MHBC Office


MHBC Office
Low rise Buildings
Given in recognition of a building that makes a positive contribution to the public realm and
demonstrates urban design excellence and creativity through a sensitive understanding of the
context, site plan, massing and pedestrian amenities.
MHBC Office
540 Bingemans Centre Drive
To recognize the attention to detail in the
design of the building and site. A
significant degree of building articulation
coupled with high quality exterior finishes
make the building worthy of recognition.
The site design includes well maintained
landscaping and highly legible pedestrian
circulation routes, both of which
contribute to the success of the
development as a whole.
Award Recipients:
Owner: MHBC
Architect: ABA Architects Inc.
Civil Engineer: MTE Consultants Inc.
Lighting Consultant: Mighton
Engineering Ltd.
General Contractor: Melloul-Blamey
Construction Inc.

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