Jan 25.pub - Lakeview Christian Church



Jan 25.pub - Lakeview Christian Church
Our Love & Prayers Go Out To…
Worship Info
Nursery available—Both Services
Beginners Church (10:45am Only)
for ages 2-Kindergarten
Jr. Church 1st -5th grade
(10:45am Only)
Fellowship time—9:30am (Adults/Children)
Sunday, January 25
6:00p Reflect
Monday, January 26
10:00a Staff Meeting
6:00p Quilting
Tuesday, January 27
8:30a Men’s Prayer Breakfast
6:30p Women’s Bible Study
Wednesday, January 28
6:30p Choir
7:30p Praise Team
Thursday, January 29
7:00p Bible Study
Saturday, January 31
4:00p AXIS Class Party at
Communion: Carol Grayshock, Terry Benson
Bread: Carol Grayshock
Laundry: Kathy Chappell
2 & 3 Yr. Olds: Dianne Royer, Sharon Brannon
4 & 5 Yr. Olds: Vera Jean & Dan Best
1 & 2 Grades: Linda Borner or Ada May Royer
3-5 Grade: Sarah Casper
2 & 3 Yr. Olds: Naomi Burnette
4 & 5 Yr. Olds: Jennifer Royce
Watsons and Boldens
Bible School: Barb Gray
Celebration: Janis Gessman, Ginny Tallman
Jeff Nathaniel, Ray and Carol Adlon
If you have any questions please call Pat Glasser
Ministry Team
Darryl Moulder, Senior Minister Jim Gindlesberger, Associate Minister
Josh Robinson, Minister of Youth Sharon Brannon, Children’s Director
Jim Mitzel, Music Director
Super Bowl Party
Attention all teens. The Robinson’s will once
again be hosting a party to watch the Super
Bowl. Their house will be open from 6:00-8:00
(roughly halftime). There will be board games,
good food, and, of course, THE GAME will be
on. Invite a friend and plan to come over for a fun night of fellowship.
If you need directions, or have questions, see Josh or Candice.
LIFE on Mission
“Life on Mission” by Tim Harlow is an exciting series
which will help us rediscover God’s heart for the world!
Books are $12 each, and we have several available
(see Jim G.) Our next round of Life Groups start February 8th. Be sure to sign-up at the Welcome Center
if interested. We would love to have multiple groups
on different nights both at church and in homes.
How To Become A Christian
Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:16).
Place your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:8).
Repent of your sins (Acts 2:38).
Confess Jesus as Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9,10).
Be baptized by immersion (Mark 16:15,16).
Live a life of service and gratitude (Romans 12:1,2).
Continue to pray for our Church Family, Shut-ins, Friends, Relatives, CoWorkers, Our Leaders, Military and Our Missionaries
Our Leaders and Military: Dakota Vawlter, Dennis Jr. Spohn, Michael
Spohn, Dan Howe, Eric Pamer, David Hutton, David Beal, Jay Dempsey,
Leigh Winslow, *Zack Coyle, Joe Maken, David Williams, Josh Wheeler,
Nathan Koby, Brock Barton, James Byrd, Tim & Greta Grant, Ben Emch,
Erik Kuntzleman, Joshua Prokop, *Gabe Travers, Jack Marsh, Jacob Glover,
Alex Cercone, John Spohn and Greg Funk
Please call the Church Office with updates.
Lakeview Missionaries: Mid India, Lower Caribbean Mission, Central Brazil
Mission, Mission to Russia, Vida Nueva Mexico, Christian Arabic Services,
Round Lake Christian Camp, Christian Children’s Home, Canton Christian
Home, Noah, ARM, IDES, Good Neighbors, As He Is--Doctor Zindoga Bungu
and Pregnancy Solutions
Women Ministry Team
Do you want to Serve?
Get to know others?
Feel like you’re a part
of God’s Plan?
This is a great opportunity
to get to know others while serving.
There are several committees you can sign-up
to help on, from preparing Communion,
Laundry, Funeral Dinners (serving or preparing a dish),
Nursery Workers, Sonshine Committee (sending
cards out), Fellowship dinners, etc.
There is a sign-up sheet at the Welcome Center
Vision Statement
“To boldly present Christ in a Biblical, credible,
creative, and caring way in an environment where
people can find and commit themselves to Jesus;
growing to their full potential in Him.”
If, because of health challenges, you are not
able to attend Sunday Services and would desire
someone to bring outside communion, please call
the church office before 2:00pm on Friday.
Encouragement and Prayer Cards
The importance of prayer is affirmed throughout the
Bible. As a church, we are committed to pray—your
needs are important to us. Please share your encouragement/prayer request by filling out the card in the
pew and placing it in the box in the foyer. The staff will
diligently pray for your request during the week.
Preschool — Acme Receipts
We are again collecting Acme Receipts dated from September 18,
2014 through February 4, 2015.
There is a box on the bulletin board
by the Preschool to place them in.
Last year you helped us raise over $275 toward new equipment.
Thank you so much!
Offering Statements
As usually offering statements were sent out last
week. If you did not receive one and would like
one please contact Sue Brandt at the Church Office. If you put your offering in a pew envelope
and marked your name on it or gave by check we
should have those recorded.
Reminder: Employee Matching Funds
Several employers offer matching funds for churches, if you are interested check with your company.
January 25, 2015
2015 Church Officers
Chairmen of the Elders: Bob Nickoson Vice Chairman: Bob Payne
Secretary: Mike Dezso
Chairman of the Deacons: Doug Bussey Vice Chairman: Bob Fowler
Secretary: Myron Long
February Mission: Vida Nueva Ministries
The unchanging mission of Vida Nueva Ministries is to fulfill the
Great Commission, which is: Go therefore and make disciples of all
nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and
of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded
you, Matthew 28: 19-20. Specifically, we exist to assist the people of
Mexico in developing and cultivating a personal relationship with Jesus, which is the Great Command, Love the Lord Your God with all
your heart, all your soul and all your mind, Matthew 22:37.
In order to accomplish our mission, we operate practical programs that
help build a relationship bridge with people so that the love of Christ
can be shared and His salvation received. The programs and methods
we use will change as conditions change, but the message of salvation and hope found in Jesus Christ will never change.
We are an independent Christian ministry, not a social agency. Our
programs are designed to practically impact a physical, social, or
moral need, and do so in order to nurture the affected individual's or
community's receptiveness to learning more about the Savior in
whose Name these needful actions are done. Everything we do is
designed to enhance opportunities to address the eternal, spiritual
needs of the individual.
Vida Nueva directs such ministries as food distribution, health care,
child care, education, worship, recreation, vocational skills training,
church planting and church leadership training programs. All of these
programs serve to connect people with Christ so that He can bring
them hope and freedom from the vicious cycle of poverty and spiritual emptiness from which many suffer. As God leads and provides,
we will expand our programs and grow our ministry in order to reach
as many of the Mexican people as possible.
We are planning a Mission Trip to Vida Nueva’s Piedras Negros campus during the Summer of 2016. If you are interested in this trip
please see Jim G. for more details.
“The Lost Son”
Outside Communion
Celebration Service
Opening Prayer
A Time For Worship
A Time To Remember
Communion, For All In Christ
A Time To Give
A Time To Share
Luke 15:11-32 Jim Gindlesberger
A Time To Respond
I Have Decided 602
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Welcomes You!
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