Project: Divisidero Shell Gas Station, San Francisco, CA



Project: Divisidero Shell Gas Station, San Francisco, CA
Sustainable Technologies
Solar Power for Business
Project: Divisidero Shell Gas Station, San Francisco, CA
Capacity: 30.4 kW
Completed: August 2004
Financial Incentives
• Reduced PG&E Bill by over 75%,
• Save $10,000 annually
• Rebates and Tax Credits reduce
system cost by more than 50%
• Payback the system in 8 years
Gas station canopies are often ideal structures for photovoltaic (PV)
installations. They can accommodate large commercial arrays that
can be oriented to get the optimum power from the sun. For station
owners, grid-connected PV is an ideal financial investment to offset
the ever-increasing energy prices.
Recently, Roy and Patty Shimek invested in a 30 kW PV system for
their Shell station on the corner of Divisidero and Oak. It generates
silent, reliable, environmentally sustainable energy. The patterns of
midnight blue crystalline panels add a sharp, clean look to the
familiar colors and canopy of the Shell Station, a 45-year resident of
the corner lot.
“The fact that it’s going to save us
money and be better for the
environment truly makes it a win-win
proposition” – John Shimek, Operations
Technical Specifications
• 216 Kyocera 167W PV modules
• 12 SMA Sunny Boy 2500U Inverters
• 53,000 kWh produced annually
• 3000 ft2 of panels
• 50% reduction in energy consumption
• Custom truss support structure
More Information
Solar Advantages
PV systems produce the most power during the afternoon when the
solar radiation and energy prices are at their highest. Many
businesses, including this Shell station, consume the most power
later in the evening when energy prices are lower. Time-of-use and
net metering allow the owner to sell the excess daytime power at
peak prices and buy it back at cheaper evening prices, further
increasing the value of the system.
Sustainable Technologies designed an innovative support structure
to pack more panels onto the canopy, 216 in total. The panels were
connected into sections at the shop to eliminate the gap caused by
standard clip connectors. The sections were then lifted onto the roof
with a crane at night to allow the station to be fully operational
during the day. The design was necessary to give the owners the
maximum rebate from the state of California.
"It is our small pioneering effort to prevent peak time blackouts in
our neighborhood and it is our hope that Shell Oil Co. will follow our
lead and put solar panels on their other stations," Roy Shimek says.
1800 Orion St. Ste 101 Alameda, CA 94501 Tel: 510.523.1122

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