in writing in order to give the management
staff ample time to advise security. A Certificate of Insurance must be on file in the Office of the Building for
vendors doing contracted work for the tenant (i.e. carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, etc.). Any work
involving alterations, additions, remodel, etc. must be pre-approved by the Landlord.
Click here for a Building Access Request Form
Building Security: Building Access
The building is open during the following hours:
Monday through Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (except Holidays)
Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (except Holidays)
Access to the Garage
Vehicle access to the garage is by Key Card Access for monthly parking or by ticket for daily parkers or
visitors. Each tenant will be furnished a form titled Building Access Card Request Form and ABM Parking
Access Agreement (see copy of form in the Forms Section at the back of this Handbook) which is to be
completed indicating which personnel are authorized to park in the garage and which are authorized to enter
the suite after normal business hours. Those employees will then be issued Access Cards, which will be
individually programmed according to the instructions set forth on the above form, (i.e. some employees
may have access to the suite only while others may have access to the garage and also be authorized to
enter tenant’s suite after normal building hours).
EMPLOYEES WHO HAVE LEFT THE EMPLOY OF THE TENANT. There is a $30.00 non-refundable fee
for each Access Card.
NOTE: Access cards for new employees may be obtained through the Office of the Building of the Parking
Office by completing the Building Key Card Request Form and a Parking Access Agreement.
Instructions for Access Card Authorization and Use
A $30.00 activation fee is required for each Access Card and is non-refundable.
When new employees join your company and desire to park in the garage or have after-hours access to
your suite, a Parking Access Agreement and Building Key Card Request Form are required to be executed
for each new employee.
For parking access, card readers are located at the entrances of B-1 and P-1.
Simply swipe your card on the reader. The system will check your card number and raise the gate. NOTE:
You must use your card to enter and exit the garage. If you attempt to use your card for two entrances prior
to an exit (or vice versa) it will be rejected.
For building access after hours, the card reader is located at the Wilshire entrance. Upon entering the
building at Wilshire, guests should proceed to the security desk in the main lobby and sign in on the
appropriate form for authorized access.
When elevator card readers are activated, simply swipe your card on the card reader in the elevator cab and
press your floor button. Note: You will not be able to press any button other than he floor(s) you are
programmed to access.
Building Security: Building Rules and Regulations
Please Click Here to view the Building Rules and Regulations
Building Security: Deliveries
Normal office deliveries to the building (i.e. office supplies, etc.) will be received at the loading dock on
Centinela Avenue during the following times only:
Monday through Friday- 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (except Holidays)
The loading dock area is reserved for incoming and outgoing deliveries only, and no personal vehicles will
be permitted to park in that area. Please advise all of your vendors who will be making deliveries to the
loading dock, that in order to avoid unnecessary congestion, they should not park a vehicle in the loading
dock if the delivery can be hand carried.
Important Note: If you are expecting a delivery of furniture or other large objects, please click see the
Moving Policy section of this Handbook. Employees and staff of Gateway L.A. are not permitted to sign for
any tenant deliveries. Tenants should arrange to receive all deliveries.
Messengers may park on B1 in the designated visitor parking area for 15 minutes without validation. When
exiting, they will need to show their employee badge or company identification.
Major Deliveries/Removals
Any major deliveries and/or removals require advanced reservation of the freight elevator by the tenant.
This is to ensure that a tenant gets priority over daily deliveries to the Building. These deliveries/removals
also require a Certificate of Insurance from the company doing the work be on file in the Office of the
Building. The Certificate of Insurance must name DOUGLAS EMMETT 1993, LLC and Douglas Emmett
Management, LLC as Certificate Holder and additional insured. Please contact the Office of the Building
for details.
Building Security: General Office Security
Security Checklist
For your own internal security and also for the security of the building, it is in your best interest to control the
number of keys issued. Only people needing after hour access should be issued a key.
The following is a list of general office security suggestions, which are offered to you as an aid in
establishing your internal security procedures:
Restrict office keys to those who actually need them.
Keep complete, up-to-date records of the distribution of all office keys.
Have adequate procedures for collecting keys prior to termination of employees.
Establish a rule that keys must not be left unguarded on desks or cabinets.
Require that filing cabinet keys be removed from locks and placed in a secure location after opening
Prevent unauthorized personnel from reporting a lost key and receiving a replacement.
A responsible person is in charge of issuing all keys.
Store keys systematically in a secured wall cabinet of either your own design or from a commercial
key control system.
Insist on identification from repairmen who come to work in your office.
Security Checklist (continued)
Clear all desks of important papers.
When working alone in the office at night, lock the front door to prevent anyone else from entering.
Keep the police, fire department, and building security telephone numbers posted.
Double check to see that all doors are securely locked before you leave.
Suspicious Persons
If you see suspicious or offensive persons in the building, please call the Office of the Building immediately.
If possible, make note of appearance, clothing, etc. to assist building security in locating them.
Please be aware of strangers in your Tenant areas and halls. Quite often a question such as “May I help
you locate someone?” is enough to deter a potential thief. Suspicious encounters of this type should be
reported to the Office of the Building immediately.
Building Security: Key and Lock Policy
Keys and Lock Changes
There is a charge per key for all key duplication orders. If you wish to have your locks changed, THIS
MUST BE DONE BY THE BUILDING LOCKSMITH. This is so the lock can be properly keyed within our
Click here for a Key and Lock Request Form
Building Security: Lost and Found
Lost and found for the building is at the Office of the Building, located at 12400 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 200. It
will be necessary to present identification and describe the lost item in order to retrieve lost property.
Building Security: Property Removal
If at any time you desire to remove any of your furniture, equipment or large objects from the building,
please refer to the requirements in the Move-In/Move-Out Procedures. In addition the following is required:
A form titled Property Removal Request must be completed by the tenant. A copy is in the Forms
section of this Handbook. This policy is in force at all times.
Each Tenant should designate a minimum of two (2) authorized signatories but no more than four (4).
Any person removing the property will be required to check out at the Security Console on the Ground
Floor. The Security Guard will verify the furniture, equipment or large objects with the item(s) listed
on the above form, and initial and date the form.
attempting to remove any property without proper authorization from tenant will be referred back to
the tenant’s office.
If you are unsure as to whether the item requires a form, fill one out anyway.
Building Security: Solicitation
We attempt to keep all solicitors out of the building. If a solicitor visits your office, please contact the Office
of the Building or Security at once. The solicitor will be escorted out of the building and off the property.
Building Services: Building Signage and Directory
Each tenant may order a tenant sign and directory strip through the Office of the Building. As there is a
lead-time on the tenant sign, a timely request, in writing, should be given to the Office of the Building.
Directory Strips and Tenant Identification Signs will be ordered upon the receipt of request.
Building Services: Cleaning
We provide daytime custodial services Monday through Friday (except holidays). If you need assistance
during the day (spilled coffee, extra trash to be removed, etc.) please call the Office of the Building.
Nighttime custodial service is performed Monday - Friday.
Special Requests: If you need special services from our cleaning crew, please contact the Office of the
No food items are to be left on counters, desks, tables, etc., at the end of the tenant’s regular business day.
All food should be refrigerated or thrown out.
If food deliveries are to be made to a suite, the tenant is responsible for ensuring that food and beverages
are not spilled on lobby, elevator or corridor carpeting. If an accident occurs, please notify the Management
Office immediately.
Unless otherwise provided in your lease, carpet cleaning during the term of the lease will be at tenant’s
expense. The janitorial contractor is equipped to provide this service to tenants. Please contact the
Management Office for details and cost estimates. Your use of outside carpet cleaning contractors is
permissible, but must be approved in advance by the Management Office.
Please contact the Management Office with any special requests:
Extraordinary quantities of rubbish
Carpet maintenance, such as shampooing and/or carpet care for spills
Floor maintenance, including reconditioning and waxing
Vacuuming furniture, draperies, etc
Cleaning private kitchen areas
Cleaning private restroom areas
Pest Control
These are special services that are chargeable items. Please request service three days prior to the date
you wish the work to be completed.
Window Cleaning
The interiors of the exterior building windows are cleaned once a year. Interior glass partitions can also
been cleaned at an additional fee. The exterior windows are cleaned up to twice a year. Additional service
can be arranged through the Management Office at the tenant’s expense.
Building Services: Elevators
The hours of operation for the elevators are as follows:
Parking Garage Elevators:
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Tower Elevators:
Monday through Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (except Holidays)
Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (except Holidays)
For after-hours entry into the tower elevators, click here to see the Security Section in this Handbook.
The building is open during the following hours:
Monday through Friday: 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (except Holidays)
Saturdays: 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (except Holidays)
Each elevator is equipped with an emergency phone that rings directly to the Security desk 24 hours a day.
Passenger elevators are not to be used for any delivery that would require the use of hand trucks, carts,
etc. Should the freight elevator be required, special arrangements must be made by contacting the
Management Office in advance.
The East and West Tower freight elevators have a lifting capacity of 4000 pounds. The East Tower doorway
dimensions are: 3’11” wide by 7’11” high. The East Tower inner cab dimensions are: 4’11” wide by 7’5”
deep by 10’ high in the front and 12’ high in the rear. The West Tower doorway dimensions are: 3’11”
wide by 7’11” high. The West Tower inner cab dimensions are: 5’1” wide by 7’9” deep by 10’ high in the
front and 12’ high in the rear.
In the event of a power outage, elevators will continue to operate under emergency power. Should an
outage occur, elevator lights will remain on, but the car will temporarily stop. One at a time, each elevator
will automatically return to the lobby where the doors will open and the elevators will remain at the lobby
level. One passenger elevator will remain in operation during a power outage.
All elevators function on a Fireman’s Return System, which will automatically return the elevators to the
main floor without stopping when smoke is detected on any floor. In the event of a fire, elevators should not
be used for evacuation.
Building Services: Forms
For your convenience, we have included downloadable and printable PDF document forms that will expedite
various building management service requests. Hard copies of all forms are available from the Property
Management Office as well. To view and print PDF files, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. If
not already installed on your computer, it can be obtained for free at
After Hours HVAC Request
Building Access Form
Building Informational Sheet
Key and Lock Request
Tenant Contact and Authorization Form
Building Access Card Request Form
COI Request Form for Tenants
Building Access Request
Monthly Parking Contract
Property Removal Pass
Tenant Information Form
Tenant Override System
Moving/Delivery Policy
Building Signage Request Form
COI Request Form for Vendors
Please turn this form into the Parking Office to request Parking Access as well as After Hours Building
Access cards for your employees. If requesting After Hours Building Access please note the specific floor(s)
you wish your employees to have access to. This form requires an authorized signature.
Click here to download a Card Access Request Form.
Property Removal Authorization
This form is required whenever any property is removed from the building. This form requires an authorized
signature and should be given directly to the Security Officer upon exiting the building. A description (and
serial number, if applicable) of all items that are being removed should be listed on this form. These forms
are available in the Management Office.
Click here to download a Property Removal Form
Signage Order Form
To request suite signage or lobby directory strips, please submit this form to the Building Management
Office. This request requires an authorized signature.
Click here to download a Signage Order Form
Building Services: HVAC
Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning
It is our objective to keep your suite as comfortable as possible. We are committed to conserving energy by
operating our building efficiently. Any requests in this area should be made to the Office of the Building by
logging onto and submitting a work order. *Heating, ventilating and air-conditioning
hours of operation are:
Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (except Holidays)
Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (except Holidays)
After hours HVAC service is available per hour by accessing the After-Hours Tenant Over Ride System by
connecting to the WebTOS website.
Please refer to the TOS login sheet.
NOTE: Please refer to your Lease to verify “after-hours” information.
Please fill out the After Hours A/C form and submit to our office for one time or renewing requests.
For initial setup on the Tenant Override System, please complete and submit to our office the After Hours
Tenant Override System Authorization Form.
Building Services: Mail Service
The mailroom is located in the southeast corner of the parking garage on level
P-1. Individual boxes are available for each tenant and keys may be ordered for $3.00 each. It is the
tenant’s responsibility to keep the Office of the Building informed as to names (companies and individuals)
under which it receives mail. Please contact the Office of the Building and obtain a copy of the Record of
Mail Recipients form to revise your mail list for the Postal Service letter carrier that services the Gateway
L.A. building. A copy of this form is in the Forms section in this Handbook.
Post Office – West L.A. Branch Customer Service: 310-444-9154
Mon-Fri: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Sat:8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
11420 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025
UPS/Federal Express/Overnight Express
12424 Wilshire Boulevard, P-1 level
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Postal Boxes
The postal boxes are in the lobby level mailroom located on the east side of the lobby. Postal box numbers
are assigned through the Management Office.
Each tenant will be provided with one mailbox key. For additional keys, please complete the “Key and Lock
Request Form” and submit to the Management Office. It is the tenant’s duty to inform the Management
Office, in writing, as to which approved company name(s) or approved sub-tenants will receive mail, so that
the mailbox interior may be labeled properly for Post Office identification.
Click here to download a Key and Lock Request Form.
Building Services: Maintenance Requests
For routine maintenance during Normal Business Hours, please call the Office of the Building at
310-826-2587 to make the request. Calls received after 4:30 p.m. daily will be addressed the following
business day.
Tenant may also use the Net Facilities Work Order System to submit track and manage all service requests.
To access the system:
1. Go to
2. Enter your username and password provided by the Office of the Building.
3. Once logged into the Net Facilities system users are taken to the "Dashboard".
The Dashboard is the home page or administrative hub where users can:
View and track the status existing work orders
Create a new work order
View invoices for completed work orders
View a complete history of work orders
Use the blue navigation bar on the top of the page to choose the area of the system you would like to enter.
To submit a work order:
1. Click on the "Work Order" link in the blue navigation bar on the top of the Dashboard page.
2. Which: Choose the type of service required
3. When: Select a date and time for the service.
4. Where: Choose a Building Area ( optional)
5. What : Describe the work to be done in as much detail as possible.
6. Click Submit and your work order request will be routed to the appropriate personnel.
Once completed you will receive a work order completion notice via e-mail.
Please feel free to contact Building Management at 310-826-2587 should you need any assistance with the
Net Facilities system.
Click here to enter Net Facilities
To submit a work order:
1. Click on the "Work Order" link in the blue navigation bar on the top of the Dashboard page.
2. Which: Choose the type of service required
3. When: Select a date and time for the service.
4. Where: Choose a Building Area ( optional)
5. What : Describe the work to be done in as much detail as possible.
6. Click Submit and your work order request will be routed to the appropriate personnel.
Once completed you will receive a work order completion notice via e-mail.
Please feel free to contact Building Management at 310-826-2587 should you need any assistance with the
Net Facilities system
Building Services: Telephones
Public Telephones: Public Telephones are located in the main lobby near the snack shop.
Telephone Room - Equipment/Access: The Office of the Building has contracted with several phone
companies to provide service for portions of the telephone cable system. Telecommunications vendors
doing work for tenants must submit a Certificate of Insurance naming Douglas Emmett 1993 and Douglas
Emmett as additional insured prior to accessing the building’s telephone room.
Click here to download an Insurance Certificate
Emergency Procedures: Bomb Threat
Telephone Threat
When a bomb threat is made over the telephone, obtain the following information from the caller:
Exact location of the device
Time set for explosion
Description of the device
Reason the caller has placed the bomb
Exact words used by the caller
Keep this information as confidential as possible
Notify the Police Department. Call 911
Notify the Office of the Building at 310-826-2587
Once the Office of the Building has been notified of a bomb threat, it is our policy to advise your firm’s
manager or officer. It is up to the manager or officer to decide whether it is appropriate to evacuate the
In the event that you are asked to evacuate the Building, move away from the Building to allow for the clear
passage of emergency personnel. Do not re-enter the Building until the Office of the Building or the Police or
Fire Department has given clearance.
Suspicious Packages or Mail Bombs
Letter bombs are usually sent through the mail addressed to a specific individual in the company, usually
disguised to look like some sort of gift or a small package. Letter bombs have the power to kill or maim
anyone close to them if they go off. Letter bombs are usually a large size manila envelope ¼” to ½” thick
and are fairly rigid. They have been mailed from cities or small towns in the United States, as well as from
foreign countries. They are usually mailed to a person by title, such as Chairman, President, Manager,
Security Officer, etc.
If a letter is suspected to be a letter bomb:
Clear everyone out of the area for at least 25 feet around it.
Notify the police at 911 and Building Management at 310-826-2587
Emergency Procedures: Civil Disturbance
Should a riot or civil disturbance start outside the Building, the security guards will immediately lock all
entrances to the building. The police will be notified. We will keep you informed.
If a disturbance should occur in the main lobby, all elevators will be turned off at the first floor and the police
will be summoned.
Emergency Procedures: Earthquake
Before an Earthquake
Plan your course of action before an earthquake occurs. Employees should establish an out of state
telephone contact and make sure family members can act independently for at least 72 hours.
Store essential emergency supplies such as food, water, first-aid kit, radio, and batteries. Enough
supplies should be stored to support every employee for a minimum of 72 hours.
Secure objects such as files, office equipment, bookshelves and other potentially dangerous objects.
Be familiar with your immediate work area and floor plan. This will help you react effectively when it
is necessary to find the closest and safest shelter point.
During an Earthquake
Get under a sturdy table or desk and hold on or move towards the center of the building. The building
core is the strongest part of the structure.
Keep your back to all glass objects if you cannot avoid them completely.
Be aware of falling debris. Cover your head as much as possible.
Do not panic. A clear mind will help you through the dilemma.
After the Earthquake
Remain calm and stay in your area (unless any emergency dictates otherwise).
Look for injured people and administer first aid where needed.
Barricade hazardous areas to prevent other persons from accessing a dangerous area.
Use telephones for emergencies only.
Be alert for after shocks. Their intensity can produce further damage. Respond to the after shock as
though it is the original earthquake.
Check your food and water supplies.
Building Security will attempt to contact tenants via the public address system to advise on building
and local conditions.
Normally, it is not recommended to evacuate a building after an earthquake. Outside one may
experience falling glass from the buildings.
However, if an evacuation is required, use the stairs. Do not use the elevators. Walk down at a
steady pace. Do not run.
If you are outside when an earthquake occurs
Immediately find the safest cover, perhaps an alcove, a doorway, a parking garage or a building.
Stay away from storefront windows. The primary danger is from falling debris, particularly glass.
Stay under cover as after shocks may cause further damage.
Emergency Procedures: Elevator Malfunction
In the event that an elevator stops with passengers in it, remember to remain calm. Pressing any
emergency button within the cab will alert the elevator company that the cab is malfunctioning, what cab
number it is, and what floor it is stuck on. The elevator company will continue two-way communication with
passengers until help arrives.
In the event of a power outage, elevators will continue to operate using our emergency power generator.
Should an outage occur, elevator lights will remain on, but the car will temporarily stop. Each elevator will
automatically return to the lobby where the doors will open and they will then be out of service.
All elevators function on a Fireman’s Return Systems, which automatically returns the elevators to the main
floor without stopping when smoke is detected on any floor. IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE, ELEVATORS
Emergency Procedures: Emergency Contacts
Please advise the Office of the Building of the name and home/pager telphone numbers of the person(s)
designated for emergency contact. This information will be kept confidential and will only be used in the
event of an emergency. The Office of the Building would prefer to have at least two (2) designated
emergency contacts.
Emergency Telephone Numbers
911 or 575-8519 (#19 station)
Private Ambulance Companies
Dependable Care Ambulance:
Schaeffer Ambulance Service:
Hospitals (24 Hour Emergency Service)
Santa Monica UCLA
St. Johns Hospital & Health Center
Medical Center
2121 Santa Monica Blvd.
1250 16th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(310) 829-5511
(424) 259-6000
(424) 259-8400 Emergency
Building Security
Guard Desk
Emergency Procedures: Evacuation
As mandated by the State (Title 19, California Administrative Code, Section 3.09 and 3.10) and City (LAMC
57.33), the Office of the Building conducts annual evacuation training.
It is each tenants responsibility to complete the Fire Life Safety courses provided by RJ Westmore by
visiting their website at Please contact the Office of the Building for login
access or for further information and instructions.
Emergency Procedures: Fire and Life Safety
Mandatory fire life safety training and fire drill is conducted annually for you protection and safety. You will
receive formal notification of date and time of the training and drill.
If you discover a fire, evacuate the premises, notify security, and call the Office of the Building. While
evacuating, activate one of the manual pull stations located at the entry to each stairwell and the elevator
lobby. This immediately notifies both security and the Fire Department. If the building’s fire safety system
detects a fire on your floor, the fire department will be notified immediately. Floor Wardens will be
responsible for directing occupants to safe refuge areas.
Emergency Public Address System
The building has an Emergency Public Address system on all floors. This system has the ability to contact
individual floors, as well as all floors at one time and is never used except in emergencies or fire/life safety
system testing.
Life Safety
You are required to assign a Floor Response Team. These are people who, in case of emergency (fire,
bomb threat, natural disaster, etc.), would be Floor Wardens, Assistant Floor Wardens, Searchers, and
Stairwell Monitors. These Tenant representatives should be individuals who are on the Premises during
regular working hours. Single Tenant floors will require a Warden to be appointed by the firm occupying that
floor. On a multi-tenant floor, each Tenant is responsible for having a Suite Warden and designating a
Response Team including a Floor Warden from the various Suites on that floor. Each warden will be fully
briefed on all emergency procedures, and will assist both Management personnel and City authorities in
directing fellow Tenants in emergency situations.
Please use the List of Fire Wardens, Deputy Wardens, Person Trained in CPR and First Aid to indicate your
The basic duties for each of these personnel are as follows:
Floor Warden
The Floor Warden shall direct, enforce and have full charge of the evacuation for all personnel on his/her
assigned floor during an emergency. Designated Assistant Floor Wardens, a Searcher and Stairwell
Monitor or others that may be required will assist them in their duties. An orange vest will be provided and
should be worn by all Floor Wardens in the event of an Emergency.
Assistant Floor Warden
In cases where the Floor Warden is not present the Assistant Floor Warden will assume their duties and
assist the Floor Warden in an emergency.
The Searcher will thoroughly search restrooms, lunchrooms, conference rooms, etc. for occupants unaware
of the emergency and direct them to the nearest safe exit, closing all doors behind them.
Assistants for Disabled
Assistants must be assigned for those in need of extra assistance in time of emergency. In an emergency,
the disabled individual and assistant will enter the stairwell and remain inside the stairwell door until help
A list of these individuals must be submitted to the Office of the Building. This list must include those
individuals with any condition which would require assistance such as broken limbs, pregnancies, asthma,
wheelchair, crutches, etc. and must be updated as needed.
Stairwell Monitor
Stairwell Monitor
Stairwell Monitors are to verify the safety conditions of exit stairways and to help maintain such safe
conditions at all times. Place your hand on the exit door. IF THE EXIT DOOR IS HOT, DO NOT OPEN IT;
seek an alternate route. If it is NOT HOT, open door and allow evacuees to enter, closing the door behind
them. Once all occupants have evacuated the floor, close the door and proceed down five floors.
Emergency Procedures: Flooding
If possible, remove all desktop items and close file drawers to limit damage.
Building management will turn off the water source and shut down electrical power as required.
Emergency Procedures: Homeland Security Threats
Douglas Emmett recommends that each Tenant have an emergency action plan in place to help their
employees prepare for and react quickly to a regional emergency, including terrorist attacks. Click on the
links below to access a variety of resources that aid in preparing for a regional emergency.
California Office of Emergency Services
Los Angeles Emergency Operations Organization
Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Association
American Red Cross
Center for Diseases Control and Prevention Emergency Preparedness and Response
Local media outlets will provide important information during an emergency situation.
KNX 1070 AM
KFI 640 AM
The Los Angeles Times
CBS2 Channel 2:
NBC4 Channel 4:
KABC7 Channel 7:
Emergency Procedures: Medical Emergency
In the event that an accident or illness of an employee or visitor takes place in your office area:
Call Emergency at 911.
Give Emergency Dispatcher the following information:
Your name
Building name and address
Floor number and location of emergency on floor
Any details of accident or illness
Do not move injured/ill person. Try to make them as comfortable as possible.
Whenever possible, have someone meet the emergency unit in the lobby.
Call the Building Management Office at 310-826-2587. Inform them you have called 911 and briefly
describe the nature of the emergency.
The emergency unit will be with you shortly and will administer necessary medical assistance.
Determine, if possible:
Name, address and age of injured/ill person
Nature of problem
Allergies and if currently on any medication
Local doctor
The Management, Engineering and Security staff will do all we can to make the person comfortable while
awaiting the arrival of the medical rescue team. Although we assume no liability for our assistance, we
strongly encourage Tenants and employees to become familiar with First Aid and how and when to contact
emergency services.
Emergency Procedures: Power Failure
Remain calm and in place.
If possible, notify the Office of the Building. Dial 310-826-2587.
Turn on battery-powered radio to find out what is happening in area.
Unplug all electrical equipment, movie projectors, TV sets, computers, audiovisual equipment and turn
off light switches unless needed. When power returns it may be in a surge and blow out light bulbs
and other equipment.
Open window shades, as it will provide natural lighting.
If evacuation is necessary, use flashlights or light sticks to evacuate to your designated area.
Emergency Procedures: Severe Weather
When severe weather conditions become apparent, the U.S. Weather Bureau describes conditions by two
(2) classifications, a Watch or a Warning. This applies to the reporting of severe thunderstorms, the
approach of weather conditions favoring the formation of tornadoes, a hurricane condition, a winter storm
condition, etc. A Watch becomes effective when atmospheric conditions are right to produce the particular
weather phenomenon. A Warning means that the weather condition has been spotted and prompt action
must be taken for safety.
Except in very rare circumstances, the decision to evacuate the building based on the above weather
reports will not be made by Building Management, but rather by each Tenant Company. However, in the
event these conditions do exist, the following guidelines should be kept in mind:
Move away from outside windows. If the windows in your offices are supplied with blinds, close the
blinds (this will provide protection from broken glass).
Do not panic.
If evacuated, lock all desk drawers and take all items of value with you.
If evacuated, use a route that is in the building interior and stay away from large expanses of glass
and windows.
Use the stairwells rather than the elevators.
If evacuated, do not return to your office until advised to do so.
Emergency Procedures: State Fire Marshall’s Law
Please be advised that under the provisions of section 3.09 and 3.10 of Title 19 of the California
Administrative Code, the Los Angeles City Fire Department requires that managers and Tenants of each
high rise building in the city, in cooperation with the Fire Department, establish, implement and maintain an
Emergency Pre-Fire Plan that will aid in the prevention of fire, explosion and panic in the building. All
Tenants MUST be trained within the first 14 days of occupancy.
You must contact the Director of Security within 14 days of your tenancy to make arrangements to attend
training. Participation is mandated by law, and tenants who refuse to comply are subject to prosecution and
penalties as set forth in the local codes and Title 19.
Also, under the Fire Department’s Plan regulations, each Tenant (as an employer) along with Building
Management share the responsibility for implementing this Pre-Fire Plan, instructing all occupants on the
procedures to be taken in the event of an emergency, including evacuation procedures. Documentation of
Occupant Instruction shall be maintained by the Office of the Building and available for Fire Department
It is each Tenant’s responsibility to notify the Office of the Building of new employees in your offices, and
immediately schedule Fire Life Safety Training.
Please fill out the List of Fire Wardens, Deputy Wardens, Persons trained in CPR and First Aid provided at
the end of this manual, indicating the names of those people in your office who are trained in CPR and First
Aid, and who will be appointed as your Suite Warden and Alternate Suite Warden. Fire Wardens and
Alternate Suite Wardens need to be full time employees who will be responsible to work with the Office of
the Building, to maintain proper records and assist in evacuation procedures of the building. Tenants who
refuse to comply, may be cited for violation of the State Fire Marshall’s Law. Such a citation, if issued,
could constitute a fine of $1,000.00 and/or six- (6) months’ imprisonment.
Emergency Procedures: Toxic Hazards
If there is a toxic spill or exposure, immediately get to an area where you are not exposed and call 911.
Give building address, floor and phone number, and also what type of spill. Take action to contain the
hazard; close doors behind you, and always follow all safety procedures when working with toxic materials.
Introduction: Welcome
On behalf of Douglas Emmett, the entire staff would like to personally welcome you and your associates.
Douglas Emmett is honored to be associated with this prestigious project, and we are extraordinarily proud
of the fine management team assembled here.
This handbook serves as a convenient resource to answer frequently asked questions about your property’s
operations, rules and regulations, and to assist you in acclimating to your new home. It also contains
necessary forms that are frequently utilized.
Your happiness and satisfaction during your tenancy are of the utmost importance to us. To learn more
about Douglas Emmett I invite you to visit our website at
Once again, welcome to Gateway Los Angeles!
Introduction: About Douglas Emmett
Douglas Emmett, Inc. (NYSE: DEI) is a fully integrated, self-administered and self-managed real estate
investment trust (REIT), and one of the largest owners and operators of high-quality office and multifamily
properties located in targeted submarkets in California and Hawaii. The Company has a consistent and
focused strategy of identifying submarkets that are supply constrained, have high barriers to entry and
exhibit strong economic characteristics such as population and job growth and a diverse economic base.
Douglas Emmett focuses primarily on owning and acquiring a substantial share of top-tier office properties
within these submarkets, which are located near high-end executive housing and key lifestyle amenities.
The Company focuses primarily on owning and acquiring select multifamily properties in premier locations
within these same submarkets. Its extensive acquisition and operating expertise is directly linked to its
competitive advantage through superior acquisition sourcing, focused leasing programs, active asset and
property management and unsurpassed tenant service. Douglas Emmett is proud to serve entrepreneurial,
service-oriented tenants that comprise our client base, fostering positive tenant relations and ensuring a
comfortable workplace environment for a variety of tenants.
People make the difference, and Douglas Emmett is proud to have kept intact a core group of executives
and managers for many years; most have been with the company ten years or more. The stability within the
company proves invaluable to achieving our long-term goal of remaining an integral fixture in the Los
Angeles and Honolulu commercial and residential real estate markets.
The Company's office and multi-family portfolio is currently located in nine California submarkets, six of
which are located on Los Angeles' Westside - Brentwood, Century City, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, the
Olympic Corridor and Westwood. Three submarkets are in the San Fernando Valley - Sherman
Oaks/Encino, Warner Center/Woodland Hills, and Burbank. The Company's Hawaii office portfolio is located
in the downtown central business district of Honolulu with multi-family properties in nearby suburban
Introduction: About Gateway Los Angeles
Gateway L.A. is a prominent 13-story high-rise building, with eight floors of office suites on top of four levels
of parking. Located at the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Centinela Avenue, where the cities of Los
Angeles and Santa Monica meet, Gateway Los Angeles is easily accessible to the San Diego (405) and
Santa Monica (10) freeways. The building features a marble-clad lobby with high quality finishes throughout
all common areas.
Introduction: Operating Instructions
You move through The Electronic Tenant® Handbook just as you would a traditional internet site. After
clicking anywhere on the main page, there is a Table of Contents that provides links to various Chapters.
Upon entering a Chapter, links to specific information are provided in Sub-Sections. You may return to the
Table of Contents or Chapter Overview by clicking the appropriate link on every page.
Special Features
This Electronic Tenant® Handbook has special features, such as a Forms section that contains a number of
downloadable and printable administrative forms. In order to be able use these features, you must have
Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. This software is free and easy to use. To obtain the
software for free, click here.
The Electronic Tenant® Handbook is updated on a regular basis. Please be sure to continuously check back
for updates and new information. In order to keep you informed about your property’s operations, we have
included a monthly Building Calendar and Announcement Board. Here, you will find information regarding
scheduled maintenance and events taking place at your property. If you have trouble accessing the
Electronic Tenant® Handbook or need assistance, please e-mail or call the Property Management Office.
Policies and Procedures: General Rules and Regulations
At no time should tape be placed on any of the outside (perimeter) windows. This will cause premature
cracking of the solar glass. All blinds on perimeter windows must be evenly adjusted for aesthetic purposes.
All construction and remodeling, including electrical and plumbing work, should be arranged through the
Office of the Building. If you plan to do any construction or remodeling, we must approve your plans to
ensure that the Los Angeles Building Code requirements will be satisfied. It is imperative that you submit
plans for approval prior to commencement of any improvement work.
Tenant Kitchens
Open Food Left on Counters - No food items are to be left on counters, desks, tables, etc. at the end of the
tenant’s regular business day. All food must be placed in refrigerators or thrown out.
Food Deliveries to Tenant’s Suite (Either by Caterers or Staff, etc.) - If food deliveries are to be made to
tenant’s suite, tenant is responsible for ensuring food/beverage, etc. are not spilled on corridor, lobby or
elevator carpeting. In the event such spillage does occur, the Office of the Building is to be notified
Common Areas
The sidewalks, entrances, halls, corridors, elevators and stairways of the Building shall not be obstructed or
used as a waiting or lounging place by Tenants, their agents, employees, invitees, licensees or visitors. The
outside areas immediately adjoining any leased premises shall be kept clear at all times by Tenant, and
Tenant shall not place or permit any obstructions, refuse, merchandise, or displays in such areas. The
corridors, passages, exits, entrances, elevators, and stairways are not to be open to the general public, but
are open, subject to reasonable regulations, to Tenant’s business invitees. Landlord shall in all cases retain
the right to control and attempt to prevent access thereto of all persons whose presence, in the judgment of
Landlord, would be prejudicial to the safety, character, reputation and interest of the building. Landlord shall
in all cases retain the right to persons with whom any tenant normally deals in the ordinary course of its
business, unless such persons are engaged in illegal or unlawful activities. Any Tenant, employee, and/or
invitees access to the roof “is strictly prohibited.”
Tenant shall not exhibit carelessness or indifference to the good order and cleanliness of the Premises.
Security Devices
If Tenant desires telephonic, burglar or similar security services, they shall first obtain and comply with
Landlord’s instructions for installation. All auxiliary security systems will be monitored by a third-party
security monitoring company, and will be solely the Tenant’s responsibility and expense.
Energy Efficiency
Tenant shall not use any method of heating and air conditioning other than that supplied by Landlord.
Further, Tenant shall not waste electricity, water or air conditioning and agrees to cooperate fully with
Landlord to assure the most effective operation of the Building’s heating and air conditioning and to comply
with any governmental energy-saving rules, laws, or regulations of which Tenants have actual notice.
Tenant shall keep corridor doors closed.
Tenant shall not make any door-to-door solicitation of business to any other Tenants in the building.
Electronic Devices
Tenant shall not install any radio or television antenna, loudspeaker or other devices on the roof or exterior
walls of the building.
Trash Disposal
Tenant shall store all trash within the Premises or in other facilities provided by Landlord and in conjunction
with recycling procedures. Tenant shall not place in any trash receptacle any material that cannot be
disposed of in the ordinary and customary manner of trash and garbage disposal. Landlord shall make all
refuse disposals in accordance with scheduled contract.
Prohibited Uses
The Premises shall not be used for (a) the keeping of any bicycles, motorcycles, or animals of any kind, or
(b) lodging, or for manufacturing of any kind; nor shall the Premises be used for any improper, immoral or
objectionable purposes. No cooking or heating of food is permitted on the Premises, except microwave
ovens and equipment for brewing coffee, tea, hot chocolate and similar beverages. Tenant shall not install,
maintain or operate on the Premises any vending machines without the prior written consent of Landlord.
Safety Procedures
Tenant shall comply with all safety, fire protection and evacuation procedures and regulations established
by Landlord or any governmental agency.
Building Management
An authorized individual will attend to tenant’s requirements only upon appropriate application to the Office
of the Building. Employees of Landlord shall not perform any work or do anything outside of their regular
duties unless under special instructions from Landlord, and no employees of Landlord will admit any person
(Tenant or otherwise) into any office without specific instructions from Landlord.
Observance of Rules
Tenant shall be responsible for the observance of all of the foregoing Rules by Tenant’s employees, agents,
clients, customers, invitees, and guests.
Policies and Procedures: Good Neighbor Policy
Gateway Los Angeles realizes the importance of building security. We all benefit from being alert for
unusual occurrences in our building.
With this in mind, please report to the Office of the Building should any of the following be observed:
Any unusual circumstances such as people loitering in the corridors, throughout the building or on the
grounds or anything that seems out of place, etc.
Trash or safety hazards in the corridors, lobby, restrooms, garage, or any other public areas. Be alert
for obstructions of fire doors, or any obstruction that could result in an injury or fatality.
Deliver to the Office of the Building or Security any item found that you believe might be lost. Please
note where you found the object and the time discovered so that we may attempt to locate the owner.
Burned out lights throughout the building or grounds, they must be replaced as soon as possible for
your safety and the safety of others.
It is especially important to remember that your cardkey is to be used for authorized after-hour access. By
not allowing strangers to enter the building with you, you are most certainly being aware of building
security. This kind of alertness will be beneficial to all tenants of Gateway Lost Angeles.
Policies and Procedures: Moving Policy
When your move-in or move-out date has been established, please write a letter to the Office of the Building
to confirm this date. The name and address of the Office of the Building is provided, as follows:
12400 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 210
Los Angeles, California 90025
(310) 826-2587
(310) 820-7472 (fax)
To facilitate your move, we request your cooperation by adhering to the following:
The move must take place after 6:00 p.m., Monday-Friday or anytime Saturday. As an existing
Tenant, if you have one or two pieces of furniture only, you may use the freight elevator before 8:00
a.m., Monday-Friday.
You must submit, prior to the move, a Certificate of Insurance naming Douglas Emmett 1993, LLC.
and Douglas Emmett Management as Certificate Holder and as additional insured, as well as the
endorsement with liability coverage of $2,000,000 from the moving company.
Movers will be required to unload at the loading dock or on Wilshire Boulevard. If unloading at
Wilshire Boulevard, the path of travel from the truck to the freight elevator must be covered with
Masonite. Limited loading dock space is available after 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
To facilitate your move, we request your cooperation by adhering to the following (continued):
The movers must be uniformed and must protect all doorframes, including elevators. In addition,
movers must protect all building flooring and carpeting to prevent abrasion and buckling under heavy
For the protection of the building, all hand trucks and carts must be equipped with rubber tires and
side guards.
The freight elevator may be reserved in advance for the moving of furniture and other office
The loading dock may be reserved in advance for loading or unloading only.
Policies and Procedures: Smoking
On January 1, 1995, smoking was prohibited in all enclosed work areas. It is the EMPLOYER’S
RESPONSIBILITY to enforce this new law. Therefore, it is your responsibility to inform your employees of
Assembly Bill AB13, as there is no smoking in your suite and there is no smoking in the following areas:
All elevator lobby waiting areas
All public corridors
All restrooms
The main lobby on the first floor of the building
All internal stairwells or stairwell balconies
All parking facilities
Policies and Procedures: Tenant Improvement Work
All plans for tenant alterations in Gateway LA must be submitted to the Office of the Building/Landlord for
approval prior to commencement of work, i.e. relocation of walls, electrical, plumbing, etc. This prior review
and approval ensures that the design harmony and structural integrity will be maintained throughout the
entire Building and ensures compliance with all governmental regulatory agency requirements.
The Neighborhood: Retail Services
On-Site Private Fitness Center – Life Gym – (310) 207-4700
On Site sundry shop offering gourmet boxed lunches, sundry items, and dry cleaning service: Miniature Cafe:
Miniature Cafe: (310) 826-7722 (New)!
On-Site Bank – CapitalSource Bank