Shelfari Instructions - Reinhardt Edu 525 FrontPage


Shelfari Instructions - Reinhardt Edu 525 FrontPage
Shelfari Instructions
1. Create an account
2. Adding & Removing Books : To find a specific book, see the Search help section. Below every book
on Shelfari is an “Add” button (you may need to move your cursor over the book for this button to
appear). Click the button to add the book to your shelf. Books that are already on your shelf have an
“Edit” button instead of an “Add” button. Click the “Edit” button to bring up a window where you can
provide additional information about your book (such as whether you’ve already read it or plan to read
it). From this menu you can also remove the book from your shelf. You can use the small drop down
menu to the right of the “Edit” button to quickly move a book to a different list Make EVERYTHING
“I’ve Read” so it will show up on one shelf.
3. To Edit your List – Go to Profile – My Shelf. Look at the list on the left side. All of your books should
be on Books I’ve Read. To change them click on EDIT under each book and mark it as I’ve read it.
4. Add a widget to my Blog: You can add a widget to your blog or website by selecting “Your Widgets”
from the More Content section on your Home page. Or you can click on the “Put your shelf on your
blog” button from your bookshelf. You should then choose “Do it Manually”. If you do not know
which widget is appropriate for your blog, select the general JavaScript or Flash widgets.
5. It may give you a code if you have already done this once before, otherwise it will say CUSTOMIZE
So click on it.
6. Customize your widget. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and take OFF both check marks
under ADDITIONAL CONTENT. Then click Save and Continue.
7. Get the Code and copy it.
Now open your Sharepoint Site and go to your MY FAVORITE BOOKS page.
Center the cursor in the middle of the page down below the title on the page.
Go to INSERT on the menu bar, and scroll down to WEB COMPONENT
Scroll down to ADVANCED CONTROLS and then click on HTML in the box on the right and click
FINISH. An empty box will appear. Paste your code into this box. Save the page and preview.