Activities Highlights February 2015


Activities Highlights February 2015
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Jason P.
Phyllis W.
April B.
Brenton R.
Debbie C.
Saima A.
Lori B.
Jennifer A.
Diaz, Saydee
Cheek, Chad
Harrod, Brenda
Vincent, Bennie
Spivey, Laura
Fresh, Jackie
Close, Blair
Dear Parents, Caregivers and Loved
We are having our annual Valentines Dance on February 13th. We
are going to make this a special day
for our participants. The Troubadours will be here to entertain us
and we will be making some cupid
punch (sherbet). If you would like to
send in goodies for that day please
feel free to do so. Thank You!
RECIPE OF THE MONTH: Super Bowl Snacks: Crispy Tex-Mex Chicken Strips & The Ultimate Guacamole
Crispy Tex-Mex chicken strips
The Ultimate Guacamole
Cut 1 1/2 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast diagonally into 1/2-in.-thick strips. Place 1/2 cup jarred
salsa in a shallow bowl. In a second bowl, combine 4
cups tortilla chips (finely crushed; you should have 1
3/4 cups total), 2 scallions (finely chopped) and 1/4
cup fresh cilantro (chopped). Dip the chicken strips in
the salsa and then the chip mixture, pressing gently to
help it adhere. Transfer to a foil-lined baking sheet.
Bake at 425 degrees until the chicken is golden
brown and cooked through, 8 to 10 minutes. Serve
with salsa and sour cream, if desired.
Chop 1/2 cup fresh cilantro. In a large bowl,
combine 1/2 small red or white onion (finely
chopped). 2 small jalapenos (seeded for less
heat, if desired; finely chopped), half the cilantro and 1/2 tsp each salt and pepper. Add 2
large rip avocados (diced) and 2 Tbsp fresh
lime juice and mash to combine. Fold in the
remaining cilantro.
Chosen by: Andrew V.
Typed by: Natalie P.
Monthly Awareness:
Move It 2 Lose It
Brenda RN—Director Of Health Services
January has moved along smoothly with the start of the ‘Move It to Lose It’ program. The participants are very enthusiastic about getting fit and healthy. Weights were obtained and individual goals are getting targeted. The movement activities range from walking laps to jumping
jacks, to kicking or hitting a suspended ball or just increasing the number of steps we take on a
daily basis. Relay races took place in Plum Place, which Troy stated he liked very much. Uptown participants like to play musical chairs daily as part of cardio exercise. They are also using mat exercises to allow participants to get out of their wheelchairs for stretching and hitting
a tether ball daily. Center Point participants enjoy moving it with Richard Simmons’ “Sweatin
to the Oldies”. Participants and staff in the Art Gallery have been walking laps around the circumference of the upstairs and has averaged ½ mile per week. In February their goal is to build
up to walking one mile per week or better!!!!
Please encourage and cheer the participants on as they move into a new and healthy life style!!
Spotlight of the Month: CLS Carrie Finkbiner
1.Q. What are your
A. Reading mystery novels, making
wreaths, and painting.
Interviewed by: Vickie M.
I am an assistant
swim coach for the
area 4 Dolphin team
in Louisville.
6. When I asked
Vickie if she wanted
to ask me anything
she said she liked my
4.Q. How else do
2.Q. What is your fa- you help SOKY?
vorite CLS activity?
A. I participate in
A. It really depends the Polar Plunge!
on the participant.
This year will be my
Everyone has such
4th Polar Plunge!
different interests.
7.Q. Do you like
Rock Stars like me?
A. Yes! Vickie has
really gotten me into
liking old school
rock music. Our favorites to listen to are
Bob Segar and John
3.Q. What community activities/
organizations are you
involved in?
A. I have been a
volunteer with
SOKY for 6 years. I
bowl unified with my
sister and
5.Q. Name an interesting fact about you.
A. I am recently
married and have discovered that I love to
cook for my husband
and our family.
8. Another activity
that Vickie and I love
is color by number.
Sometimes I draw
her pictures and
numbers so she can
color them.
From the desk of: Executive Director Tracy MSSW
Another month
to spring:)
’s closer
to take
nity to share
with you some
and exciting things we have
planned for this year. On Wednesday,
March 25th we are having a health
fair here at Kaleidoscope from 11am1pm. Everyone is invited to attend.
We will be offering health screenings
and many other vendors will be here
to promote health and wellness. If
you know of anyone interested in being a vendor at this event please have
them contact Nurse Brenda soon.
Families, please mark your calendar
and come out and see us that day on
your lunch break. We are promoting
health and wellness here at the center
with our Move it 2 Lose It program
and we would love to see families and
caregivers jump on the health and wellness bandwagon with the rest of us.
We are also discussing doing another
5k Walk and Roll here at Kaleidoscope
like we had a few years back. We are
in the process of planning that now and
I will let you know as soon as we pin
down a date. Everyone here at Kaleidoscope is very focused on making
2015 the year we all take steps towards
healthier lifestyles. As an Adult Day
Health Center and we want to really
promote the health services we provide. Thanks for all your support and
we hope to see you all at the Health
Fair next month.
So let’s all get Moving It 2 Lose It and
get healthy in 2015! :) -Tracy
In leap years, it is the only
month that begins and ends
on the same weekday. By
Jennifer M.
The Latin name for snow
drop is Galanthus, which
means “Milk Flower” By
Seth T.
February is National BirdFeeding Month By Tina W.
In February 1910, the Boy
Scouts of America was
incorporated. By Kim Sh.
Viola (plant) and the Primrose
are the birth flowers. By Keith
Black History Month is
celebrated in Canada and
United States. By Chance K
Darla - President
Liz - Director
Tracy - MSSW Executive Director
John S. Director of Remote Services
Brenda RN - Director of Health
Rhonda - Case Manager
Chad- Director of Programming
Blair - MSSW Director of Social
Kaleidoscope, Inc
10330 Bunsen Way
Louisville, KY 40299
Phone: 502-495-1662
Fax: 502-495-1665
“We’re in the smile business”
Activities Highlights
African American History
Week of February 2-6
From The Heart
Week of February 9-13
We will be studying the history of African Americans. In
addition, we will be doing
some science experiments
that relate to their inventions.
We will also throw some exercise in there by playing
some good old fashioned
baseball in honor of Jackie
We have tried to be very
clever with adapting our
(Move It To Lose It) program
to our weekly themes. Who
says you can’t play baseball
indoors with a “soft” ball?
We can make fun exercise
happen anywhere!
On 2/4, Mrs. Paula returns
with her monthly cooking
On 2/6, singer Ray Haste
returns to perform some awesome music for us!
Our week will start with
some healthy heart
exercise. We will be
making some creative Valentine cards and scrapbooking.
February 2015
“Let’s Perform”
Week of February 16-20 Drama, Drama, Drama
Masked in Mystery
Get ready for some
New Orleans inspired
Mardi Gras fun! We will
kick it off with a jazz
concert featuring singer
On 2/11 Artist Lauri Adkins Robbie Bartlett on 2/17.
returns to assist us with creThe fun doesn’t end
ating some mosaic masterthere! We will be makpieces that will beautify our
ing our own masks to
wear. It would not be
Mardi Gras without
The Kentucky Humane socisome homemade beigety returns on 2/12. We will
get our share of some puppy nets. It’s a tradition for
love. We appreciate the time us to make them every
they give to us by bringing in year. The week ends
with another tradition of
their therapy dogs. They
bring us smiles!
ours, the parade. Floats
will be made. Beads will
The Troubadours will perbe tossed and instruform for our From The Heart ments played as we paValentine Dance on 2/13.
rade through the buildWear your pink and red and
get ready for a very heartfelt ing. It’s definitely a festive occasion!
Get on stage, Kaleidoscope, with your acting
skills. We shall start our
week off with a skit on
Monday. We will get creative and make some
props for this special day.
On 2/24 our day should be
exciting as we host our
Red Carpet Runway Show.
Bring out the stars!
The Weber Gallery will be
here to do a self portraiture class with our Art
Gallery group on 2/25.
The UofL Repertory Company will perform for us on
2/26. They are doing the
play “Mr. Peabody’s Apples.” We love how they
draw us into the story and
make the performance interactive.
We end our drama week on
Friday with StageOne Theater. We are ready to act! Get
the awards ready!