TekniStain Form Product(s) to be Stained



TekniStain Form Product(s) to be Stained
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Te k n i S t a i n Fo r m
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For All Order (U.S.A./Canada/International)
• Submit one (1) TekniStain form for each color being custom
• Include two (2) color samples for each color being custom
matched (minimum size 3" x 3") with each TekniStain form.
• Please submit a TekniStain form with color match samples
attached and forward these to:
Teknion Furniture Systems Limited
Attention: COM Paint & Stain Coordinator
1150 Flint Road, Toronto, Ontario
M3J 2J5 Canada
PM/CSR Name:
Project Name:
Dealer/End User Name:
Contact Person:
Tel Number:
Color Description:
Product(s) to be Stained – Please Include Product Name(s)
NOTE: For Custom Stains on Dossier, horizontal grain is only available on Rift Cut Oak.
Product List:
The options below are not applicable to wood seating
NATURAL WOOD VENEER: By choosing this option, and unless otherwise specified, the same wood veneer currently on the
sample provided as a concept/reference will be used. If a different Natural Wood Veneer is required other than what is on the
reference sample, please indicate the species of the wood requested:
Select From:
Flat Cut
Quarter Cut
Rift Cut
FLINTWOOD VENEER: By choosing this option, a man made veneer will be used. When using Flintwood Veneer as a substrate,
the grain pattern and color will be more consistent. There are currently two (2) grain patterns to choose from.
Please select one (1):
Rift (Straight)
OPEN PORE: A finish which allows the grain pattern of the substrate used to telegraph through, giving the surface a more natural
look and feel. Due to less material being used, this particular finish is less durable, therefore can only be used on vertical surfaces.
(example: Wall Panels, Pedestal Fronts, etc.)
CLOSED PORE: A finish which is completely sealed. A surface with this type of finish can be described as completely smooth and
is durable enough to be used for both vertical and horizontal applications. (example: Wall Panels, Countertops, Worksurfaces, etc.)
Customer’s Signature
Tel Number:
To be Completed by Teknion
Teknion Stain Number:
Manufacturer Number:
Lead Times
Allow two (2) weeks for the TekniStain approval process. The custom wood stain sample must be signed off prior to placing product
order. The total lead time will begin once final approved samples have been received from customer to Teknion.
January 2015