Name______________________________ Worksheet – Solving


Name______________________________ Worksheet – Solving
Name______________________________ Worksheet – Solving Systems of Equations by Substitution
Write a system of equations for each word problem. Solve the system that you wrote by substitution.
1. From a car wash a service club made $108 that will be divided between the Boy Scouts and the Girl
Scouts. There were twice as many girls as boys so a decision was made to give the girls twice as much
money. How much did each group receive?
2. A will states that John is to get 3 times as much money as Mary. The total amount they will receive is
$1200. How much money will John and Mary receive?
3. The length of a rectangle is three times the width. The perimeter is 240 centimeters. Find the length and
width of the rectangle.
4. Ann is selling candy. She sold 5 more boxes of gummy bears than M&M’s. She sold 21 boxes of candy
in all. How many boxes of M&M’s did Ann sell?
5. Jenny earns $2 for each pair of shoes she sells and $3 for each pair of boots she sells. Her total earnings
was $61. If she sold 3 more pair of shoes than boots, how many pairs of boots did she sell?
6. Angle A and angle B are complementary angles. If angle A is 30° less than twice angle B, then find the
degree measure for each angle.
7. Find the measure for angles y and z. If angle x has a measure of 60° and the measure of angle y is 15°
more than twice the measure of angle z.
8. Frank weighs 160 lbs and is on a diet to gain 2 lbs a week so that he can make the football team. John
weighs 200 lbs and is on a diet to lose 3 lbs a week so that he can be on the wrestling team at a lower
weight. If they can meet these goals with their diets, when will Frank and John weigh the same, and
how much will they weigh?