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SM01 - Category - Analysis Institute of Management
Sales Management & CRM - SEMINAR
Program Overview
The course will enable participant to understand and analyse
the marketing challenges faced by retail companies with a specific focus on category management which has deeply modified
the relationships between manufacturers and retailers during
the decades.
Category Management is defined as a ‘collaborative continuous process between manufacturers and retailers to manage a
shopper need state which we refer to as a ‘category’. The purpose of this process is to optimize shopper satisfaction and fulfil
the role chosen by the retailer for that category within the overall
portfolio of categories in the retail format.
The end state of the category management process is
that combination of assortment, price, shelf presentation and
promotion which optimizes the category role over time.
Lecturer :
The seminar is delivered by Associate Professor Valérie Renaudin
(University of Paris-Dauphine).
Valérie Renaudin is a Professor and Research Director at the University of Paris-Dauphine and head of the Master Retailing and Customer Relationships.
Valérie Renaudin is the author of the book, Merchandising : du category management au e-merchandising published by Editions Vuibert
in France.
More information is available at
Public targeted:
For experienced middle to
senior managers in marketing, communications,
sales, distribution, PR and
any other related fields.
The seminar duration is 21
hours spread in four sessions of 3 afternoons during weekdays and 1 Saturday.
The course content
1. Overview of Retail Industry
2. Marketing challenges faced by retail companies such as Increase of e-commerce, fragmented purchases, connected
point of sales, new shopper behaviours.
3. Retail Marketing Strategy
4. Category Management
• Category Management Overview
Pricing & Assortment Strategies
Introduction to Space Planning
Best practices and methods used for category management optimisation
5. Merchandising Best Practices, in line with Category Management and Point of Sales performance
9-12 DECEMBER 2015
21 hours
AIM, 1st floor, Ebene
Skies, 1, rue de l’Institut,
Ebene, Mauritius
Learning outcomes
Languages used: English and French
Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
The course is MQA approved and qualifies for
HRDC Refund
Understand key terms of category management and how
they are linked to retail strategy
Utilize computer systems in making decisions on product
quantity, product type, and product layout
Develop critical thinking skills as they relate to store merchandise decisions
Evaluate best practices for merchandising processes
Communicate findings & alternative solutions to merchandising issues
Understand unique differences between retail companies in
merchandise planning practices
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