brochure - Innovation For Health


brochure - Innovation For Health
5 February 2015
Amsterdam RAI
Shaping the future of healthcare
Prevention, Diagnosis, Cure & Care
About Innovation for Health
Innovation for Health is the premier event on healthcare innovations in the
Netherlands. By bringing together key players and stakeholders across the
Life Sciences & healthcare spectrum, the event aims to contribute to the
future of sustainable healthcare. It provides a unique opportunity to meet
leading innovators, to catch up on the latest trends, to present cuttingedge innovations and to engage leaders and decision makers in healthcare
innovation. Innovation for Health features inspiring speakers, displays high
impact innovations, highlights best practices and demonstrates promising
developments in healthcare.
The inaugural edition in 2014 was attended by approximately 700
delegates and was received with an overwhelmingly positive response.
The second edition is planned on February 5th 2015 in Amsterdam RAI
Elicium. About 1,000 delegates are expected to attend the event. We
warmly invite your organisation to be a part of this event!
Nearly 90% of the delegates found
it valuable to attend Innovation for
Health 2014.
Very valuable: 44%
Valuable: 44%
Neutral: 9%
Not valuable: 3%
Nearly 90% of the delegates feel
that Innovation for Health should be
organised again.
Yes, certainly: 89%
Neutral: 9%
No: 2%
85% of the delegates plan to participate in a
future edition of Innovation for Health
“Inspiring, informative and innovative”
Yes, certainly: 49%
Probably: 36%
Maybe: 11%
No: 4%
“I was impressed by the number of participants and
the involvement of key players in the field”
Committee of Recommendation:
Hans Clevers
Jaap Goudsmit
Louise Gunning-Schepers
Roelof Konterman
Colja Laane
Crucell Vaccine Institute
UvA & HvA
Netherlands Genomics Initiative
Rob van Leen
Marcel Levi
Pauline Meurs
Joep Muijrers
Tom Oostrom
DSM & Topsector LSH
Life Sciences Partners
Dutch Kidney Foundation
Ton Rijnders - TI Pharma
Hans Schikan
Jaap Verweij
Jan van de Winkel
& The European Lead Factory
Erasmus MC
“Excellent organization, the best organized conference I’ve ever attended”
5 February 2015 | RAI Elicium
Prevention, Diagnosis, Cure & Care
Contribute to Innovation for Health
If you are interested in sponsoring/exhibiting or speaking,
please contact us to discuss the possibilities.
For more information and contact:
Haifen Hu
Director Hyphen Projects
Hyphen Projects
P.O. Box 1858
1200 BW Hilversum
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)35 628 6659
E [email protected]
“Innovation for Health is an inspiring
event, the place to discuss actual
health issues with all stakeholders in
the Life Sciences & Health sector.”

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