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Mathematics & Computing Academy
6th February 2015
Friday 6th February
FOSS Quiz Night - 7.30pm Hall
Uniform Update
Friday 13th February
Stanborough School Dance Display at The Weston
Auditorium, University Of Hertfordshire 7.30pm
Monday 16th February - Friday 20th February
Following the recent initial consultation on Stanborough
School uniform, we have reviewed the views and comments
expressed and put together an image of what the new
uniform would look like.
Tuesday 24th February
Parents in Partnership Meeting 6.30pm - 8.00pm LRC
Please note, the new uniform will be compulsory for
Year 7 2015-16 ONLY.
Friday 27th February - Monday 2nd March
Year 11 Normandy Trip
The new uniform will include a blazer, white shirt and tie
with a jumper optional. Trousers and skirts will remain
UNCHANGED from the current uniform. All uniform will be
machine washable, and available from at least two retailers.
Tuesday 10th March
Oxbridge Evening - Onslow St Audrey’s 7.00pm
Wednesday 11th March
Year 8 PTI
Appointments from 4.00pm - 7.00pm
Required March 2015
H2 - (£15,207 - £16,231 plus £573 fringe allowance per
annum pro rata)
15 hours per week - Term time only
(Actual salary: £5,300 - £5,650 for 15 hours
Students in other years can elect to wear the new uniform,
or continue with the old uniform until stocks are sold out.
Trutex have assured us that they have quite extensive
Thank you to those of you who contributed to the recent
survey. We had a high response and whilst some people
expressed a desire for uniform to stay the same there was a
large majority in favour of change.
We would now like to gain more feedback on the possible
changes. These images show possible options.
We are looking to appoint an Art Technician to provide
The main decision is on the colour of the blazer – either
technical and general assistance to all teaching staff in the light grey or dark grey, and the colour of the jumper. There
Art Department, both in and out of the classroom, so that it is some flexibility in the design of the tie, with four possible
may run efficiently. There will be some flexibility
designs shown.
regarding hours which could be worked over no less than 3
If you would like to take part in this further consultation,
please go to the survey at:
An additional responsibility of the role will be to help set
up and co-ordinate a variety of joint community projects
with local schools and organisations related to Art and
associated subject areas.
Further details are available from the school or
downloadable from the school website.
Applications are invited by letter (outlining how you meet
the job specification) together with a Stanborough
Application form including the names of two referees to:
Mr P Brown, Headteacher, Stanborough School, Lemsford
Lane, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 6YR
Tel: 01707 321755, Fax: 01707 387701
email: [email protected]
Closing date: Monday 23rd February 2015 at 1.00 p.m.
Interview date: Thursday 26th February 2015
Stanborough School is committed to safeguarding and
promoting the welfare of children and young people and
expects staff to share this commitment.
High Expectations
Quality Learning
Mutual Respect
Success For All
Duke of Edinburgh Update
Mrs G.Elliott, DofE, Co-ordinator, writes:
Y11 Bronze Award Group 2014-2015
All our Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award
participants are continuing to work hard at
completing the different sections of the Award.
The students are using the eDofE website to
update their progress with evidence including the
photos and videos taken relating to their Physical,
Skill and Volunteering Sections. They should also
organise meetings regularly with their group leaders who are helping
them to stay on track and keep motivated during the challenges
presented by the Award. I would like to remind all students that they
need to include their assessor’s full name and contact details on
eDofE before the programme chosen can be approved. The training
day needed to prepare students for their expeditions is 7 th February,
the dates for the Bronze expeditions are:
Practice expedition: 14th/15th March
Qualifying expedition:27th/28th June
Bronze Awards Certificates 2013-2014 participants
I am very pleased that 25 Bronze Awards participants have
successfully completed their award and have received their
certificates and badges during our end of term assembly in
December. If you have completed your award and were absent
during this assembly, come and see me to collect your certificate and
badge. If you have completed all sections and still not uploaded your
assessor’s reports, please note that it is not too late to complete your
award, please upload your documents as soon as possible on eDofE.
Congratulations to all our Award Holders: Toma Popov, Oliver
Bartlett-Dodd, Grace Appleby, Charlotte Bell, Jodie Phillips,
Ronnie Syme, Luc Elliott, Lucas Vernon, Natalia Brown,
Georgia Ormrod, Jordan Mossman, Luke Stokes, Matt
Schofield, Luca Kleovoulou, Davina Price, Alex Campbell,
Eleanor Teather, Connie Ryan, Brad Callaby, Glenn Bull, Ryan
Butcher, Catrin Selwood, Lawrence Bearman, Lucy Branagan,
Rebecca Wasnock.
I am even more pleased that 11 of those Award holders are
continuing the adventure and are working hard towards their Gold
level. The students are:
Jodie Phillips, Ronnie Syme, Charlotte Bell, Luc Elliott, Natalia
Brown, Luke Stokes, Lawrence Bearman, Oliver Bartlett-Dodd,
Davina Price, Ryan Butcher and Julian Greenaway.
Y13 Gold Group 2013-2015:
The Gold Group students have now completed some of the sections
of their award and are preparing their expeditions, which are very
demanding at Gold Level. They have just finished all the paperwork
needed for their practice expedition in the Dark Peaks at the end of
March and are preparing their Assessed Expedition in the Brecon
Beacons next June. In those expeditions, the students will be hiking
in hills in Wild Country (an area remote from habitation) for 3 days
on the practice expedition and 4 days in the real one. Our 8 very
brave and determined participants are well prepared and ready for
this challenge.
I would like to take the opportunity to thanks all our volunteers
at school, but also all the teachers who support our scheme by
being assessors. I also would like to thank FOSS who have
agreed to buy the school an event shelter which will be used
during DofE expeditions but can also be used during sport and
charity events.
Stanborough School Duke of Edinburgh Website
We would like to remind parents and students that Stanborough
School has its own website where all the information relating to the
Duke of Edinburgh Scheme can be found. All letters, application
forms and kit lists will also be available for downloading and
printing as well as a link to the eDofE Website.
Well done to all our students for their commitment and hard work!
Dear Parent / Guardian,
I would like to take this opportunity to remind
parents and guardians to please park responsibly
when dropping off and collecting children from the
I am pleased to say that whilst conducting patrols
the vast majority of vehicles were parked legally
and responsibly, however these careful drivers
were let down by a small minority of people that felt
they did not have to abide by the rules of the roads.
Can I remind parents and guardians of the following
that are not acceptable:
Parking on any part of the pavement
Parking on the road and blocking the dropped
curb of residential driveways
 Parking on the yellow zig- zag controlled area
The main excuse I heard from parents and
guardians who stopped inappropriately and moved
due to my presence was that they were running
late. That excuse was not acceptable then and is
not acceptable now. If the vast majority of people
can park legally and arrive within plenty of time to
drop off / pick up their child then there is no reason
why everyone can’t.
If you do have any questions or wish to discuss
anything contained in this letter please contact me
or the local PCSO’s.
Thank you
Police Sergeant Malcolm Dey 1934
Welwyn Hatfield North Neighbourhood Team
Tel: 101 Ext 8032
In the unlikely event of heavy snow
please access the school website to check whether the school is
We would hope to have a decision by 6.45am.
Local radio stations will also be informed. We will,
however, always endeavour to keep the school
open. If circumstances are sufficiently extreme to
require the school to be closed for safety reasons,
either on school premises or on travel routes, we
will also endeavour to e-mail parents who we have
addresses for.
Head Start
Satellite Athletics Club at Stanborough
Miss T. Baskerville, Gifted and
Talented Co-ordinator, writes:
Mrs C. Wiper, School Sports Co-ordinator, writes:
On Thursday 29th January 6
Gifted and Talented students
travelled to the Corsortium event
for a 'Head Start' day.
The aim of the event was to demystify the Oxbridge
application process and give students a chance to speak
to existing students at top universities.
It was also a chance for students at GCSE level to work
alongside Oxbridge graduates, to get a taste for the
academic style, to think beyond their syllabus and
understand the admissions process.
The team of Oxbridge-graduate tutors worked with the
students in small subject groups, looking at material
related to subject choice and posing questions, which
challenged student’s ability to think laterally. Students
took turns to give answers to the group, building their
confidence to answer challenging questions in a logical
and well reasoned manner. The students then gave
feedback on that answer, highlighting both good points
and things to improve on.
During the afternoon students were given a mock
interview with feedback on their performance.
Student comments:
“The tutors were very interesting, and they were
clearly very enthusiastic about their subject”. James
Byrne 10A
“I found the statistics enlightening”. Jack Byrne 10O
Sport England is working in partnership with National Governing
Bodies of sport (NGBs) and County Sports Partnerships (CSPs)
by investing over £49 million of Lottery funding into the
development of Satellite Clubs. These clubs aim to provide a
supported pathway for young people to make the transition from
school to community sport easier.
Herts Phoenix Athletics Club is a very successful local club
based at Gosling Sports Park in Welwyn Garden City and
Wodson Park in Ware. It caters for many age groups and they
compete in various different leagues.
Richard Bloom at Herts Phoenix saw the opportunity of setting
up a satellite club at Stanborough, thus enabling our students to
gain valuable specialist coaching and it was also a way of
reducing the clubs waiting list.
The club started last June and it has been running after school
every Wednesday. Several coaches and sports leaders deliver
sessions on throwing, jumping, sprinting and long distance –
whatever the students want to improve.
George Ansell in 11K
came in the summer
term to practice his
javelin technique and
won his age group in
the District Athletics
Championship and
managed a seasonal
best of 41m. Jamie
Ives in 9H came for
distance training and
won 1500m. Taylor
Steer in 7B has been coming regularly and he has made
enormous progress throwing the discus.
On Wednesday 21st January the Herts Phoenix coaches delivered
a session on indoor athletics for our Year 7 students as they have
a School Games competition coming up on 6th March.
“ I found that the interviews offered great insight and
advice also I now know what is looked for in an interview The project is funded for 3 years and is open to all ages so come
along on a Wednesday and improve your favourite events.
and its not just about grades but also about how you
Certificates will be issued for students who show improvement,
present yourself”. Annie Mbukwa 10H
tee shirts will be given to students who show commitment to the
club and sweatshirts will be awarded to sports leaders who
“I’m so excited about University now. I’ve gained so
much more confidence in myself and my knowledge and I demonstrate a commitment to volunteering.
think the interviews were so handy because I now have
some comments to work with!”. Lauren Fisher 10K
Dance Display 2015
“The experience was very useful in preparing us for
unknowns in University and showing us that its not about
conformity but individuality”. Morenike Adewuyi 11A
“It really gave us a great insight into what our next
steps should be for the upcoming, crucial part of our
lives”. Scott Wilson 11O
Active Kids is back!
Once again we are collecting
Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers.
Vouchers are available in store,
petrol filling stations and grocery
online from 28th January 2015 until
5th May 2015.
Please hand your vouchers into the school office. Thank
you for your help.
Mrs M. Chapman, Subject Leader:
Dance, writes:
We are only 1 week away from this
year’s Dance Display ‘Read All About
It’ on Friday 13th February 2015 at
So don’t miss out, make sure you have
got your tickets.
Tickets are only being sold by UHArts
so they will not be able to be purchased
at Stanborough. They are £5.00 for
adults and £3.00 for concessions. They can be purchased direct
from the UHArts box office between 10.00 and 16.00 or by
phone 01707 281127.
To gain directions or find the Weston Auditorium on campus see
the attached link:
If you need to contact the school please call 01707 321755 or e-mail us at [email protected]
or 01707 387703 for a child’s absence