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Axedale Antics
Our Community Voice
February 2015
Issue No.211
Australia Day
It was a fantastic photo
opportunity when every
recipient of the Axedale
Citizen of the Year
award attended the
breakfast in the park.
From left to right:
John Colvin (2009)
Robert Gunn & Corrine
Cummins (2010)
Peter Dunlop (2011)
Lex Johnstone (2015)
Kate Dunlop (2011)
Mavis Mill (2012)
Michael Trounson (2013)
Terry Hoctor (2014).
Another success
story from the
Axedale Events
More details inside.
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From the President
What terrific couple of months in Axedale! Happy New
Year to everyone and I hope 2015 has kicked off well to you
all. Seems like ages ago but I certainly won’t forget the
Christmas cheer had by so many community members,
families and friends of Axedale at our Community
Christmas Carols. It was a fantastic night enjoyed by so
many, thank you to all of our volunteers and special thanks
to Helen Byrne our Secretary for her coordination of the
fish and leaving of remains next to picnic tables on a 38
degree day), I personally took the time to clean up the mess.
In today’s day and age, littering is just not acceptable. Keep
Australia Beautiful by starting in Axedale! The River
Reserve is for all to enjoy and the message is simple “Take
home your memories (and your rubbish), leave nothing but
As I type this on Australia Day, we congratulate Lex
Johnstone who has been named the 2015 Axedale Citizen of your footprints”. Bins have deliberately not been installed
on the Reserve as it encourages vermin and it is extremely
the Year. Lex in the few short years of being Principal at
difficult for a garbage truck to access the Reserve to empty
Axedale Primary School, has contributed so much to the
bins. There are plenty of bins at the Axedale Park for those
whole school community. Enrolments have risen
significantly since his commencement at the school. Lex is visitors wishing to dispose of items before their journey
home or onwards.
present at almost every event in Axedale; he has dedicated
many hours volunteering in the organisation of Quick Shear Finally this month, I would like to congratulate the
events, the bi-annual Golf Day and each AOTOF event.
volunteers of the ‘Axedale Events’ committee for the
Recently he has embraced the opportunity to be involved in success of the second Annual Quick Shear in January, what
the Pam Gunn Memorial Trust, which aims to benefit many a fabulous day of which I am sure will have a terrific
more local children into the future. Congratulations Lex,
fundraising outcome.
this honor is truly deserved.
Signing off for this month Over the summer season, the River Reserve has been visited
Yvonne Wrigglesworth
by many enjoying the picnic facilities, and mostly it has
been well respected with visitors taking home any rubbish
(President – Axedale Our Town, Our Future)
they had with them. Unfortunately there were a couple of
occasions that rubbish was dumped in locations near fishing
spots (including the grossly disrespectful gutting of several
Taylor’s Trivia Twenty No 69
1. The world’s highest waterfall, the Angel Falls, is in which continent?
2. Which children’s stories feature a melancholy donkey named Eeyore?
3. Which four letter word defines a classical ballet dress?
4. Who won the 2015 Allan Border Medal, the Test Player of the Year & One Day Player of the Year?
5. What name was given to the small knife used in olden times to sharpen quills for writing?
6. What 1986 Federal tax ended “free lunches” for Australian business people?
7. Louis Armstrong was nicknamed “Satchmo”, meaning what?
8. Which musical instrument varies its sound with a slide rather than a valve?
9. Who were the finalists in the 2015 Australian Open women’s singles?
10. I was born Ellen Cohen in Baltimore in 1941. A singer, I adopted a new first name in high school and
moved to New York to become a singer in the burgeoning folk scene. I was a member of bands including
the Big Three and the Mugwumps. With John and Michelle Phillips I was later a member of the Mamas and
the Papas. I died in 1979 of a heart attack. Who am I?
11. Which term for facial hair is derived from the name of American Civil War general, Ambrose Burnside?
12. In Keeping Up Appearances on TV, what is the given name of Hyacinth’s henpecked husband?
13. What crime is committed if someone marries when he/she is already married?
14. What did Malagasy runner Jean Louis Ravelomanantsoa, better known as Ravelo, achieve in the 1975
Stawell Gift?
15. Who is the 2015 Australian of the Year?
16. The Caucasus Mountains form the boundaries of which two continents?
17. Which Melbourne-born Aussie singer had hits in the 1960s with Shakin’ All Over and Que Sera Sera?
18. What is a more common name for the device called a polygraph that records bodily reactions such as
heartbeat and blood pressure?
19. Who was the first Australian to win a major overseas golf title, in 1947?
20. I was born in the UK on December 22, 1949, and died in 2003. I lived in Brisbane with my brothers,
continuing an amateur career we began in Manchester. In due course we became a tour de force,
outlasting the Beatles in time and in output. I was married to the Scottish pop star Lulu from 1969 to 1973. I
am the brother of Barry, Robin and the late Andy. Who am I?
They came in their hundreds to watch the clicking shears of the 45 Shearers competing in the Axedale Quick
Shear 2015.
They tried their luck on the spinning wheel and browsed the splendidly crafty market stalls (35 of them!) and
joined in the fun of the lamb chop throwing competition, dunked some local Axedale celebrities on the infamous
Dunking Machine and had a gamble on the Sheep Poo Lotto.
The parents even entertained their children on the jumping castles, face painting, colouring activities, lamb chop
throwing & purchased show bags. Everyone was able to taste the delights from the hot plates of the BBQ and
sampled freshly squeezed orange juice or an icy cold beverage.
And wasn't the OPEN QUICK SHEAR FINAL something to remember?!? Superb sportsmanship and skill on show!
Rumour has it that more than 800 people visited Axedale throughout our Quick Shear event in January! Once
again, (& they're not quite sure how!) BUT the Axedale Events Committee were able to attract a
large and enthusiastic crowd into the Axedale Park!
The merchandise sales went through the roof! Our cheeky mascot Lil Axie is proudly being worn by hundreds of
people from Axedale, thesurrounding regions and even by interstate and overseas visitors!
We can’t quite believe the response ourselves!
The Axedale Events Committee coordinated this event for the whole family in enjoy and in turn, raise
funds for the Axedale Primary School, Axedale Preschool and Axedale Public Hall. Never in our wildest dreams
did we think we would be so successful.....AGAIN (on our second attempt) at this community event!
With the extremely generous support of our Major Sponsors (Axedale Tavern, Central Victorian Cranes and
McCooke Agricultural Contracting) along with more than 60 other sponsors and of course the patrons, that
came in their hundreds on the day………we successfully raised MORE than $12,000.00 to be shared equally
between the Axedale Primary School, Axedale Preschool and Axedale Public
Hall. Phenomenal effort Axedale!
Health Matters
from local pharmacist - Mary Boromeo
Monday, January 26th, Australia Day was celebrated in great style with a well attended
community breakfast at Axedale Park, adjacent to the hall. What a superb venue this
has become for events of this type, the pre-Christmas Community Carols, the QuickShear contest , the bi-monthly markets, exhibitions and public celebrations.
Early arrivals tucked into a sumptuous, C.F.A.-cooked breakfast of sausages, eggs ,
onions, toast and tea or coffee whilst being serenaded by the singers of ‘Axedale In
Harmony’ accompanied by Jo Woodward and the Dodd family musicians.
The Australian flag was raised by a previous winner of ‘Citizen of the Year’, Michael
Trounson who is always welcomed back to Axedale. In fact all previous winners of the
prestigious award were present.
Yvonne Wrigglesworth, President of Axedale Our Town Our Future, was the emcee for
the proceedings, beginning with a tribute of acknowledgement to the traditional owners,
the Dja Dja Wrung people, then introducing the various speakers.
Official duties were performed by well known Councillor Rod Campbell who,
accompanied by his lovely wife Alison, is a frequent visitor to our town. All attendees
were asked to stand and repeat the oath of affirmation. Cr. Campbell went on to give an
interesting address featuring the early Bendigo architect, Vahland, who was responsible
for many of Bendigo’s historic buildings.
Primary School Head teacher, Lex Johnstone was announced as Citizen of the Year for
2015, a well-deserved accolade. CWA monetary awards were presented to Scholarship
winner Isabella Somerville and to representatives of the school, kindergarten and
Jodie McCooke, on behalf Axedale in Harmony, presented $75 to Lex Johnstone which
will be used for music & choir resources at the school. Axedale Our Town – Our Future
was also presented with $75, towards the planned defibrillator for the Axedale
community. (You may not be aware that the Axedale Antics matches every dollar raised
towards the defibrillator, so there goes $75 from the Antics bank account).
Axedale in Harmony
Above: CFA members using the Axedale Events mobile BBQ,
Above Right: Lex Johnstone & awards
Right: Cr. Rod & Alison Campbell
Those who attended took the opportunity of catching up with friends
and neighbours, welcoming newcomers and a most enjoyable
occasion was the outcome for our community.
Clean filling
Ph: Jan 5439 7259
Axedale Golf Club
Newsletters from December and January were
received from the golf club but mostly concerned
results from competitions long gone. We at ‘Antics’
were very pleased to note that the golf club has joined
other town organisations and adopted the platypus as
their official logo. They have also used the motto
“Bendigo’s Hidden Treasure”. We wish the club a very
successful 2015 and will follow with interest the
progress of this vital piece of Axedale infrastructure.
Marie’s Musings
Life is like a blanket—too short. You pull it up
and your toes are cold, you push it down and
you get cold shoulders. But cheerful people
manage to draw up their knees and pass a very
comfortable night.
Axedale Events Committee
$100 per day plus BOND.
3x eskies,
2 gas bottles,
water container,
tap and plates for
Call Shane on
0427 557 092
Showcasing Local Climate Leadership
The 6th annual Macedon Ranges Sustainable
Living Festival returns this year showcasing all
that’s happening in central Victoria on
renewables, renovations, renegade
gardening, and much more.
The festival is a great community event
attracting over 1,000 visitors each year. This year the
organisers hope to inspire individual acts of climate
leadership and to motivate visitors to consider the
everyday things they can do to tackle climate change
head on.
With a plethora of
fantastic ideas and
innovations on display
from individuals,
businesses and
organisations, visitors are
sure to discover loads of
sustainable concepts to
incorporate into their
daily lives.
join in.”
“I think a lot of
people are just
not sure how all
these things relate to action on climate change,” he
continues, “but hopefully what visitors will take away
from the Festival will help to demystify that notion and
show that a lot of little things can add up, collectively,
to serious action.”
Festival organisers are expecting a great turn out for
the festival scheduled for the last day of summer, and
encourage you to visit the outstanding selection
stallholders, listen in to the many engaging speakers
and eat your fill with the vegetarian feasting provided
by MR VEG.
Be inspired by our local climate heroes and enjoy the
cheerful atmosphere of this premier local event. Put
sustainable living on your agenda for 2015!
The Festival kicks off at 10 am on Saturday 28th
February at the Community Garden behind the
Woodend Community Hub, 47 Forest St Woodend. Entry
Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group President, Ralf
for adults is $5. MRSG members and Children under 18
Thesing explains;
“Action to reduce your waste, permaculture gardening are free.
You can find more information at
and growing your own food all contribute to a smaller
carbon footprint,” and adds that “getting involved with
All enquiries - Alastair Fleming - 0412 178 408
community action, animal welfare and social justice
Email [email protected]
groups helps spread the word, encouraging others to
5432 2295
0418 700 554
Stray Dogs
Community Grants Program
Applications are now open for the current round of
Community Grants offered by
Fosterville Gold Mine
The program aims to assist community groups to
undertake a wide range of activities that contribute to
the social, educational, recreational and
environmental aspects of local communities.
Projects should provide a wide community benefit &
create opportunities for people to participate.
The Fosterville Gold Mine is an active and supportive
member of the community in which it operates.
Guidelines and application forms can be obtained
from the Fosterville Gold Mine.
T: 03 5439 9000
E: [email protected]
Submissions for the current round of funding close
Newcomers to Axedale are reminded that
dogs must be restrained within your property
at all times. There are plenty of places in the
township where dogs may be exercised,
O’Keefe trail, golf course, riverside reserve, to
name a few.
Unfortunately a number of sheep have been
killed and a valuable alpaca has been
savaged in the past few weeks. One of the
dogs has been photographed, and details of
the attack on the alpaca are in the hands of
the council ranger who is now conducting
random patrols of Axedale.
Apart from the ever-present danger to stray
dogs of the heavy trucks which use our
roads, dog owners are reminded that a
property owner has full rights to shoot any
dog which strays onto his/her property and it
is much cheaper to erect a restraining fence
than to pay a council fine or even pay to
replace an animal such as an alpaca. The
owners of this animal have already lost two,
valued at $750 each.
Year With A Difference
As we have once again stepped over another threshold into
the year 2015, we ask ourselves what this year will have in
store for us. Will it be just another year, or are we willing
to work hard at making it a year with a difference?
Looking back into the past year often puts us into a state of
depression. So many things could have turned out
differently, if only....
No-one is perfect, but God Himself. If He can forgive us for
all our wrong-doings, why shouldn’t we forgive ourselves
and try again? We don’t know what this year will hold for
us, but by consulting with God first, who is the past, present
and future, we are safe in His loving hands.
So let us bow down in faith asking for his wisdom and plan
ahead with the Master of plans—‘The Almighty God’. He
wants us to tap into the everlasting power and fulfilment
that only a life with Him can bring.
May 2015 be a year of many blessings for you, which can
make all the difference.
John 15:7 “If you remain in me and my words remain in
you, ask whatever you wish and it will be given”.
Trudy Lechner
Help change the story of ovarian
cancer during Ovarian Cancer
Awareness Month in February
Each day in Australia four women are diagnosed
with ovarian cancer and three will die from the
disease. Ovarian cancer has the lowest survival
rate of any women’s cancer and there has been
very little improvement in survival in the past 20
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is an annual
national campaign to raise awareness of the
symptoms, risks and impact of ovarian cancer, as
well as to raise funds for our work in support,
awareness, advocacy and research.
Ovarian Cancer Australia invites every council
around Australia to inform women in their
community about the symptoms and risks of
ovarian cancer this Ovarian Cancer Awareness
Month in February.
With your help, we can change the story of ovarian
cancer to one of hope and optimism.
How you can help:
Promote our awareness messages via social
You can help to raise awareness of ovarian cancer
by following us on social media and sharing
important messages.You can find us on Facebook,
Instagram and Twitter.
Display awareness posters and brochures
Inform your community about the symptoms and
risks of ovarian cancer by displaying and
distributing our awareness posters and brochures.
To request an awareness pack please email or call
1300 660 334.
Wear a teal ribbon on Teal Ribbon Day –
Wednesday 25th February
Wear a teal ribbon to show your support for
ovarian cancer awareness, support and
research.You can purchase teal ribbons from your
local Chemmart® Pharmacy or online.
Host an Afternoon Teal®
During February we encourage the community to
host an Afternoon Teal® to raise awareness of
ovarian cancer and funds to support our work.
Engage with your staff and community by hosting
an Afternoon Teal® at your office. to register your
Afternoon Teal event or email.
Support our 'Colour for a Cause' campaign
During 2015 Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month,
Chemmart® is also stocking a limited edition teal
nail polish pack, ‘colour for a cause’, with
proceeds donated to Ovarian Cancer Australia.
We’re asking everyone – including men! – to paint
their nails teal to make a bold statement of support
for the ovarian cancer cause.
Ovarian Cancer Australia
Queen Victoria Women’s Centre
Level 1, 210 Lonsdale Street Melbourne
A step back in time…..
Alfred Kirk
taken, though it is not expected that he will die He is
suffering chiefly from shock and should recover, unless
blood poisoning sets in. Hocking and Mrs. Kirk, it appears,
In The last edition of this article we described the
been living together for the last few weeks as man and wife .
criminal activities of Alfred Kirk and a number of his
Kirk was first noticed in the neighborhood of the tragedy
friends in the Axedale, Goornong and Bendigo areas.
about 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon . Several times later he
From 1895 to 1898 Kirk continued to find himself in
is observed prowling about Hocking On leaving the house in
trouble with the law locally. His crimes related mainly to
which he was boarding encountered Kirk . The two men
the theft of tallow and cattle. In 1897 he married
walked together for a while, and then Kirk shot Hocking
Elizabeth (Lizzi) Gibson in Bendigo. Several years later
he moved to Broken Hill without his wife for reasons
When asked who had shot him, Hocking answered Kirk, “I
unknown. In 1901 he married Rose Ann Wilkinson who
never thought he would do a thing like this I thought he was
was only 15 at the time. However, he was still married
too big a cur.” Kirk proceeded to a house in which his wife
to Lizzi. Consequently in 1906 he was charged with
bigamy. To further complicate the matter Kirk claimed was hiding, about a quarter of a mile away and on being
refused admission broke in the door with an axe. Warning
that he believed that his first marriage was void
two other women and a child not to interfere, entered a
because Lizzi’s first husband, who they previously
believed to be deceased, had returned. Kirk was not
bedroom, dragged Mrs Kirk from under the bed and shot
found guilty of bigamy as his first marriage did not
her twice. A small girl of 13 tried lo protect Mrs. Kirk, but
appear to be legal. However, over the next few years was told to keep out of the I way. Kirk afterwards went to
his marriage to Rose was apparently quite unstable. By his mothers residence, and there calmly awaited arrest.
1908 Rose was living as man and wife with John
Mrs. Kirk was a Miss Wilkinson . Her mother was burnt to
Hocking which resulted in disaster.
death at South Broken Hill just before Christmas
An inquest on the body of Mrs. Kirk was held this
BROKEN HILL SHOOTING (Argus, 19 February 1908) afternoon . Eight witnesses were examined, including the
Tuesday-Alfred Kirk, who shot his wife, Rose Ann Kirk, and arresting con stable Senor-constable Manns. A verdict of
willful murder was returned against Kirk, who was
her alleged paramour, John Hocking, was brought before
the police court to-dav, and, after formal evidence of arrest committed for trial. Kirk broke down on viewing the body
of his wife at the Morgue . He burst into tears, kissed his
was given, was remanded. Kirk, when asked if he had any
wifes face, and remarked, ' Poor little Kid ". Then he said to
questions, simply replied, 'No, sir"He was seemingly
careless of his position, and laughed and joked as if nothing the police, ' Take me away, this is no place for me ' . His
bravado has since disappeared . When arrested Kirk had a
serious had happened. He freely admitted the shooting,
loaded revolver and a sharp sheath knife . Kirk once served
expressing regret that he did not finish Hocking.
l8 months' in Prison in Victoria for cattle stealing
Hocking is in the hospital where his depositions have been
He is a strongly built young man, over 6ft high.
Part 2: “I die for you dearest”
Axedale Gallery
The Axedale Gallery is located in the
original Bluestone Stables that once
sheltered the
Cobb & Co horses which Peter Gasson
now depicts in his oil paintings lining
the walls of the gallery.
Peter also paints bushrangers &
scenes of the heavy horses working
on the farms & towns in early
Visitors are always welcome.
Phone: (03) 5439 7531
Hours are: Friday, Saturday, Sunday &
Monday. 10am to 3pm.
Or visit the website to view some of
the works on display in the gallery.
Local Railway Lines
will be supplied from Sandhurst
and Heathcote businesses will
Once underway with construction
not be able to compete.
of the line, O’Keefe has reason to
However, the delay is caused by
complain that the Railways
the final survey having to
Commissioners have not arranged compensation with
traverse through quite hilly
landowners and his men are being warned off some
country and attempts are made to try and provide a line
properties as trespassers.
route that provides for the residents of Glenaroua who
Hotels and businesses enjoy a brisk trade in providing
appear to have been catered for at one stage, only to have
services to the workmen along the line. Extensive blasting is been left out in the cold as the alternate surveys developed.
required to cut through the bluestone adjoining Heffernan’s By December 1887, the O’Keefe’s train runs to a point
Marydale Estate. It seems strange, with so much bluestone
about 3.2km from Axedale Station and the line is
around, that the Campaspe River bridge rests on wooden
progressing at the rate of about 2.4km per week and is
piles. Was it considered or intended at the outset that the
expected to be open within about 6 months. However, work
line would not have a long life and the bridge would not
had been suspended during the winter months due to floods
need replacement? Could they see that far into the future?
in the Axe Creek and Campaspe River and the contract time
Continuing from last issue:
At this stage, Ingham purchases the engine and stone sawing is running out. Piles for the Campaspe bridge had to be
machine that had been used for cutting the stone for the
obtained from Newcastle and were 15m long.
public buildings in Sandhurst, and intends to start supplying
bluestone in the finished state. As engineering difficulties
More next month.
prevented the rail line running closer to his quarry, he
announces that he intends to have a tramway constructed
and renew the rail line after the line is completed.
The Stationmaster
O’Keefe was to find himself in court a number of times to
settle claims by disgruntled employees. In March 1887, he is
proceeded against by William Harper to recover the sum of
£26/17/0 for work and labour which he had been engaged to
carry out. This is for work associated with the cutting near
Acott’s mine between Hickey Road and Giri’s Lane. The
disagreement is over how much Harper was to be paid if
he struck rock in the cutting. The court finds in Harper’s
The winter of 1887 causes some construction difficulties
for O’Keefe. The bridge over the Axe Creek is delayed
due to water damming to a depth of up to 5m by a natural
weir slightly downstream. He builds a weir further
downstream and pumps the water between the two places.
A blacksmith forge is also erected nearby.
At this stage of the line construction, rails have been laid
to within 57m of the McIvor Road crossing.
A newspaper of July 1887, reports that the Engineer’s
office is at the site of the Axe Creek Station in what is to
be a Gatekeeper’s residence. The site of the Axedale
Station is viewed as problematic; a more out of the way
place for a station that is supposed to be in close
proximity to the township could hardly be imagined. A
regular bush mile from the township’. The article also
states that unless the station is brought closer to the town,
there should at least be a siding to cater for picnic trains.
By September 1887, it is reported that most of the heavy
construction has been completed except for the crossing
of the Axe Creek and the Campaspe River. Meanwhile,
there is unrest associated with the delay in starting
construction of the Heathcote -Kilmore section. There is a
feeling that while there is no connection to Kilmore,
farmers would be taking their business to Sandhurst. Half
the freight extra would be required for Melbourne traffic
via Sandhurst. It seemed that the line they never asked for
was being made but that which they did ask for, was not.
There is also the thought that when the construction from
Heathcote to the south commences, goods and supplies
A visit to this unique Lavender Barn is
sure to delight.
Indulge yourself with preserves, old style
lollies & cordials.
Enjoy a cappuccino or herbal tea with
home made cookies & slices.
Browse through our extensive Lavender
& gift range.
All this in wood fire warmth in winter and
air conditioned comfort in summer.
(Massage & groups by appointment)
491 Lyell Road Redesdale 3444
Phone Lisa 5425 3207 or 0409 231 662
Recently I have been exploring Heathcote B&Bs
for my Sydney cousin keen to visit Heathcote in
time for the Spanish Festival. Motor Inn
and Commercial booked out but I found a choice
of 3 B&Bs tucked away.
I was intrigued to find “Killara Park” on the road to
Mia Mia. The family home was beautifully set up
for visitors with two double bed rooms, bunk beds
for children and even a barn for a larger group as
they have hired out for weddings and parties. Over
the hills there was a piece of prehistoric rock
acclaimed by geologists and for the less initiated
a beautiful view. Family wedding photos and their
men in uniforms of WW1 and WW11 lined the little
passage on the way to the kitchen, realising the
seven generations of family on the property.
Shane O’Sullivan with characteristic Irish humour
had given names to each room finishing with
“Tipperary” -it’s a long way to- out the back.
P.O.Box 758
Heathcote 3523 [email protected]
University of the Third Age
President Glenys Baldwin Secretary Stephanie Bastock
Ph 5433 2925
Ph. 5433 3649
Book Group
Beginners Conversation French
Beginners Recorder
Chair Based Exercisers
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Garden Club
History Group
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Music Appreciation
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Theatre Group
Walk and Talk
Monthly Coffee Mornings are held at a
local Café or at the Guide Hall if we have
a Guest Speaker
For more Information you can pick up a Newsletter at the
Hub, (council offices) the Library or contact us as above.
Frank’s “Fetching Treasurers” is a favourite in
Heathcote as locals love to linger over Frank’s
soups in the front area draped with vine leaves.
Just up two steps is the room for Antiques and
Collectables, an intriguing mix where we find a
treasure. We ask about the B&B, up a flight of
wooden steps with wooden rail for security.
Beautifully prepared for guests with two
bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and toilet there is a
quaint attic like feel and yet plenty of space,
looking out over Heathcote.
Heathcote House was converted to a café not
long ago and we love to recline on the sofa taking
in all the delicate pieces arranged to keep the
period of the house. B&B is out the back, much
acclaimed by friends who stayed there one
Easter. They loved the careful attention paid with
respect to the shape of the room, the delicious
continental breakfast and the care taken to show
them the way around Heathcote.
ULCER: Something you get, not from what
you eat, but from what’s eating you.
HANGOVER: Something to occupy the head
that wasn’t used the night before.
Redesdale Bush Market - Sunday, 8/3/2015.
Agnes Mudford Reserve,
2631 Kyneton - Heathcote Rd, Redesdale, 3444.
The Redesdale Hall Committee are holding their annual Bush Market in 2015 on the Labour
Day long weekend at the "Agnes Mudford Reserve" offering something of interest for all
The Committee are pleased to announce that both the 'Bendigo and District Band' and
Bendigo locals 'Jordy Waldron' and his friends will be entertaining the crowds.
Children's entertainment includes an Animal Farm and a Jumping Castle.
The market begins at 8.30 am and finishes at 2.00 pm on Sunday, 8th March.
Enjoy a wide selection of stalls, ranging from local produce including
wine & beer tasting, olives, apples, honey, jams, chutneys, preserves, cake stall and plants,
through to clothing, fishing tackle, tools, photography, various craft items including stained
glass sun-catchers and fused glass wind chimes, crochet, wooden roses, glassware,
crockery, toys, bric-a-brac, BBQ lunch, great coffee and lots more!
Why not invite your family and friends along to explore this very picturesque area in Central
Victoria and make a day of it? Bring along a picnic rug or chair, enjoy the music and take in
the local surroundings.
(Please note that the weather can be quite different to other areas - sometimes drier! If in
doubt, it's a good idea to check with the Weather Bureau.)
Outside Stalls Available - $20.00.
Bookings and Enquiries:
Alwyn - 0419 513 976 or Carolyn - 03 5425 3194.
*** Like us on Facebook: 'Redesdale Bush Market 2015' ***
All Welcome!
Answers........Taylor’s Trivia Twenty No 69
1. South America (Venezuela)
2. A A Milne’s Winnie the Pooh series
3. Tutu
4. Steve Smith
5. Penknife
6. Fringe Benefits Tax
7. “Satchelmouth”
8. Trombone
9. Serena Williams & Maria Sharapova
10. Mama Cass
11. Sideburns
12. Richard
13. Bigamy
14.Won from scratch (In 2005, Athens Olympian
Joshua Ross became just the second man to do this.)
15. Rosie Batty
16. Europe & Asia
17. Normie Rowe
18. Lie detector
19. Jim Ferrier
20. Maurice Gibb
Axedale Church Services
St Andrews Uniting Church
Sun 15th February, 7.00pm Rev Julianne Parker
Note this change of time for the hot month of February.
All welcome, cuppa served after the service
Contact Glenis 5439 7251.
St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Time: 10.30am each Sunday
Contact: Bev Whelan Ph 54397409
St. Paul’s Anglican Church.
Contact Revd. Ian Cutlack
Ph 0402 130718
Axedale Uniting Church Hall is
available for use to the public.
Please ring Glenis 5439 7251
perpetuating the name of the great Harry Hopman who
masterminded Australian tennis of the fifties, back in the
Having spent most of the first two decades of my life in
days of Frank Sedgman, Ken Rosewall and Lew Hoad when
South Gippsland, within cooee of the beach, I have to admit we dominated world tennis and the Davis Cup. Most tennis
that the harsh summers of northern Victoria are pretty hard on the television shows us singles matches but we ordinary
to endure, not at all my favourite season. With the late
tennis players mostly played doubles and the mixed games
December bushfires and a series of very hot days I was
in the Hopman Cup kept me up past midnight on a number
bracing myself for an uncomfortable month or two. The air- of occasions.
conditioner was readied in preparation for high temperatures
and anxious measurements of levels in both tanks and dams Then there was the cricket. Test matches, 20/20, 50-over
one-dayers, Big Bash, (not quite my cup of tea but
added a degree of worry to the situation.
endlessly entertaining to my better half). Here was my
However, I was wrong. The welcome rain in early new year opportunity to dive into those library books with one eye on
refreshed the garden , filled the tanks to overflowing and
the replays. I even followed the Socceroos in their quest for
even topped up the dam. Then a series of warm but mild
the Asian Cup although I find that brand of football clever
summer days and overnight temperatures, which ensured a but boring. Add in our wonderful Bendigo Spirit girls and
good night’s sleep, have restored my good humour and I
the talented Kristi Harrower farewelling her brilliant career.
have really enjoyed January.
Having reached the stage of life where watering the garden
My primary school education in the years of the second
is my most active pursuit, I find that in the wasteland that is
World War meant that we had very little in the way of
summer TV, sport is the only bright light that enlivens
playground or sports equipment in my childhood, but we
summer. As I write, the Australian Open is about to begin
were blessed with a schoolteacher who always urged us to
and will take me happily to the end of January and give me
“be a hitter not a sitter”. Consequently, with the most
the strength, I hope, to endure February.
rudimentary play equipment we were always active. We
enjoyed rounders played with a bald tennis ball and a broom
handle, Kick the pinecone, hiding and chasing games,
running, skipping, jumping, potato races, and ball games
with whatever tired old ball we could lay our hands on. As a
result I became a ‘sportsnut’ and played netball, hockey,
volleyball, softball, and tennis in my youth then later on,as
an adult, golf. To my sorrow I was never a champion but
classed myself as a good B-grader, a team player, but I
loved every minute.
Summer by Lorraine Gunn
So, what has given me the most enjoyment during Summer?
A trip to the mobile Library prior to Christmas stocked me
with a huge pile of books to be savoured at my leisure, and
then there was the SPORT. Beginning in late November
with the golf, we have had a smorgasbord of world class
sporting events right here in our lounge rooms, available at
the flick of a switch. My favourite was the Hopman Cup,
Country Women’s Association
2015 will begin for Axedale members with the regular” first
Wednesday of the month” meeting on February 4th at 6 pm.
New members are always welcome and our Secretary, Sue
Rich would love to hear from you on 5439 7353, or just
come along. The meeting will be held at the Uniting Church
clubroom and a shared meal will precede business matters.
The district conference, to be held on Tuesday February
10th will be one of the matters for discussion.
The Axedale branch would like to congratulate June Reid
on receiving the honour of an O.A.M. in recognition of her
services to CWA. June has served as State President in the
past and continues to be an active CWA member. Several
Axedale members enjoyed a garden party at her
Strathfieldsaye home last November.
Congratulations also to Maddy Gunn who is the recipient of
a three-year state-wide scholarship based on her excellent
V.C.E. results. Maddy will receive $750 each year from
CWA Headquarters to help with expenses incurred in her
tertiary education. She intends to begin a one year intern
placement at the Bendigo Hospital, associated with a
T.A.F.E. certificate course in preparation for studying
nursing at university in the following years.
Axedale student Isabella Somerville is also to be
congratulated upon receiving a $500 scholarship provided
by the Axedale branch to a student residing within 15 kms
of the Axedale Post Office and continuing her education in
2015. Isabella is entering Year 12 at Bendigo Senior
Secondary and plans to use her scholarship to further her
Art studies.
At the community breakfast on Australia Day CWA
member Lyn Turner presented cheques to the value of
$100 each to representatives of the playgroup, the
kindergarten and the Axedale Primary School, an annual
donation that the CWA makes to the youth of the
The 2015 Themes for all branches of CWA are as
Theme: Community Connectedness and Creativity.
Thanksgiving Fund: Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia
Research Foundation Victoria.
State Project: Roof for Umina (CWA Headquarters Toorak)
Product/Resource: Bees and Honey.
Social Issues Focus: Raising Awareness of Mental Health
and Suicide Prevention.
Country of Study: Cameroon.
As you can see, membership of CWA involves being part of
a caring organisation which has influence in a wide variety
of community concerns, it is not just about cookery and
home industry.
However, in these days of whizz-bang kitchen appliances
and every mod con in our homes, spare a thought for the
cooks of yesteryear.
The Discontented Cook by an anonymous 18th century
Oh who would wish to be a cook, To live in such a broil!
With all one’s pains, to cook one’s brains, And lead a life of
An hour before the rising sun I’m forced to leave my bed.
To make the fires, and fry the cakes And get the table
The breakfast’s scarcely over, And all things set to rights
Before the savoury haunch or fowl, My skill and care
And here I stand before the fire, And turn them round and
And keep the kettle boiling, I hate their very sound.
And long before the day is spent, I’m all in such a toast
You could scarcely tell which is done the most
Myself, or what I roast.
Towards the end of the year Axedale PS proudly hosted our Musical Evening. All students who have been learning guitar or singing with Jo Woodward or in the School Choir with Michelle Blume, had the opportunity to perform for their
parents and the assembled audience. The students put on an excellent performance, showcasing their development over
the last twelve months. The self-confidence of the students in performing so well on the night was most pleasing. The
school thanks Jo and Michelle for their efforts with the students throughout 2014.
Axedale PS welcomes 20 new Preps to begin the 2015 school
year. Welcome to Cody, Abigail, Charlotte, Emily, Lincoln,
Danielle, Grace, Sam D, Ebony, Sadie, Will, Paddy, Hugh,
Sam C, Emily J, Daniel, Lottie, Mia, Ben and Steffi. They
have made a great start to the year.
We also welcome new students Jordi (Gr. 2) and Max (Gr. 6)
and welcome Thomas (Gr. 3) and Nick (Gr. 6) back to
Axedale PS.
Miss Michelle Mannes joins our staff this year as our Grade
Three teacher. We welcome Michelle to our staff.
At last year’s end of year Christmas Concert, our 2014 Award
Winners were presented with their certificates from School
Council president Neil Aurisch and a gift from the Strathfieldsaye & District Enterprise Group. We thank SDEG for their
continued support.
Keely Van Wynen
Callum Cairney
Rachael Burnside
Jesse Prendergast
Jack Di Valentine
Tahlia Kendall
Josh Liersch
Montana Ticehurst
February 2015
Trading Hours
Bookings 5439 7377
Open 11am
Wed – Fri
Open 11am
12pm - 2pm
6pm - 8pm
$20 Your Choice of Porterhouse, Rump or T-Bone.
Open 11am
12pm - 2pm
6pm - 8pm
Takeaway Pizzas
Available Tues - Sun
6pm –8pm
Large Pizzas
2 x $30, 3 x $40, 4 x $50
Phone orders welcome
Parma night
Great variety!
Sunday Roast
2 Course Lunch or Dinner
Only $16.90!
Find out what’s on at the Tavern
Be kept up to date with our
Facebook page
All meals served with Beer Battered Chips, Salad & your choice of Sauce.
LIVE MUSIC….No Cover Charges….Just Great Entertainment!
Saturday 7th Feb ‘The Grinners 8pm– 11pm
(Tickets $10 - Proceeds to ‘Weekend to End Women’s Cancers’)
Sunday 15th Feb Tony J King A talented Blues, Jazz & Folk musician.
Tony J King will be playing at the Tavern for the first time. A great way to
spend a Sunday arvo. 1pm - 4pm
Sunday 22nd Feb Hannah Jakab Tavern regular Hannah 1pm - 4pm
Sunday 1st March Grant Bull Pop, Rock, Country & Folk. Also a
Tavern regular. Grant Bull. 1pm - 4pm
Saturday 14th March ‘SnD’ Duo. Sit back and relax, or bring your
dancing shoes. 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Lunches starting at just $10 which are sure to please,
including vegetarian and gluten free dishes.
Sunday lunch - Regular menu, weekly specials & Sunday roast special.
Valentine’s Day
Whether it’s a first date, or you’ve been together
forever, we will have a romantic little table just for you. Book
now and let us know that it’s a
Valentine’s Dinner.
Every Friday night 5:30pm - 7:30pm with Joker Jackpot.
Receive a free ticket with every drink purchase and if your ticket is
chosen you have the chance to win the jackpot! TOO EASY!!