Multiple HYSWEEP® SURVEY Windows in HYPACK® 2015


Multiple HYSWEEP® SURVEY Windows in HYPACK® 2015
Multiple HYSWEEP® SURVEY Windows in
HYPACK® 2015
By Caryn Zacharias
In HYPACK® 2015, HYSWEEP® SURVEY now has the option to open more windows of the
same display type. This allows you to view additional systems or to display the same view on
different monitors. This added feature is nice, as HYPACK® has the ability to track more than
one multibeam system or multibeam(s) and a topographic systems at the same time. The
seven (7) displays that can have multiple window are the Profile Window, 3-D Seafloor,
Multibeam Waterfall, Intensity Waterfall, Topographic Laser, Shore View and Limits.
Opening New Windows
Select VIEW – NEW WINDOW and choose the windows to open (Figure 1).
FIGURE 1. Adding a New Window in HYSWEEP® HARDWARE.
Every new window added will also be added to the
menu list. Every window actually open will have a check
mark next to it (Figure 2). If you click the red X at the
top right of the window to close it, it remains on the list
but the check mark will be gone. Selecting the window
from the list will reopen the window. You do not need to
add a “New Window” again unless you have removed
the window from the menu.
FIGURE 2. Added Window List
To remove windows from the menu list: Select VIEW – REMOVE WINDOWS and choose
the window(s) to remove (Figure 3) The remove list only lists the windows that have been
January / 2015
FIGURE 3. Removing Added Windows from the Menu List in HYSWEEP® SURVEY.
Each window has a drop-down list for you to select the system (Figure 4).
FIGURE 4. Two Profile Windows Showing Drop-down List to Choose Which System to View.