Customer Experience Management


Customer Experience Management
customer experience management automotive
the connection between oem, dealer, repair
shop and customer
the forward-looking, integrated automotive platform
customer experience management (cem)
The information and communication technology in the automotive
industry is currently undergoing a paradigm shift towards digitalization. It
is decisive for success to establish customer relationships while the
customers’ requirements are constantly rising – today and in the future.
Currently, approximately 50% of a dealership’s customers change their
retailer after the guarantee period has expired. Studies and surveys have
proven that improving customer contact and utilizing modern communication channels can retain at least 20% of those customers. An additional 18 % revenue can be achieved by involving the customer more closely into the servicing process and service reception. The key to success
for the car dealer is transparency in all aspects of customer management, in order to make the customers feel that they are being taken good
care of. This is where the solution Customer Experience Management
Automotive (CEM Automotive) is tying in – a digital and mobile platform
that connects all relevant stakeholders. All necessary Sales & Aftersales
(SAS) processes are provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) both in a
portal and in a mobile environment: globally from the secure T-Systems
cloud, directly and 24/7. In order to guarantee this, we focus especially
on user, vehicle, and location-based services. Mobile and interactive.
CEM focuses on two pivotal contact points with the customer:
Customer is interested in
vehicle or buys vehicle (Sales)
here, leads are generated,
information is collected, etc.
Servicing contact with the customer at the shop (Aftersales)
here, direct customer contact is
made at the vehicle
cem – product and use cases
the portal for the car dealer market
CRM Automotive (Customer Relations Management) serves as the basic
component of CEM Automotive, integrating systematic configuration and
continuous administration of customer relationships. The three services
provided include tools such as address management, task administration and calendar, and the generation of vehicles.
Showroom Proximity: This service creates an interactive showroom for
customers. The car dealership receives transparent and personalized
information about the visitors of the showroom area. Thus the possibility for
interaction and information exchange arises; even outside the showroom’s
opening hours and on the outdoor exhibition grounds of the dealership.
The visitor can request a vehicle’s complete product data, choose to watch
the vehicle in action on video, get further information on financing and leasing or schedule a test drive – via mobile device or directly on site.
Using a mobile app, the showroom visitor can download vehicle
information, pictures and videos directly to his smart phone. On the basis
of the app use, the dealer can evaluate the tracked client responses to his
products and initiate targeted follow-up actions. On the one hand, he can
address the customer directly with personalized offers; on the other hand,
he can link behavioral patterns identified in the analysis to social-media
data. On the customer side, the vehicular experience is intensified by the
use of advanced iBeacon technology which enables a vehicle to transmit
information about itself directly to the customer’s smarthphone.
Service Check: With the help of a tablet pc, the digital vehicle check-in is
run directly at the vehicle. On location, customers are invited to
interactively engage in the service process. The service consultant can
complete the checklist and simultaneously record damages of the
vehicle with the tablet pc’s camera. Instant, vehicle specific price and
package information is available on the tablet pc to ensure an all-new
customer experience. Selected options are immediately saved in the
respective dealer management system. This saves time and prevents
duplicate data sets.
advantages for the dealer:
Maximum transparency: The location of the vehicle can be tracked
during the whole service process and enables a timely pick up of the
Lead generation: Lead generation: Even outside the showroom’s
opening hours, the dealer is able to identify the individual customer
interested in a particular vehicle. Subsequently, he can send special
and individual offerings or schedule a test drive.
Improved service process: Customers are interactively involved in the
service process. Service appointments can be scheduled online and
from mobile devices. Damages on the vehicle can be documented
comfortably. The customer will get instant information about prices and
services offered and can chose which works shall be executed right
away or at a later point in time.
Time saving: Data are directly transferred from a mobile device to the
dealer management system
Integrative platform: CEM Automotive is a brand independent
Interactive experience: CEM Automotive offers a digital and mobile
platform, incorporating all relevant stakeholders in the automotive
how it works
The portal will be provided by T-Systems and is based securely in
the cloud. After a one-time registration, the services on offer can be
selected. On the basis of the CRM-Automotive component, the
dealer can obtain further services like Showroom Proximity, Service
Check or Service Tracking. Pricing is on a per user per month basis.
No further IT or introductory costs will arise.
our services for you:
Deployment from the T-Systems cloud without any installation effort,
24/7, anywhere in the world and for every end device
Optional on-site introductory and process training for service
consultants and service managers
Continuous data saving
Hosting in Germany
Expert hotline
Service Tracking: With Service Tracking, the precise location of a
vehicle is known all the time. Customer vehicles in the service process
and pool vehicles on the dealer’s premises are now easier to track and
find. The dealer is able to see the current status and service stage of the
vehicle at any time. Customers can be informed directly when the vehicle
is ready for pick up.
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CEM Automotive comprises various services on a web portal and in a
mobile environment. These services are provided on the
CRM-Automotive platform from the cloud.